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Because no one made an FG that matches the YI cave BG pallete so I would have to have it look like this:
Because I'm gonna draw graphics for a boss but I need to change the graphics for something like the hammer bro or koopa just for one level
Thanks that was really helpful! I'm glad you didn't explain it all confusing like some people
Because I made graphics for a boss I made and I save the pallete on YY-CHR but when I put it in the level the boss's pallete is right but the BG and FG pallete gets screwed up! How can I have it only be the sprites pallete that changes?

What should his name be? Hes basically a chainchomp with a firey orb thing around him
Exactly what I was thinking but I'm still not sure... I'll probably just name him that unless someone suggests something better
I thought flame chomp was pretty generic too. And yeah I should probably actually give him a actual name, something clever!
Chompferno... That's a perfect name! I'm gonna use that!
Is there somewhere on the site I can download the graphics that make all the blocks be perfectly square so there won't be cutoff? Or do I have to do it myself?
I want to redraw the fire flower graphics on YY-CHR so I loaded the GFX page thing and loaded the state but I can't find the correct pallete for the fire flower, whats wrong?
oh... Wow, I can't believe I was having trouble with something so simple. Still thanks!
Sorry if this is in the wrong section but what happened to all the music that was on the site before? There's a lot of songs missing now
Wow they got rid of a lot of good songs :(
Oh well thats good. I don't feel inspired to make levels unless I know which song I'm gonna use for them so hopefully it'll be soon :P
I probably won't do it the blocks loook nice anyway
SMW was one of the first games I ever played! And I actually got it along with a GBA and a few other games on like my 4th or 5th birthday! And yes it was the GBA version. But yeah I loved and played it for hours and I was pretty good at it even though it was the first mario game I ever played!
I'm trying to make a midway entrance for my level but its not working I put what screen it is but it doesn't appear! I tried it in hex too! How do I make a midway entrance?
Yes, that's what I meant. And thanks that pretty much solved my problem
Originally posted by Camerin
Don't worry. Once the moderation is done, we will post a link to where we stored all of the songs we got rid of.

I'm guessing you can't put up a link of the currently removed songs?
Look at the F.A.Q. You'll find all the information you need :)
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