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sorry, i didnt know it was that big a deal to some. well thank you for this info but is there some tutorial on how to implement the tile sets?
can someone give me a link to a good one? all the ones i see are for ExGFX im looking for GFX (i think.)
in yy chr they ust look like a bunch of specs i cant tell what anything is
yea i figured that out but noce of them graphics look like the yoshis island jungle pack


Insert the ExGFX in a level of your hack this way:

FG1: 14 BG1: 10C
FG2: 10D FG3: C0

Then, insert the Map16pages for the background and the Map16pages for the foreground. For this, go to the folder background or foreground, copy Map16Page (and Map16PageG) to the folder where your hack is. Then, insert the Map16 Pages with Lunar Magic.

Assemble the background.
Then, insert the palette to the level and voila! It's done. Now create your level. :D

This instructions and ExGFX were done by darklink898. Please give credit if used.
Contact Info: [email protected], or send a PM to "darklink898" at SMWCentral or Acmlm's Board II

do i put them numbers in the red poison mushroom box and when it says assemble the background do i have to put it together like a puzzle? or is there a program for that

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how am i supposed to put them together?
can more than 1 patch be added to a rom? would i be able to use yoshi flutterjump patch and walljump both?
what hack did you find the most unique in a good way?
when i downlaod backgrounds and forgrounds they come in a bunch of peices, am i supposed to put them together like a puzzle? i really hope not and i hate jigsaw puzzles. how do i do this the easy way?

im trying to use this background. i must be putting the gfx in the wrong file or the map16 page. it always comes up garbled in 16x16
theres no way to put together what i have
i might be doing something with that wrong. Are the ExGFX files used like ExGFX files for sprites? i dont need them in a .txt file right?
i got it to look right in the 16x16 editor. it was because i wasnt using the right pallete file. when i try to load the sample level i get error" BG/FG GFX File 0xA4 file not found in rom and file 0xA5 not found in rom so if i cant fix that how would i assemble it manually. it wont let me drag anything to the background editor
ugh im still having trouble. ive been trying to put this background together for hours. and thought i was having progress but aparently not
That tutorial actually helped. It explained it in an earier way i guess. i got my foreground tiles working so im ok for now i can always add a background later right? also do custom foregrounds make it so you cant see the sprites in lunar? its not a big deal cuz they show up when i test in emulator but is that normal?
maybe a dumb question here, sorry, but how can i modify midway or main entrancewithout the other one being modified with it? every time i try they both change. also where is the sprite for the midway marker? the one for goal and secret goal is there but not for midway.
what about the midway point goal strip? i cant find it anywhere
i have the actual midway point bar and i got the midway and main entrance right. i cant find the bar that goes inside the midway thing that you break so it knows that you made it half way. secret and regular exit tape is in sprite list but not midway tape
thank you! lol what does agh ninjad mean ive been seeing that everywhere 0.o thank you agian,
what websites do you visit the most?
first game was pitfall for atari but i was really young it was really my brothers. i guess the first game i remember that was mine was mario bros and duck hunt or contra for nes
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