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: "Hey, my favorite customers! Come on in! (Buy something or get out, I have things to do.)"

Nut: 15 coins
Honey Nut Butter: 15 coins
Honey Nut: 35 coins
Super Nut:30 coins
Super Honey Nut: 50 coins
Super Honey Nut Butter: 30 coins
Ultra Nut: 130 coins
Jellied Honey Nut: 200 coins
Jelly Nut Butter: 130 coins
Dried Life Nut: 50 coins
Life Nut: 75 coins
Nova Nut: 300 coins
Mushroom: 5 coins
Honey Syrup: 5 coins
Honey Shroom: 10 coins
Super Shroom: 20 coins
Maple Syrup: 20 coins
Maple Shroom:25 coins
Ultra Shroom: 50 coins
Jammin' Jelly: 50 coins
Jelly Cake: 60 coins
Nova Shroom: 200 coins
Nova Jelly: 200 coins
Nova Jelly Cake: 350 coins
Overshroom: 100 coins
Overjelly: 100 coins
Overcake: 160 coins
Life Shroom: 50 coins
BlazeFlame: 100 coins
Star: 300 coins

Mystery Card(yellow): 25 coins
Mystery Card(cyan): 25 coins
Mystery Card(red): 25 coins
Mystery Card(green): 25 coins
Plumber Card: 45 coins
Goomba Card: 45 coins
Yoshi Card: 45 coins
Magikoopa Card: 45 coins
Paratroopa Card: 45 coins
Lakitu Card: 45 coins
Boo Card: 45 coins
Princess Card: 45 coins
Hammer Bro Card: 45 coins
Shy Guy Card: 45 coins
Cheep Cheep Card: 45 coins
Blooper Card: 45 coins
Dry Bones Card: 45 coins
Geno Card: 45 coins
Pokey Card: 45 coins
Swooper Card: 45 coins
Bandit Card: 45 coins
Crazee Dayzee Card: 45 coins
Bomb-Omb Card: 45 coins
Shaman Card: 45 coins
Buzzy Card: 45 coins
Shade Card: 45 coins
Duplighost Card: 45 coins

: "Hey, i heard some adventurers around town found some high level spell books. Maybe you can co-erce them to sell them to me?"

Hyper Focus: 60 coins.
Auto. Focus: 40 coins.
Hyper Charge Focus: 120 coins.
Auto Focus: 60 coins.
Auto Charge Focus: 60 coins.
Nirvana: 200 coins.
Nirvana +: 200 coins.
Any Tier 1 Charge Badge: 25 coins.
Any Tier 2 Charge Badge: 60 coins.
Any Tier 3 Charge Badge: 130 coins.
Any Tier 4 Charge Badge: 210 coins.
Quick Boots: 150 coins.
Sonic Boots: 350 coins.
Nuclear Boots: 400 coins.
HP Drain: 50 coins.
Super HP Drain: 90 coins.
Ultra HP Drain: 150 coins.
FP Drain: 50 coins.
Super FP Drain: 50 coins.
Ultra FP Drain: 150 coins.
Hybrid Drain: 70 coins.
Hyper Hybrid Drain: 190 coins.
Defend +: 70 coins.
Super Defend +: 130 coins.
Ultra Defend +: 180 coins.
Attack +: 70 coins.
Super Attack +: 130 coins.
Ultra Attack +: 180 coins.
Intelligence +: 70 coins.
Super Intelligence +: 130 coins.
Ultra Intelligence +: 180 coins.
Hybrid +: 100 coins.
Super Hybrid +: 190 coins.
Terra Hybrid: 500 coins.
Eldstar's Coiffure: 80 coins.
Backpack extender: 50 coins.
Super Class* Attack: 300 coins.
Class Specific badge: 300 coins.
Quake Crash: 200 coins.
Burrow Strike: 200 coins.
Headshot: 200 coins.
Reinforcements: 200 coins.
Power Surge: 200 coins.
Puppet Show: 200 coins.

Tier 1 spells: 50 coins
Tier 2 spells: 150 coins
Tier 3 spells: 250 coins

: Oh, it's you guys. I've been looking into these "Powers" you guys use, and i think i can manipulate them, for a price, of course. Let me know if you want to try them out.

Participate in an experiment(Pays 1 star shard/100 coins. Can not do anything else in your post, gives you a random effect for a while)
Participate in his star power warping. Effects vary, will include pms.
Exchange your memento for any memento you are eligible for.
Increase all stats by 2 until next hit: 50 coins
Increase all stats by 6 until next hit: 120 coins
Halve all FP costs for badges/Abilities for 15 turns: 100 coins
Gaze into crystal ball: 30 coins, random positive effect for next battle
Gaze into crystal ball mk2: 70 coins, Random positive effect for the next 15 turns.
Antimatterize: Take a badge/item and transforms it into something else. Seems random, but may have a pattern based on power/rarity.
Fortune reading: Reads your fortune. Could be useful: 50 coins.
Buy star shard: 100 coins
Buy star shard: 1 point of any of your stats
Level up: 1 star shard
Class Change: 1 star piece
Buy Ability 1: 2 star shards
Buy Ability 2: 4 star shards
Buy Ability 3: 6 star shards
Revoke level ups, allowing them to be reallocated: 1 star shard

: "There's been this weird guy hanging around my store. I think he's looking to clean me out. Watch yourselves"

All of these badges are passive badges that cost 10BP to equip.

Badge 1: 150 coins
Badge 2: 150 coins
Badge 3: 150 coins
Badge 4: 150 coins
Badge 5: 150 coins
Badge 6: MISSING
Badge 7: 150 coins
Badge 8: 150 coins
Badge 9: 150 coins
Badge 10: 150 coins
Badge 11: 150 coins
Badge 12: 150 coins
Badge 12: 150 coins
Badge 13: 150 coins
Badge 14: SOLD
Badge 15: 150 coins

: "WELCOME, ONE AND ALL! This is the arena, where you can watch some amazing fights, and cheer on your favorites! (Except if you know them, impartiality rules are the law.) But here's the kicker, you can cheer them on with MONEY! Gambling is COMPLETELY legal, ladies and gents! But if you don't like any of the fighters, you can sign up to fight yourself! Bet on yourself! We'll make sure to Crush You.

Arena Rules

Fights will change every turn.
You can choose a fighter to bet on. If that fighter wins, you gain 1.5x the money. Bets don't take up an action, and other things can be done in the turn. You can not use money you bet in that turn.
Going all in will increase your money by 1.8x if you win.
Crits have a 10% chance of proccing on a landed attack.
You can choose to fight. You gain 1.75x what you paid if you win. Any damage you sustain carrying over. Fighting takes an action.
When you fight, you must post what attack you will use (patterns for multiple attacks are allowed). Your stats will be semi-random.
You can not bet on a team member's fight.
No badges/items/abilities/star powers can be used/equipped/activated during the fight.
Certain items can be presented to Damyon to make magical things happen (read: magical things not 100% guarenteed.)

Arena fights

: "Fine! Take them! Jerks!"

Goliath runs off, leaving a Gilded Hybrid Drain., a Prizmatic Charge., and a Stardust Focusing Lens. First come first serve. (Hover to see what they are.)

through the fire and the flames by dragonforce
Mecha Love by Hadouken, if you can make it suit your level(youtube it, its awesome =D) if someone ports it, when i fgure out how, ill use it in a level#w{=)}

and of course, songs like sandstorm, and others like it (epic grammer fail >=D)

...and Rick Roll'd for a dead end in a maze level#w{>=)}


Originally posted by magnemite
How about mario GFX from mario and luigi: superstar saga?

And Partners in time and bowsers inside story?
...I saw a youtube video with a BIS statue in it.....#w{=3}

thing is, the f(#) keys have something assigned

everytime i press it, it turns down the volume#w{x(}

I just though of something..
All the unique food named levels are in butter bridge#w{O.O}

I cant think of any actuall names right now, but you could make levels with donut flavours

strawberry, chocalate........

Random note of randomness:
I'm a goombule now#w{=)}

Around 2007-2008 when i realized my n64 control sticks were knid of loose and hard to use. I told my sister about it, who had a friend over at the time who about project 64. he downloaded it for me, and did all the work of explaining the folders and whatnot(how to play, not how to manipulate)

Then in 2010 i was surfing youtube when i found smw hack videos. I was mildly interested. Later that week, i was home alone and the internet was down when i started playing around with project 64 cheat codes. in effect, i made my own. Later on a trip i got lunar magic on my computer, but didnt know i needed a SNES smw rom for it to work#w{x(}

then in early may this year i found lunar magic hidden in my documents while searching for a file for schoolwork. the following weekend i finally figured out how to use it, and i have been hacking it ever since.#w{=3}

I have the same question......

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Prizm's Profile - Posts by Prizm

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