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Whenever I insert the sprite vwf, it has an error saying oh look at temp.log or tmpasm.asm to figure out the problem. I know i have the sprites in the sprites folder. well VWF Data 1 can be inserted but not vwf. Help me!
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What does perl.bat do? I installed activeperl and when i open perl.bat, it say's
Usage: definition.txt list.txt output.txt
Press any key to continue...
Is that good or bad? Help me.

PS: I got special xkas.

SMW Hacking is very fun. With Lunar Magic, custom stuff, and your skills, you could make something imaginative and inspiring. But there is something that I don't like.
I know there are tutorials on Super Mario World Central and all over the internet, but I get very confused.


Coolmario presents:

This is a hack that I'm making. It's still in the making. It is called Super Mario: The Next Adventure. This is my first hack, and I'm honored to make this thread about it.
Princess Peach has invited Mario for some tea for his last rescuing... And maybe some cake. When Mario got to the castle, he found out that Peach was missing. The gaurd told him she was kidnapped by Bowser once again, and the Mushroom Kingdom was in grave danger once again. Mario knew there was no time for fooling around as he springed into action once again!
World 1 - Mushroom Central
This is the peaceful place where Mario and Luigi lives. It's just the usual first world in any Mario game.
World 2 - Sand Desert
This is the deserted sand wasteland. Pokeys are the main inhabitants of this desert. No one would be in a place like this except for Mario and Bowser's minions.
World 3 - Cave of Ice
BrRrRrRr... This cold place can give you frostbite. Bowser's cold storage can be found here. Minions tend to wear good clothes because of how cold it is.
World 4 - Cheep-Cheep Isles
As soon as you exit the Cave of Ice, you can smell the ocean. This is a beach that is inhabited by cheep-cheeps, koopas, and other fish like creatures. It's a good place for honeymooning, beachcombing, relaxing, and having fun... But not at this time since Bowser is attacking.
World 5 - Labyrinth of the Forest
Do not get lost and eat the forest mushrooms, or else... Well I do force you to eat the mushroom in the first level since I'm the level maker/editor.
World 6 - Mt. Shroom[color]
The mountain of which is your next destination. I don't know what else to say.
World 7 - Bowser's Island
A far off Island that belongs to Bowser and his clan.
Bonus Worlds
Bonus World 1 - Starlight Cliff
A mysterious world that takes place on an unknown cliff in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario's Pad

World 1-1: Mushroom Way

World 1-2: Wet Mines

World 1-3: Stone Block Bridge

World 1-4: Iggy's Wall

World 1-Castle: Iggy's Castle

World 2-1: Enter the Desert

World 2-2: Unnamed

World 3-1: Tales of Frostbite

World 5-1: World of Weirdness

World 5-Ghost House: Monochromatic Manor


World 1 is complete.
World 2 is not done. (Second level and whole world incomplete)
I just started World 3.
Haven't worked on World 4.
Two levels of World 5 are incomplete. (First level and ghost house)
Haven't worked on World 6.
Thinking about World 7.
Need to complete one level in the Throwback World.
Title Screen needs to be fix.
Overworld is in the making.
Bugs will be fixed. (Except for HDMA bugs)
Levels are being changed.
This project is about 10% done.
Even though it's summer vacation in my place, I still couldn't get things done since I have a life outside of Super Mario World Central.
Yes. I am editing/making the hack while you speak.
And there you have it. Making this project was so fun. I enjoyed sharing this with you. So in that case, this is all I have. Hope you support this thread, that would be good. It also took me two hours two post because I had to do it again.
Icegoom for main graphics
Guiga for Sky HDMA
Ersanio for other HDMA
FuSoYa for Lunar Magic v2.01
Everyone for sprites, music, extra graphics, and patches

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Originally posted by Cobra
As for Iggy's Castle, the only screenshot looks quite boring. Did you already kill all of the enemies there, or are there just none? I do love that HDMA, though.

2-2: I think it looks good, but the ground doesn't really fit the castle/ruins thing you have going. Perhaps a more stone-like ground?

Monochromatic Manor: The palette looks good, but what's with those pillars? They look glitched, are they supposed to be that way?

Well, some of the levels are unfinished. I know, it's not that good, but I will try to change things as time progress. Thank you for sharing your concern.

I play lots of Super Mario World Hacks and I enjoy playing them. I also enjoy testing my own hack which is in the making. So, maybe I could give it a shot on either one.

Originally posted by MaxodeX
You don't even have to learn ASM at all in order to hack.

I know that I don't need it, but I want to know what it is so I could create a custom sprite of my own. Like, a P-Switch that doesn't play the P-Switch music, or a Yoshi Coin Secret Exit activator.

When I put in the music change generator sprite with custom music, I get no music and the game freezes when I die. I did change the ASM file of the generator. Can someone help me?

Or make a generator. That will always work, unless it's wavy HDMA, and I don't know about BG scrolling HDMA.
EDIT: Wavy HDMA works. I just inserted it as a sprite instead of a generator like my gradients. Gradients will work if it's a sprite, wavy HDMA won't.

Whenever I go into the pipe in the first area of Chocolate Island 2, the game just freezes. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Alright! It was fixed. Thanks.

Now I am wondering... is there a disassembly of the special ASM patch of level 24 on the internet?


I don't see an overworld header... unless that huge line of hex IS the overworld header.

Bug 1: Priority Issues
The sprites happen to be behind layer 1 + 2 when there's Lava/Underwater HDMA before, now they're in front of layer 1 + 2.

Bug 2: Wavy Weirdness
Wavy HDMA is sorta glitchy when I move.
I am using Ice Man's HDMA Bug Fix Patch Version 4.0.1.
Someone, please help me!

If you had an image, then someone would help.

Originally posted by Ladida
It's Ice Man, not Ice Guy :P

And have you tried HDMA Bug Fixes 4.0? It's included in this patch

Whoops. And while you were writing your reply, while I was editing my thread, I happened to switch to version 4.0.1, but the bugs are still happening. I did try 4.0, and the bugs are still there.
Here's what I edited in my ASM file.
;Priority Fixes

	org $809CAD						;\ Title Screen
	NOP #3							;/ HDMA fix

	org $80CB0C						;\ No flickering HDMA
	db $0C							;/ on level fade out

	org $818E84						;\ Classic Piranha Plant
	db $20							;/ $20 fixed. I edited it from $10 to $20

	org $82E0D5						;\ Jumping Piranha Plant
	db $20							;/ $20 fixed. $10 -> $20
	org $8394C5						;\ 
	db $A1,$A1,$A1,$A1,$A1			;| Wooden Spike
	db $61,$61,$61,$61,$61			;/ +$10 each fixed

	org $82B893						;\ Torpedo Ted
	db $20							;/ $20 fixed. $10 -> $20

	org $829E74						;\ Torpedo Ted's Arm
	db $23							;/ $23 fixed. $13 -> $23

	org $839784						;\ Fishbone
	db $7D,$FD,$3D,$BD 				;/

	org $81BA71						;\ Net Climbing Koopa
	db $20							;/ $10 -> $20

	org $81DB9E						;\ Line Grinder
	db $23,$63,$A3,$E3				;/ 

This is my priority stuff. Can someone analyze this?
As for the wavy stuff... Is there a ROM address that I should edit via Hex Editor or a code in the ASM file that I should edit?
Originally posted by Alcaro
I think that's just mode 1 and a metric fuckton of HDMA effects.

For a staff member, you should really work on your spelling with "function".

All I want, is a video tutorial on how to use the VWF cutscene tool! Is it too much to ask for?
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