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Hey guys!
I'm trying to remap the flopping fish tiles so they are in page 2 (instead of 1).
Any hex edits I try are fruitless...
Any ideas?
I'm trying to make it use the same swimming tiles, just Y-flipped.
I just downloaded Romi' Sprite Pack, and I can't insert bumpty with Spritetool. It can't assemble...
I didn't modify the sprite. It says that
"sprites/bumpty.asm didn't assemble correctly."
I need help with adjusting Dry Bones' head displacement as it turns.
Does anyone know the adress for that?
Hey guys!

I've been trying to find unused RAM addresses for the Separate Mario/Luigi GFX patch.

Is there a way? Like a tool or something? I tried slogger, does it work with SA-1 roms?
Okay, so how much freeRAM does the patch take?
I'm using the SA-1 version of the patch in the comments section.
NameFire Emblem 3 - Under This Flag
I am so hyped for the full release! Nice work! :)
Hey guys, I just started my first port with Super SPC Dumper 1000, and I'm trying to edit the resulting MML so it can loop properly...

I'm trying to do this, but with the modifications I have done, it simply cannot loop properly, and the channels are out of sync.

Here's the MML.

Any help with getting this to loop properly?
Also, I've discovered another problem...
As you can see from the SPC, it starts okay, until everything is desynchronized, and it loops earlier from the scond loop onward.

I have no idea what causes the other problem to happen.
Okay, so I started from scratch and made a whole new txt file.
So far, everything seems fine, but addmusic only recognizes a small peice of the port, and thus, it only plays a VERY small piece of it.

Here's the TXT file.
And here's the result.
What am I doing wrong?
Sounds like a really cool idea, especially if we want more SMB2-like gameplay. It would allow us to make poses of Mario carrying things above his head.
Hi guys,
I noticed that several SMW hacks use the cobrat custom sprite created by Sonikku.
However, I am unable to find a download link anywhere.

Anyone still has it?
Just curious, which songs are missing from your SMAS soundtrack?
I'm pumped thinking about the full release. We wouldn't have to rely on game-breaking patches anymore!
A much better SPC to MML would be awesome for porters.

That, and expanding the OW. Bigger submaps would definitely be awesome.
Hi Decoy!

I'd like this song from Fire Emblem 3 on SNES to be ported.
Here's the midi.
Can you make it sampled, too?
Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem: Map theme 1
Preferably sampled too, if possible. Thanks!


Fire Emblem - Under this flag
(Preferably sampled if possible)


A midi I made of the song

A sampling of the song

Hopefull I don't make kitties cry...

I'd like the sprites on the right, since they would make a really good alternate look for Peach in the ending.

~mod edit~
Fixed img url
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