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just read somewhere that some guy at romhacking.net is making a editor for this game. would anyone else be interested in trying it out when its completed? i dont know why zelda hacks arent bigger then they currently are. maybe because hyrule magic is so hard to use?
Input: A new gen Android phone, a old Transformer figure and a fine pocket watch

Setting: fine
cool tool. downloading now. hope i can figure out how to use it. im guessing they go in as ExGFX? can i use this to change what sprites look like? and if they are different shapes will the hitbox be messed up?
I'll have to check that out. To me it's just more satisfying messing with the actual engine of the game. Same as with SMWx it's fun but playing a "real" hack is just more fun for me...IDK
Nvidia is coming out with a new handheld gaming system called project shield. its going to have the new Tegra 4 graphics card. 349 sounds pricey to me and i hate the whole buying games online thing but it looks like its going to change mobile gaming alittle bit(especially for emulators i hope.) Would anyone thing of getting one when it comes out?
does anyone know how to do this? before i go and buy one i want to know it will work. im reading that in order for the ps3 controller to work with pc you need to have an actual PS3, is this true? is it the same with xbox? and to use them does your pc have to have bluetooth or will the reciever that it comes with work? i want to use it mostly for emulators and for testing hacks of SMW and SM64. possibly for emulators on android too..
i was trying to go for wireless because i want to use it for android also and my pc is hooked up to my living room tv and the couch is pretty far away but i can see fine on the big tv. if i go with the 360 controller do you think gamestop will have tha wireless relay thing? i dont have a way to buy from the internet.
besides a place for settings and stuff that are in bios what is a bios. can a pc run without it? howcome some emulators need them and others dont?
Seph is making a complete hacking guide for Zelda 3. im not sure when hell be finished but if you google his site page for his new hack "Paralell Universe" you can ask him there. theres also a new editor comming out called "Black Magic" (i think) that is supossedly going to be easier to use then Hyrule Magic. good luck
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