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I used to do the same thing kinda, theraze2fan.

Anyway I'm not really secretive about it, but I don't tell anyone either, cause I don't see a reason to, so.... Oh but I used to have to do it secretly, because my mom thought it was dangerous and illegal, and that I was doing bad things, cause you know, making Mario levels is so evil. But now she doesn't care anymore, and actually thinks it's cool.
I know I've done it before, but it was like 2 years ago. I want to have Mattrizzle's lightning generator and RealLink's BG scroll generator working at the same time. I know I have to combine the codes, but I tried and it didn't work. Are there specific parts you have to copy and paste?
nvm i figured it out on my own... I needed to add JUST the main code for the BG scroll one at the end of the lightning one.
I keep a "fake browsing session" with a few tabs opened like youtube and Deviantart, and just open that and close the "naughty stuff" if someone is coming. I'm usually extremely alert while looking at "naughty stuff" so I have never been caught doing it. (except that one time my mom secretly installed a key logger on my computer, if that counts)
Well AddmusicK is supposed to be a lot better than HuFlungDu's, and fix some errors like the echo screech thing that happens at the beginning of a lot of custom music. Maybe you should just use AddmusicK?
Thomas is right, that might help. Though I have echofix in my level and OW folders and still get problems like yours. I'm guessing the problem is that there are errors in the custom songs you're trying to use, cause they're outdated, or the authors just messed up somewhere
Here are some player GFX I'm stil kinda working on for my hack, I used Construct 101's Jill GFX as a base(Keep in mind these look better in game):


Fire flower:

Riding Yoshi:

She was supposed to be a pony at first, but I'm not too sure now, she looks kinda like a neko thing or something. Any thoughts? BTW this isn't going to be some serious epic hack, it'll border more on silly, and have a dumb plot, so these aren't supposed to look absolutely amazing, they'll match the mood of the hack.
R: A flashlight, a decent sized one too. I could try to bash their heads with it, or shine it in their eyes, but that probably won't do much...

L: A door. Maybe use it as a huge shield to run through groups of zombies?

I am pretty much screwed.
It's in the music section, titled "Super Mario RPG - Beware the Forest's Mushrooms"

btw I THINK this is the wrong forum for this kind of question, but idk...
Eh, I try to focus on good fun design, but also giving my levels nice atmosphere. ^^' I like levels that have both of these things in them
As a couple other people said, it's true that a lot of levels nowadays feel less SMW like, but that's not necessarily bad. I think it just depends if the author is trying to make it feel like smw, or trying to make it feel more like their own game. Both of these kinds of hacks can be good. Also, it seems like the standards and expectations(are those the words I'm looking for?) are different nowadays too. Like, some hacks that were acceptable back around 2008 wouldn't be now probably. I sometimes miss the days when hacking was a lot simpler, but even I'm guilty, cause a lot of levels I make now don't look like anything you'd actually see in smw. I still like to make more vanilla, more smw like levels sometimes though. Oh and like sokobansolver said, I don't mind minor cutoff either, I mean even the original smw has cutoff!
I put the ones that I REALLY want to see in caps, anyway, I want to see:
Magnemite(which OBVIOUSLY won't happen, but a man can dream)
Dr. Wily
Dusknoir and/or Grovyle(PMD 2)
SOMEONE FROM ADVANCE WARS! (preferably Sturm, Javier, Jugger, or Kanbei)
New Age Retro Hippie
I would also say Giygas, but I don't think that would work out...

I would love to see some of those. Too bad my dream characters have little to no chance of making it... Especially the Advance Wars characters, since that isn't a very popular game. #ab{;_;}
I try to avoid playing it too often, cause I get extremely addicted. And honestly, I don't know what's with the obsession with hats and crates O_o I mean they're cool, but still... I've only spent $5 on TF2, but that's it, I got a few good hats from real life friends and lucky drops though.
I feel very inspired to make some levels, and I have many ideas running through my head, but I can't focus on one theme, like, if I want it to be a volcano level, forest, ghost house, etc. And then when I try to make one I don't feel like it anymore. It also has to do with me thinking if the levels would even fit in anywhere on my hack. It's like I'm overwhelmed by possibilities... Maybe it's some kind of "hacker's block???" I don't think I'm making ANY sense right now, but anyone ever feel something similar to this?
How exactly are you doing it? I found this method very easy:

I think "hacker's block" is the perfect term for this... I'm really glad I'm not the only one though.

I think I'll just have to start tackling these ideas, one at a time.
There are plenty of easy to understand tutorials on youtube that show you how to edit OW, if you don't like reading tutorials. Most will show you how to change events, place the levels, etc. etc. etc. everything you need to know. But if you're trying to make a cool lookng creative OW, I think that just depends on your creativity, just like level making
It's... giving me dirty thoughts. Right now I'm wondering if that white fluid is saliva or something else. But I find it to be a cool avatar for some reason. Not only is it hot, it's also a very good drawing IMO 8/10
You could put one of them on the unused BG2 and BG3 GFX things(don't know the proper term...) and then insert the graphics you want on an unused page on the 16x16 tilemap editor. Hope that made sense...
Feel free to draw me as my boring a$$ username if you want. #smw{-_-}

I know I can swear, I'm just sometimes a bit careful on sites like this, due to past experiences. #ab{x_x}
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