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I am trying to make a cutscene with Blind Devil's cutscene generator, everything is working but I want talking in the scenes so how can I get the font in the levels?
It worked!
How about mario GFX from mario and luigi: superstar saga?
I'm making a kinda small hack that is gonna be more than 1 world but less than 7, I can't decide, how many worlds should I have? And how many levels in each? And when having a mini hack like this what type of worlds would you have them be?
I think I decided I'll have 4 or 5 worlds with 3 or 4 levels each.
Yes it will have a plot I have a general idea of what the plot will be.
And I only have a few level ideas right now.
What castle or factory type FG would go well with the smb2 underground theme? I really want to use it in my hack for a fortress or factory but I don't know what FG/BG would suit it.
I am having a problem with some custom songs I insert into my rom. This hasn't happened for a while but I am using Lachesis's FF6 Decisive battle song and it works and sounds perfect but when there is certain sound effects such as spin jump or a chuck getting hurt the music starts to get screwed up. Anyone know how to fix this?
Any way to fix?
Originally posted by cheat-master30
if all else fails, the fatory like foreground used in Luigi's Adventure and the like could work.
which one is that? Could you give me a link?
I don't really have any. I'll probably have world 1 just be a grassland or forest theme and one of them be a desert world but I don't know what the others should be. Any suggestions?
So what exactly do I do to fix it?
Well the villain in my hack won't be bowser but I know what you mean, like a dark type world with lava type levels, I'll definitely have the final world be like that. And a haunted world does sound pretty cool, I think I'll do that!
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
Originally posted by Teo17
Originally posted by Falconpunch
I request sticky.

Right. Me too. :)

Me too.

Me too! Why isn't this sticky yet?
You're right, I should make the levels first. And yeah I plan on making more original worlds rather than just grass,desert,tropical,etc. Also I thought of an idea, what about an industrial/military type world? It would have factory type levels and one or two tank or ship levels, you know, like in smb3?
If you mean patches I probably won't really be using any. Just custom sprites, custom music, ExGFX, and maybe custom blocks.
When having a hack that using a lot of different FG and BG ExGFX, how can I have all the Map16Page and Map16PageG files where I can insert them into the levels I need them in, they all have the same names so what do I name them to and how do I insert specific ones into specific levels?
Is there a way to change this or is it okay for the status bar to be like this on some levels?
Dang that seems hard.
Oh well thanks for telling me how to fix this! I just hope I don't have to do this with every level!
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