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Would these little changes be okay for one level?

Because if I want the status bar to be the right color I have to have a couple blocks slightly changed for the level.
Yeah I guess you're right. I'm just trying to be extra careful with stuff like this because this is my first hack and I wanna make sure it turns out good.
Do you think so? Because in my small hack I am gonna probably use a different song for every level except for castles and maybe some other ones.
Originally posted by dottedboy
Originally posted by steeledminer

I think you'll fit in just fine with that attitude. Do me a favor, message me when you finish your first hack, I want to try it out.

Same here, I wanna try it out too.

Sure I can do that, I'm gonna release a demo once I finish one or two worlds so you can try it if you want then
You're right, sorry for the paranoia.
I'm sure I'll have enough room, I mean it isn't an 8 world hack or anything, but if I do need more room, how do I get more?
Oh good, I already had mine expanded to 4 MB.
Originally posted by GeminiRage
I usually find myself using most songs at least twice when I'm making a hack, simply because some of those songs were rather nice. If a song can fit elsewhere, chances are good I will reuse it.

Yeah I'll probably use some of the songs twice because some are pretty awesome! Oh yeah and losoall I do that sometimes too
Not sure if this belongs in this thread but I wanted to ask, when giving credit to people who's stuff I used do I have to specifically say what belongs to who or can I just make the credits like this:

Custom Foregrounds
(names here)

Custom Backgrounds
(names here)

Custom Music
(names here)

Custom Sprites
(names here)

Well now you get idea so can I just do it like that?
Originally posted by GeminiRage
Usually, you don't need to be that specific. For example, you can bundle Foregrounds and Backgrounds into the same category. You also don't really need to specify who made what, as I'm quite sure if they or anyone familiar with them played your hack, they'd know who you got it from if you gave credit somewhere.

For example, let's say I used a bunch of Slash Man and Atma's Mega Man music ports. Rather than listing their names several times, I'd only list them both once under Music.

Of course, there's always the argument that graphical rips shouldn't be credited, but I'm not going there.

Well I wasn't gonna specifically say who made what sprite and foreground and stuff I might just have three categories: Foregrounds/Backgrounds, Music, sprites. Also like you said I'll only list each person once in a category so if I use a lot of ?
Originally posted by marioVSshadow
Originally posted by KaizoCabana
Feeding the Yoshi. Or Bullet Hopping.

After reading these sentences I felt a cold chill run down my spine.

Same here...
Here goes nothing:
Glazed plains
jelly filled cave/castle?

That's all I can think of and those are pretty lame :P
Yeah if insert music or sprites you need to save once in lunar magic.
I have custom music in my hack in the levels and the OW so far and everything is perfect until I switch to another OW or leave yoshi's house, right when I do there is an awful noise for about a second that sounds like TV static. Any way to fix?
What FG would go good with this YI cave BG?

I really wish I could use the YI cave tileset but they use different palletes and one will land up screwing up. What would you use?
Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Cloudy Park, for the OW
Simple reason for mine. I like magnemites.
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but have you heard this new bill the congress is trying to pass? Basically you could go to jail for posting gameplay videos or anything with video games on youtube. You could even go to jail for posting a video of someone singing Karaoke!
Look here

Would this affect us? would we still be able to make smw stuff and put it on youtube?
Originally posted by akacesfan
What kind of music would be good for a nighttime level taking place in the sky?

If it is an epic level, this http://www.smwcentral.net/download.php?id=2171&type=music
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