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I use the SMAS music patch. When I use a song that does not space occupied by the original music , the sound engine crashes on Bsnes. How could it be fixed?
How do I insert music in Super Mario World? I used CMD.exe and all, but it says it's not a valid command.
Why does it always tells me Invalid option? Everything's in the same folder.
And how could I change the songs' position on the music list?
But how do I replace songs that are already in the game by custom music? There's no way to tell where they are.
Is there a way to configure the custom songs in the list? Because each time I insert them, I don't see them in LM.
But how to assign them a place in the music list? I don't mean the msc file, I mean where would they be in the game.
It worked! THanks guys!
I've been trying to change it by changing the original address, but it doesn't work.
Hi guys!
When I press left or right, my character doesn't move unless he's in the air. How can I fix that?
Nevermind. It's fixed.
I have a new idea for a story.
I don't have an idea for the title yet, but think of it as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, TRON, and Wreck-it Ralph in a blender.

It takes place in a basement dweller's computer, where hundreds of games
are emulated on his PC. However, when he downloaded a keygen for Half-Life, a previously unknown and extremely dangerous virus named Juggernaut is corrupting his games.

The main character is Gordon Freeman and Mario.

So far, what do you think?
I' trying to insert this Boss Bass sprite that came with Spritetool.
I have enabled sprite buoyancy, yet he doesn't swim...
How do I fix this?
When adding a map16 tileset, it destroyed an already existing one,
but I want to keep them both.
Is there a way to change a tile's page?

Say I want to turn all tiles once on 49 into 50. How can I do that?
But I have ExAnimation issues...
If I select the ExAnimatio GFX file for my background, it doesn't animate. But on the sample level (which share the same GFX), they do.

How do I animate?
Yes, and no, it didn't work.
In fact, the sample level and my level share the same GFX, the same ExAnimation GFX...
So how do I make it animate like in the sample level?
Why does my antivirus hate uberASMeditor.exe so much?
Hi guys!
I'm trying to make a Boss Bass for Tessera, but I don't know how to convert form romi's spritetool to Tessera...
Any tips?
Hey guys, I have an issue...
My music's all jumbled up now that I ran addmusicK.
It plays the wrong music each time!
Is there an hex edit for this?
I run addmusic once, and because of hex edits I did to my rom once, the wrong music plays in each level...
Hey guys, I use AMKGUI, and when I insert sampled songs, it says that there are errors somewhere.

However, the output is empty.

How do I fix this?
EDIT: NVM, fixed.
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