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waiting for this to release anyone else? or play guild wars 1? 2 looks like its gona be awsome!
is anyoe interested in playing some snes games online?. mario hacks ssf2 are my favs but ll play pretty much anything. i play on zbattle.net. download it or pm me if you wana play
What is your favorite complete SMW hack that you have played so far and why? (cant be your own hack)
i would like to be a tester for somebody. im good at finding bugs and glitches and i always search entire levels anyway when i play these hacks
tsrp was a great hack for sure! I think personally i would have to go with brutal mario just because the custom bosses were all great. i love boss battles. It would be awsome to see a hack with nothing BUT boss battles
make it a computer with a keyboard below.. he throws the keyboard horizontily so you have to jump over it while spitting out floppy disks or cds in an arch pattern at different angles towards you
super smash bros (online with project 64k)
mario kart 64 (same as above)
paper mario
mario 64
mario 64(missing stars hack)
LOZ ocarina of time

currently playing (LOZ Zeldas birthday)
inl lunar magic is it possible to make more levels that are vertical levels? I looked through all of them and only found like 4. also can someone point me to the latest version? mine may be out of date
thanks i didnt know what that big list with all them numbers was. thanks for the download tools link too. im very new to this and cant find a search feature on this forum

last question i have since im already here.. all them sprites in the sprite section on the left. what is the best tool for noobs to use to insert them. i tried messing around with a couple read a couple tuts n cant really figure it out
is that romi sprite tool? even after putting in rom name and reading tutorials im having trouble with sprite list. i cant find where or what this is 8( sounds dumb but can someone explain alittle?
ok i got that. and what text do i put in this file? the text from the word doc that comes with the sprite do i put the numbers in too spaces?
how do i know the number of the sprite slot? the tutorial i read said make it 00 boomerang.cfg, sprite tool says it inserted into rom but its not there. and when i hit insert i dont really know what to put in them feilds and i hit OK and it does nothing
what link is to the vip hacks?
im still not doing something right sorry. it says its been inserted. when i click the green shell and hit insert and put in the info it does nothing sorry for bein a noob im sure im just overlooking something stupid but i cant get it
does it matter what number you make it as long as its 00-ff or whatever for sprites ect. or does it go in order 00 01 02 03 like that?
i think i got them into the hack now but comes out as a glitched half a rex that falls from the sky in the begining of the level. i used yi_shyguy just to test it. what am i doing wrong or how do i put it where i want it
i just came here to update that i found out i need the exgfx to make them look right. now im having trouble with this even after reading the tutorial. once i get passed this i think ill be ok to start making my 1st hack

*ok new update* im getting it down better now but what if more than 1 sprite uses sp4 how can i set them both. theres only one box for it
how do other people have multiple custom sprites in there hacks? ive seen hacks with more then 2 custom sprites per level.
how do i get to these files to add them together?
how do i make the ground look like the ground in yoshis island and the platforms i cant find a tutorial or a tool for it and i cant find info in threads so im asking here, sorry
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