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Quick question, can I repeat my request?
Originally posted by buggy789
NameFire Emblem 3 - Under This Flag
Link's Awakening Final Boss



No need for echo, but feel free to add some if you'd like! No need for samples either, I want this song to feel like it's from SMW.
NoodleSauce: The upper section would make a reallly good grassland BG in its own right.

Nice work in general! I love mixed bg like these!
As difficult as it is, I wish the amount of palette rows would be doubled.

I mean, after converting SMW's graphics to 4bpp, I'm certain it can be done.
Welp, ya got me...
Oh man, imagine someone creating a wireframe Sigma boss for SMW...

That aside, I'm legit impressed
Track Name: Dragon Quest III - Hero's Challenge

Sampled: Yes or No

Note data: SPC

A more accurate Tryclyde from SMB2, to go with the Mouser sprite on this site. Thisa place could use more boss sprites!

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