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Just had an awesome triple battle on random match up. My sunny day team vs. another sunny day team(a lot more thought out than mine with much better strategy), after just two turns, I had already lost half of my pokemon. His strategy was to get Flareon to use helping hand to help the middle pokemon's Eruption/Heat Wave. He stuck to that strategy right to the end and that's why I won. If he would have broken his strategy to attack my 3 remaining pokemon while he was ahead, I think he would have won.
If you wanna see the match, the video number is: 12-94846-99771
Well I made a new team for triple battles and it just so happens it's mono water, sign me up for Water type and triple battle only.

EDIT: whoops forgot to put team down
Okay I went to Serebii this morning to see that if you go to the Pokemon Global Link website, sign up and play the game "To Befriend a Pokemon" it lets you choose the Eeveelution with a dream world ability for when Global Link is released. All you have to do in the breakout styled game is collect the orb that corresponds to the Eeveelution that you want. I got Vaporeon because Hydration in the rain with rest will be awesome :D

EDIT: I forgot to mention it tallies up the orbs you collected and the majority of the types collected will be the choice. If you don't get the one you want you can play again until you get the one you want. The game ends after level 4.
You could do random match ups over Wifi at the Pokemon centre.

I got the 1337th post in the thread. :D
Strength is in Nimbasa City. Go to where the Pokemon Centre is. I'll try to give you an idea of where it is.
[4] [H]
[H] [PC]
4= The house where strength is, talk to the Ace Trainer when you go in
H= Regular house
PC= Pokemon Centre, obviously.
Starting to really hate battling on random wifi, if you're team is too good they just give up on the first few turns. They mostly rage when all electric attacks go to my seaking to up his Special Attack with Lightningrod. :D
Originally posted by Riolu180
Originally posted by That Guy
Starting to really hate battling on random wifi, if you're team is too good they just give up on the first few turns. They mostly rage when all electric attacks go to my seaking to up his Special Attack with Lightningrod. :D

How did you get a Seaking with that ability, though? It's only on Dream World goldeen/seaking, and the Dream World hasn't even opened up yet...has it?

EDIT: and yes, I know japan had it open for a limited time, but it's not open now.

Let's say I had the help of a little friend who's initials are A.R. Now it is entirely possible that you could get a female goldeen/seaking from the GTS or from a Japanese version and breeded for your own so Action Replay isn't the only way.

Man I hope Global Link gets released soon. It was supposed to be released this week on the 13th but soon after that news was released another earthquake had happened and it's been postponed again.
Well looks likes Global Link will be up Wednesday the 13th after all, it has been confirmed on Serebii.
Well since The Global Link is FINALLY open I registered and whatnot. This "5" minutes after you tuck in your Pokemon is KILLING me.

EDIT: Well it turns out you can only play an hour a day I managed to get a Surskit with rain dish :) buuuuuuut, it's male >=[ All of the Pokemon that I found were male, F***ing sausage fest in there, means no breeding for a dream world ability :(. Also how do I get my Vaporeon from that game because I beat the game and it didn't appear in the Dream World or the Entralink.
I was surprised when they released it a day early as well. I'm sure there is some ar code somewhere so I can change the Pokemon's gender to female.
Originally posted by Riolu180
Originally posted by That Guy
I'm sure there is some ar code somewhere so I can change the Pokemon's gender to female.

Why can't you just wait until tomorrow for another chance at some Pokemon? You don't HAVE to hack, you know. Much better to just keep your Pokemon legit. Also, I'm pretty sure you don't HAVE to take ANY of the Pokemon you befriend in the dream world. You don't like what you see, it's your fault if you take one. :/

I really don't get why you're hacking stuff in, anyways. Especially when you said you hacked in that seaking. Honestly, I, personally, wouldn't want to play with you if you're just going to hack your game to get what you want. :/

Well while waiting for DW to come out I really wanted Pokemon with DW abilities. Now that DW is out and I can get those Pokemon there is no need for me to do that anymore. Changing the gender so I can breed to to get a DW while breeding. Probably won't even bother hacking anymore. All the Pokemon I made before were legit.
I have my screen exit set to use secondary entrance #4 but for some odd reason it uses secondary entrance #2 and I can't seem to understand why. It was working at when I first enabled it but then for some reason it's like the screen exit got changed, but Lunar Magic doesn't show that it did change, it still shows secondary entrance #4.

The level in question is a vertical level if that means anything.

EDIT: Clearing the screen exit and filling it in again seems to make it work but if i save the rom in Lunar Magic I'm back to the same problem again.

EDIT2: So if I move the exit enabled pipe in the level to another screen such as 00 it switches to secondary entrance #0 instead of #2 now. I've moved the pipe down to screen 4 and now it always uses screen entrance 4 even if I save it. So I guess this works as a fix for my problem right now but I still can't figure out why this is happening.

EDIT3..: After more testing to try and figure out what's wrong I found that if I am small, the pipe will not use the secondary entrance that I want but if I am anything other than small Mario I always get sent to the area I intended in the first place. I'm still puzzled as to why small Mario messes up my screen exit :/

This is the pesky pipe I am talking about. It isn't on any screen boundaries.

This is where I want Mario to go.

This is where he's been heading instead.

Before I enter as big Mario.

I emerge exactly where I wanted to be, I get this result when I tested raccoon and fire as well.

Before I enter as small Mario.

This time however it looks like I've gone back a level :/
That seems to have done the trick, it doesn't mess up anymore, thanks so much. ^^ Vertical levels appear to be more finicky than I'd thought, I haven't messed with them too much in the past.
Oh okay I can see how screen borders can mess things up pretty easily. It's kind of surprising to me that bugged out like that. You would think big Mario would the one crossing over to the next screen not small Mario.
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