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hmm... to może grupowy hack dla wszystkich? Potrzebuję tylko forum, ludzi i moderetorów. xD
A while ago I inserted to my hack the VWF Dialogues Patch. Everything works fine but when i touch a custom block the rom crashes! What is wrong? Please help!

So I added some new palettes to my overworld but in every event this will happen:

Yes, The palettes are going black.

Please Help!
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
Go to OW Menu -> Overworld -> Extra Options
And check the last box "Disable event path fade..."

Worked! Thank you! #w{:>}

Please close!
I just inserted the navi.asm using alcaro's OW sprite tool. I did everything like in the readme, but nothing happens on the OW. Please help!
Originally posted by Everest
You should use the one wiiqwertyuiop posted as it fixed a couple of bugs. It may help solve your problem.

Still the same, and if I go to a submap the rom crashes.
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
Can you send a IPS of your ROM with the OW sprite tool used? It should work.

Ok. Uploading...

Edit: wiiqwertyuiop please check you PM!
Is there any method to remove the floating clouds on the OW?

THX! Worked! #w{=)}
I'm 50% sure it's impossible to do but I made a 16:9 SMW OW Border, but on the main OW is this strange thing:

Is there any way to fix it? #w{:<}
Can there be a ASM or tool solution?
Originally posted by Ladida
theoretically, the max scrolling area of the map shouldnt be excruciatingly difficult to adjust. its just noone's found the code that deals with it

That's a good idea, but I don't have any knowledge with ASM. If someone will find this code, it will be awesome because I think a 16:9 border is a lot better than a 4:3.
Hi. I'm a beginner by making custom music and I have just 2 questions, how can I set the smw instruments in anvil studio?. Is there any tutotial how to make custom music (for beginners)?
I'm looking for a checkpoint ASM...

Example: when mario dies in a level, he starts from the last checkpoint, the life counter is a "Returns left" counter, when the counter is 0 comes a "GAME OVER"
Originally posted by MastaGambit
...isn't that how the game acts by default? o_O

No, the checkpoints are in the level...

Edit: I found something like that; "Multiple Midway Points 1.3" Please close!