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ich hab versucht den "Tap Tap the Red Nose" Boss einzufügen aber so ganz gings ned..

Uploaded with

Was muss ich da noch machen um den komplett zu haben? Wenn ich die ExGFX von dem bei den SP4 einzufügen hab ich das problem das die zu groß ist. Und wie fügt man die taptapgfx.asm ein?

Schon mal danke wenn mir wer weiterhilft


Den dsx Patch hab ich jetzt drauf aber geht immer noch ned. Die ExGFX hab ich in den sprite Ordner von addsprite, ist das da richtig?
Und was ist eigentlich mit der taptapgfx.asm?

sry falls ich frag aber was hat die ExGFX mit addmusic zu tun?

die ExGFX ist im Ordner von Spritetool, Sprite selber ist auch drinnen muss ich sonst auch noch was machen?, weil so gehts immer noch ned.


-dsx.asm Patch hab ich drauf
-Sprite hab ich mit spritool drinnen
-ExGFX "166" hab ich als normale ExGFX eingefügt in SP4
-die andere ExGFX (taptap.bin) ist im selben Ordner wie Spritetool

was fehlt da jetzt noch??


Ok weiter bin ich jetzt nur wird er nicht richtig dargestellt #w{=(}

was hab ich da noch falsch??

Hey guys,

i tried to insert the tap tap boss but it didn´t work realy #w{=(}

i don´t know what i have to do now to let it work corectly..

What i did:
1, patched dsx.asm and oampatch.asm
2, inserted the gfx of his feet in SP4
3, inserted the sprite (as number 60)
4, tested it

how do i insert the taptap.bin??

thanks if anyone can help #w{<3}

thanks it worked but the pallet is wrong and there isn´t any in the file of ot so do i have to make the pallet myself? or are there anywhere good ones for it for download?


ok i made the pallet myself but i have two more problems..

mario isn´t complete -> (sprite limit?)
when the sprite is killed it doesn´t end the level and "end level when no sprite are on screen" doesnt´t work with it too. how do i fix this?


is there a ways to speed him up a bit because i want to use it in a autoscroll level but he´s to slow.

in the readme is:
"If you don't use extra bit, blue POW is ON when bowser is beaten.
You should set invisible POW door.

If extra bit is set, the level is finised with boss beaten music."

i inserted it right but he automatically end the level. so where can i unset the extra bit?

thx if anyone can help

thanks for helping, it worked great.

is there a way to edit the moving speed of a sprite?
i want to use the tap tap in a auto scrolling level but it have to be faster because it gets always ofscreen.

thx for helping

i found in the asm file this:

LDA WalkSpeedToHave,y

then this:

db $00,$FE,$F0,$F0,$F0,$F0,$00,$00,$FE,$F0,$F0,$F0,$00,$00,$00,$00

but when i edit it it still move like befor so is that the worng "Table"?

after editing, saving and re-inserting it´s still the same
the edit is this:
db $40,$FE,$F0,$F0,$F0,$F0,$40,$30,$FE,$F0,$F0,$F0,$40,$40,$40,$40

anything wrong there?

I want to add a generator to a boss room witch generates koopa Shells. I tried:
- Sprite Generator, by mikeyk
- Random Sprite Generator, by imamelia
- Normal Shooter adapted into Sprite Tool by Davros
Always when they tried to generate the Shell, the screen became black.
PS: I tried to generate Sprite number DA. How can i solve this problem?


Oh yeah forgot that fact. #w{:s}
But thanks for the tip with the Pix sprite, i tried it and it worked perfectly.

Hey guys,

i tried to make the magic that Magikoopas shoot to give it a X-Speed, so that i can use it for a shooter or something.

If used the [Disassembly] Magikoopa's Magic from the Download section.

if added this after the Y-Speed, which was already in:
LDA XSpeed,x	;
STA $B6,x		; set the X speed

And this to the tables:

db $20,$20,$20,$20,$E0,$E0,$E0,$E0

When i try this now in a shooter it shoots them 4-times correctly, 2 to the left then 2 to the right side. Then it stops generating them.

How do i set them to shoot them more than 4 times and maybe to the side Mario is standing?

Also i just started in ASM things btw.

Thanks for any help,


I'm using the "Custom Shooter (fix)" from the download section.
I stored the speed setings now in the shooter.
I used this table but the same code like the last time:

db $20

when i try this it works once good but then it generates them but don't move. When i try setting the code to $AA,x it shoots them down, always perfectly. So how do i set them to go correct right/left?

Hmm ok i did this now but i'm not sure it's on the right position.(I think it's not.)

What happens now?
- It shoots them two times correctly but then it stops generating.

Here's the entire main spritecode:

SPRITE_CODE_START   LDA $17AB,x             ; \ return if it's not time to generate
                    BNE RETURN              ; /
                    LDA #$99                ; \ set time till next generation = 99
                    STA $17AB,x             ; /
                    LDA $178B,x             ; \ don't generate if off screen vertically
                    CMP $1C                 ;  |
                    LDA $1793,x             ;  |
                    SBC $1D                 ;  |
                    BNE RETURN              ; /
                    LDA $179B,x             ; \ don't generate if off screen horizontally
                    CMP $1A                 ;  |
                    LDA $17A3,x             ;  |
                    SBC $1B                 ;  |
                    BNE RETURN              ; / 
                    LDA $179B,x             ; \ ?? something else related to x position of generator??
                    SEC                     ;  | 
                    SBC $1A                 ;  |
                    CLC                     ;  |
                    ADC #$10                ;  |
                    CMP #$10                ;  |
                    BCC RETURN              ; /
                    JSL $02A9DE             ; \ get an index to an unused sprite slot, return if all slots full
                    BMI RETURN              ; / after: Y has index of sprite being generated

                    PHX                     ; \ before: X must have index of sprite being generated
                    TYX                     ; / routine clears *all* old sprite values...

GENERATE_SPRITE     LDA #SOUND_TO_GEN       ; \ play sound effect
                    STA $1DFC               ; /
                    LDA #$01                ; \ set sprite status for new sprite
                    STA $14C8,y             ; /
                    LDA #CUST_SPRITE_TO_GEN ; \ set sprite number for new sprite
                    STA NEW_SPRITE_NUM,x    ; / 
		    JSL $07F7D2		    ; reset sprite properties
                    JSL $0187A7             ; get table values for custom sprite       
                    LDA #$88                ; mark as initialized
                    STA EXTRA_BITS,x
                    PLX                     ; call init routine on sprite
                    LDA #$00
                    STA $00AA,y
                    LDA #$20
                    STA $00B6,y
                    LDA $179B,x             ; \ set x position for new sprite
                    STA $00E4,y             ;  |
                    LDA $17A3,x             ;  |
                    STA $14E0,y             ; /
                    LDA $178B,x             ; \ set y position for new sprite
                    SEC                     ;  | (y position of generator - 1)
                    SBC #$01                ;  |
                    STA $00D8,y             ;  |
                    LDA $1793,x             ;  |
                    SBC #$00                ;  |
RETURN              RTS                     ; return

The red code is the edit.

Hey guys i've just tested to see if the bonus game (after getting 100 bonus stars) works in my hack. Unfortunately it didn't. I don't know since when this happens, but i already tried to copy the levels from another vanilla rom, but that didn't help also. So anyone knows what a reason for this could be? If it helps i also could add a ips-patch of it.
Thanks for any help, Classfan

Ok sorry, but i was in a hurry.
Here's now hopefully a better list what happens:

-If you get 99+ bonus stars the level ends and the BONUS GAME! screen appears, where it freezes.
-entering the level/s directly from another level doesn't solve the problem, when entering a door it gets a blackscreen
-No custom things are in this level.
-Levels are copy-pasted from a vanilla rom.
-Removing the bonus sprite solves the problem so i can enter the level/s again. (directly and through the bonus stars) (Just found this out now)

Hope this helps more now. So how can i fix this sprite?

Hmm ok is there any other way? Maybe to put some level end sprite/block there? goal spheres and goal points won't work, so is there any other way to end the bonus game?

Found now a block which does the job, thanks for helping. :)

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Classfan's Profile - Posts by Classfan

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