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Don't know if its only with me but sometimes I get hit by a invisible enemy in the level Boo's Only Haunt.

Also some Red Coin and Dragon Coins are insanely hard to get.

And some Checkpoints wouldn't make the hack easier, would just make it less boring.

But anyway, this is a great hack, I can say it from what I already played but can get a lot boring if you doesn't enjoy playing a whole level lots of times.
First thing I will do!
I got only 5, but I'm entering anyway.
Place 33, I went a lot better than expected, thought I'd be on last place for sure!
I think the worst is 5, to me it's just a bad joke.
Last time I knew 5, I thought it was bad luck...
This time I know 2, I think it is bad luck...
Expect to see a lot of tries and mistakes.
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Fighter Goomba's Profile - Posts by Fighter Goomba