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Title Screen
Easy enough with Lunar Magic, but I found out that you cant edit the "File Select" Gfx and text with it... -_- luckily i found out how :P
first you'll need trusty ol YY-CHR, then you'll need the ALLGFX extracted from the rom with Lunar Magic, open your AllGfx.bin file and set the Graphic Format to 2BPP GB, then go to adress and input adress:
"027C00" you should find all you could need in there and more with a lil scrolling, works best if you set a pallette to have blue, black, red and green as your first four and only colours for this format

well, have fun! :P

also, I apologise if this is in the forums already somewhere,
I couldn't find it, and I doubt anyone else could... :/
ty so much ^_^ I was kinda worried how I would edit the "mario game 1" and stuff, but now you've answered that by that app ^_^ although, the main reason I looked into any of this was to edit the lil arrow pointer in file select, this tool doesn't do that, but YY-CHR does :P btw, any tool that could help me in editing just mario sprites easily? i've spent 3 days editing the little mario sprites, and ive only half managed a worthy sprite load O_O; so any help on that would reeeeeally help... -_- what i'm mainly looking for is an editor which will show all the sprites, in proper rotation, the rest of the sprites i have left to do are a little screwed up... O_O;
uh,sorry for intruding, but i just tried the whole ctrl + G thing and it couldnt find it... is it because im using the normal american copy of SMW or?
I'm just a novice, but I could give it a shot ^ ^ would ya like me to make a retiled version of yoshi as your ride? ^ ^ or were ya planning on a Mario to Yoshi conversion? ^ ^

also, hunting around, I found some stuff already made o3o

if ya need help inserting or making gfx or anything, I would like to help so I can learn more myself too uwu
I'll see what I can do ^ ^ if I come up with anything decent, I'll let ya know ^ ^
I've already PM'd ya the gfx files for turning yoshi into YI Yoshi, but I also found a flutter jump patch o3o havent tested it out like, but it should work ^ ^ if ya need any help with it, lemme know ^ ^
hi, I'm still kinda new,
but my suggestions are to do with
directmap16 and the tooltips,
I mean when you access it from
the add objects window,
if you could remove the pages
that are normal objects,
and add the ability to name the other pages,
so we can categorize them perhaps? I dunno,
seems like it could be handy to me is all...
ello, just posting here so I can keep up to date on this hack ^ ^ I dunno if there is actually a way to sucbscribe to a thread on here ^_^;
anyways, some news of when a public release even just a beta one would be cool uwu
this is for overall hacking but I wanted to know the best way to program
an image ripper for roms, if anyone has the answer please let me know...
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