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i dont think it has been done or dont kno if it can but it would be friggn awsome if a hack could be made where both mario and luigi could both play on the screen at the same time. also would be sweet if the helicopter suit and the ice balls that freeze enemys could be made
that is awsome i hope they get the kinks out. i use zbattle.net andplay these hacks with people online and this would be the shit if it was a finished project even if it was only implemented in the original game
im making a hack now but its my 1st one and im complete n00b i have no asm knowledge or any type of coding experience at all. but that is pretty hot. i was just throwing the idea out there for ssomeone to make a hack with that in it and i can have ppl all over it playiny online through zbattle.net i love SMW and SMW Central keep up the good work guys SMW is probly my favorite game ever it never gets old ESPECIALLY here!!!
hi im just gettin into this n if its possible id like to be someones noob and be able to nag them with any questions i usualy avoid threads people usualy have something smart to say but i just need someone that i can pm with little simple questions that i have and stuff so if you can do that for me pm me please. im trying to make a hack where both players play on the screen at the same time so i can play it online through zbattle.net Thank you in advance
please please try to make it so both players can play on the screen at the same time. im sure this hack is already going to be awsome enough but with that it would make it EPIC. and alot of people would be playing it online. i already play alot of these hacks online through zsnes and zbattle.net if not ok i understand just throwing that idea out there and im positive it would gain very very much popularity in zbattle.net where hundreds of people play online mario games
well someone needs to fix the bugs in the 2player on same screen thing and put it in a game for me ill pay if i have to pm me or let me know here if you can do this
your right. no disrespect. im new and dont really know how things work here but closed mouths dont get fed so i was just asking. i didnt know it was still being worked on thats pretty much all i wanted to know. im glad i found this site. mario keeps getting better and better. 17 years later im still playing this game. and what i see this upcomming hack is going to be the best ever THANKS everyone that contributes
have a question. i guess this would be the right place. does anyone know if any work is or has been done on the hack where both mario and luigi play on screen at the same time? the one i tried about a year ago was very buggy and pretty much unplayable. does anyone know anything about this?
cool. thank you
hhaha nice. thank you for replying i cant wait to try it out. i want to put it on my snes emu for ps3 and play it with my girl she Loves mario!

i will follow c3 and patiently wait and in my opinion this will be the biggest jump anyone has took in a mario hack yet
anyone here play wolfenstien enemy territory?
maybe it has been mentioned or done idk. i havent seen anything like it. but it would be cool to have a hack from poor bowsers point of view. id like to see him succeed one of his plans. would be awsome if mario or luigi was a boss in the game, is there any hacks with bowser as the playable charicter that anyone can think of off hand?
lol. sorry. i was wondering if anyone here plays it its a 1st person shooter game. free open source and i recently found a few mario maps one was a capture the flag quake style map and another was for a trick jumping mod. i was wondering if anyone has seen or knows anythiing about this game or creating maps or skins. it would be sick if we could make a true mario map with wolfenstien and mario like elements in it
i found this one i didnt get to play it yet


but i dont know if it would be possible to make a mario boss i can bearly make levels in lunar let alone do asm
i think he would run around pretty fast and jump in arches while ground pounding and or throwing fireballs. he might even be riding a yoshi that he jumps off of and the yoshi runs straight at you while he keeps jumping at you to make it hard...a cool idea too would be a mario game with nothing but tons of boss battles
when is the next c3?
a hack sort of like the platform part in zelda 2. you get abilities as you progress like fireball, jump higher. hammer, ice balls, the float that peach can do in maroi 2, some of them can be passive abilities and some you could switch between. is it possible to make it let you switch between items? but thats a good idea for a hack i think.
looks like fun is there a demo
download a program called zbattle.net thats pretty much all you need. ports it uses are UDP 7845 tcp 4000 and 4398. for some people it seems to be a pain to set up but its worth it.. i had to bridge my modem (whatever that means) and set static ip. verizon helped me do it
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