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I'm trying to make Mattrizzle's lightning generator and RealLink's medium BG scroll generator work at the same time on the same screen but only one will work if on same screen. Is there a way to make them both work?
How do I combine them?
Okay I just didn't know if anything had to be in specific spots I'll try it now.
Yes! I got it to work perfect I just added the BG scroll code to the end of the lighting one.
I just wanted to show this boss I made with Iceguy's newbie boss

What do you think? Anything to improve? Do you think it's good enough to go in a mini hack? I was planning on putting him in my hack.
I have redrawn some graphics for some sprites on smw on YY-CHR and saved the bin file and loaded the graphics for the sprite on a clean rom to test it and when I do the graphics are separate from the actual sprites but they're still there in the 8x8 editor. Is it supposed to be like that? Are the people who download supposed to manually move the graphics on the sprites?
Ah I figured out what I did wrong. I had to set it to SP4 rather than SP3
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
For a boss it started out a bit generic as of it just throwing hammers but by the end, it was pretty awesome!

Definatly good enough for a mini hack or even a release on the site XD

Yeah I'll probably change it so he flies up earlier that way the entire fight is difficult :P
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKiJ9lpihbA

It is horrible! That was when I didn't know floating munchers was a bad thing.
I started around 3. The first game system I had was a playstation 1 and the first game I ever played was megaman 8!
I downloaded it and I'm trying to make cutscenes and I read the readme but I still don't know to use it right could someone explain better how to use it?
How do I make the actual cutscenes?
But when I teleport to the destination level I can still move around and nothing happens
Do you mean the generator?
Ah I figured it out! Also how can I hide mario during cutscenes?
Oh of course!
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