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just have a question about snes hacking in general. if you have hacking xp at all would it be easier to hack any game. i mean if theres no editor obviously but say i wanted to hack secret of mana or terrinigma, zelda ssf2 could i add new charicters or like is basicly anything possible or is it limited?
why is it that every time i try to add back grounds or ExGFX my graphics becoome completely screwed up i had about 10 levels so far and started a new one and tried to use a new BG/FG and now my hack is completely garbled up and i cant get it back to normal? can someone please help me im almost at the point of giving up
ill just start over i guess but also i need to know if it matters what rom i use. the one i found had a sfc file extension but sprite tool cant seem to find my text file with my sprite names. sorry i just got internet back and have been away from mario hacking for awhile and i wasnt all that good back then either
sorry to even post this but ive looked through a bunch of threads and tutorials but cant find anything usefull. (This site needs a search functioin)

my problem is whenever i use romis sprite tool every thing goes fine. it says the sprites were inserted succesfully then i go into LM and sprite edit mode i use add sprite command 11 like it says in the tutorial but it keeps giving me a buzzy beetle. one tutorial says something about the super gfx bypass but i have no idea what to set in there what am i doing wrong?
it acts like a buzzy beetle with messed up gfx but if i put it in a cave level it looks and acts like a beetle. every time i call a sprite command it loads the original sprite that it would have if it was pure vanilla. is it supposed to over write another sprite?
i know its something simple im overlooking here. i set the sprite(the double jump sprite.) in text file as 01 djump.cfg

sprite tool tells me inserted sucessfully then i load rom in LMhit insert put 01 in 1st box and it gives me shellless koopa. the sprites text doesnt say anything about extra bits and the sprites asm and cfg files are in my sprite folder.

ive tried a few different sprites and having the same problem

anyone know a good tutorial or know what im doing wrong?
you were right about the extra bits. thank you! it loaded the sprite like it was supposed to but that was a sprite with nop gfx. i tried with a giantkoopa and its acting like one with 2 or 3 bits on but it looks a mess. do i need to have sprite tool in same directory as LM and my hack all in same place? i kind of have stuff all over the place i dont like so many files in one place to go thru to find one. all my BG/FG map16 data and level files and pallets are starting to add up
well i have the sprite problem fixed pretty much but every timetry to load ExGFX it ssays something about saving in 4bpp format but it doesnt tell me how do do it. i tried hitting both extract buttons first but every time i hit insert GFX or ExGFX everything gets garbled up. i somehow managed to get a FG working or looking right but it does no good if all the rest of the graphics in the game are screwed up.

also last thing i need i background tutorial if anyone can point me somewhere. i got it looking ok with the sample level by loading the gfx but i cant seem to save the level it goes away on next load or looks wrong again. theres no way i can put that puzzle together its like 256 peices and they all look the same to me. even if i got the puzzle together how do i load the background without the sample level?

sorry for thebad english and grammar im getting reall frustrated ive been messing with LM allll week and feel like im learning nothing
how do i save the map16 data and gfx into files? maybe this is the problem i have too many folders going on. one main one with lunar in it and my custom map16s and ExGFX and GFX. a folder for sprite tool. a folder for block tool. i hate havingso many files all over the place but i hate having so many files in 1 folder even more
yes i press f9 to save the data. but the only way i got a working background so far is by loading the gfx and map 16 data seperate then loading the sample level. how do i add the background to my current level.
ive tried copying in a few ways i cant seem to get it. i tried selecting all like you said and using Ctrl+c Ctrl+v, and i tried using the copy background image in the level menu. every time it gets jumbled and i cant seem to get it right. is it possible that the back ground isnt compatible with my FG's or sprites? i know im a semi slow learner but once i get something down ill be fine

im trying to use this BG http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=showexgfx&id=2129 i cant get the tiles from the map 16 page to the back ground editor and even tho i finaly settled on this back ground because it came somewhat assembled already, for other bgs theres absolutley no way that i would ever ever be able to put them puzzles together now on this one when i load sample level it just comes as blue spuares and i cant get anything to copy from map 16 to bg editor. im sorry i swear soon as i figure out back grounds ill finally be able to start my hack tho. ive been trying to learn LM for weeks and im about to smash my monitor soon
im starting to get confused what gfx files and map 16 files and pallets and all that stuff go to which levels and its really starting to frustrate me. does anyone have a few tips how to keep the clutter down. can i put a text file after each gfx file or map 16 in different folders or rename them or do they have to be named a certain thing. sometimes i copy my rom and use it to test stuff that i may or may not want and im also working on 2 different kinds of hacks every time i load sprites and ExGFX it takes up space in my rom correct? is there any way to take them out? sorry im kind of rambling im starting to get frustrated with all the clutter tho
thanks for getting back so quick. so do you keep a copy of sprite tool in each folder? it has to be in same folder as your hack and the sprite.txt file? ive restarted like 3 times already because of this confusion lol its weird too because im usually so good at being disorganized
thank you all. i have my BG and FG working properly and i like Simonfox's beta version like system where i can just keep all my changes backed up because ive messed up a few things and the restore function is even confusing to me this way i can just revert to my previous version if nessicary. this program is pretty dam advanced. more then i thought. when i had dsl i think i was doing better at gtk radiant editing levels for Wolfenstein ET. i was starting to learning alot faster there for some reason but them files are way too big to download on my current 56k if that connection.
i dont know what it is some of the stuff people say just really doesnt make sence to me... does everyone have this problem when they start hacking SMW? i had a level working but then i tried on my next level and its like im back at square one all over i cant get it to look right

one good thing tho is im better at fixing my mistakes tho i used to start over every time because it used to screw up my whole rom now i atleast learnd to write the fg123 bg123 things down before i start editing a level

last thing.when i use a BG from a sample level do i have to start a fresh level with that BG as the base? it seems like when i load samples they never save even if i save that sample with graphics looking fine, its gone when i exit LM and come back even when i save. i swear ill be fine once i get past this BG thing. until i get to block tool and asm stuff.. its a shame i have so many ideas for stuff that i want to do and all stuff that i read on this site but i give you guys a LOT of credit for the things you do with this game.

i used to think SMW was such a simple game GEEZ
cool patch how do i apply the no over world patch to my rom? or can somebody point me to a tutorial?
how can i put doors in a level but disable the function that lets you enter them? im making a building but i dont want all of the doors to be enterable.
im sure i cant be the first one to ask about this but a search function especially in the Gfx and sprites sections would make making hacks alot easier especially with me being on a phone and having to go thru 20+ pages of gfx to find out its not even there. can everyone who would like this implemented please say so here any why and see if this can possibly be added...
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