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not sure if you checked there already but i hear newegg.com has some decent prices on pc components
i think its an awesome idea even if only for the emulators. i dont know the specs but hopefully it will be able to play up to PS1 and N64. also it would be really sweet if it had bluetooth controller support and online gameplay capabilities. id buy one just to support anyone other then the "big wigs" of gaming
Megaman Legends
Secret of Mana
Road Rash
i forgot about Shadow of the Colosus. that game was amazing and all it had was boss battles. they made the game look amazing on PS2 i cant imagine what they could make it look like on a 8th gen console...
i think its awesome. i always used to think as a kid "what if instead of a fax people could actually send you physical things through a printer" but never thought it would happen. i heard now they have 4d printing and the objects printed can change shape by water or heat or a number of other things. it said that soon thell be able to build pipes that wont need pumps since it will change shape to squeeze the water through.. all of that is above my brain capacity but it sounds really cool. good luck with building yours.
a new kirbys dreamland would be cool and i cant believe im gonna say it but Spyro. i had fun with the first one didnt play much of the other ones tho. this may be dead or not yet but the gran turismo series was great, every one of them. just with they had better online play. hmmmm QUAKE!? i think its about time for a new quake engine. and hopefully a new Street Fighter is in the works. wow this thread brings back so many memorys that ive forgotten about.
when i was like 5 or 6 i was looking for crickets under boards and found a .22 gun. i gave it to my parents and they turned it into the cops.
No. This thread is not only drug addiction but has anyone ever really thought about little stupid things that are "addictive?" people get addictited to drugs yea.. but what about coffee, gum, internet,MARIO HACKiNG(not that theres anything wrong wit that) sunflower seeds pr0n, tanning, excersising just to name a few. but sometimes addiction can be good? theres probably limitless possibilities of what you can be "addictited to" but if you had to pick one thing that you would stop doing or even woule LIKE to be addicted to what would it be?
im sure this has been brought up before but there should be a review link for hacks and a comment link for those who dont want to give a full review or just want to say thanks. some hacks may noot have forums or there old and i didnt want to be ignorant and post a comment in the review field
beat me to it. that is a good hack of that game probably the best ive seen.
wow excitebike really brings back memorys. my friend had the game but no nintendo so we used to go to burger king and pop it in there system and play till we got kicked out or had to buy something... i wasnt to impressed with the 3d version on n64. is there any object editors for excitebike? it would be cool to make new objects instead of arranging the same ones.
what "old," 2005 and below games can you think of that still have active communities? my favorites fould be Wolfenstein ET and any Quake game, probably Doom too
i liked linux, only tried Puppy and Ubuntu but never got to install any programs. they make it hard with so many different distros and using the shell all the time. they were fast, responsive and came in the box with pretty much all you need in a computer. i like the idea of a free os for the people by the people but i found it too hard to learn and went back to windows.
not sure how to spell it but ookra? that chit is a nastly slimey chit vegetable. i used to hate brussels sprouts and asparagus and spinach but love them now.
mine would be ciggerattes and beer but if there was some not classified as "addictive" even to i think this online games. i almost dont like playing single player or against bots anymore. id rather play a real person thats thinking just like i am
i am noob but i would say your a noob untill you understand some ASM and can atleast edit patches and sprites to your liking. i tried a few ASM tutorials idk if its me or if i just cant stay focused and teach myself it but i just dont get it. ALL those numbers. i hate numbers im not good with math, think thats what stopped me from learning C and ASM.
thanks for opening this back up. time flies, i forget the post that said when WOI might open up again but it seems shorter then what that figure was. Its nice to have a place to vent or even wild out sometimes. i admit i post dumb threads sometimes after drinking sorry to adminds that have to trash them but its a place where people can express themselves and there sense of humor and mood and whatever else they want to. theres a bunch of cool people on this site that all share atleast ONE thing in common but its mind boggling how different each one of us and every person on this earth is soo different from eachother. thanks to anyone who took the time to read any of my posts including this one. i dont want to make this an unrepliable thread to if you made it this far your almost there. why do you like the WOI thread? when do you most typically post here? when you do post, do you feel comfortable? Are you INSANE?
didnt know there was an online version. is it playable on a dreamcast or by use of an emulator?
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