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I was inserting this into my hack, Luigi's Walk, and the OW music sounded great! But, when I selected a level, it said Luigi Start! Then nothing. Is it because I put it in a Hex Editor and made it say Luigi Start instead of Mario Start?
Right after I submitted it, I started working on a better version, because I knew it was going to be rejected... Some people just don't accept the good things and try to find the small almost unnoticeable things. I worked a little more with this hack, got telinc1 to help, it will look better. Also, the romhack was purposely supposed to be quite small. That was the point.
Hey guys, PokeFan156 here. Well, thats what I called myself a few years back. I was wondering if there is a way to change my username? If so I'd like to change it to AnonymousBuilder :P
Hello SMWCentral. I have found my account, and I would like to start posting again. I was curious if you can change it to "OmegaLuigi"? I'm 100% sure on this change, as PokeFan156 was an old name of mine from 2010/2011. Thanks all!
Originally posted by Everest
PM an administrator with your request to change your name.

Thanks, was following how to do it back when I tried it in '13. But, I'm pretty foreign to this website now a days, and I'm trying to get back in. Can you direct me to someone I can PM? Thanks.

Ignore that up there, sorry for my ignorance.
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