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Tip: Always double-check which slots the ExGFX you are trying to insert goes to, to make sure you don't get accidental glitched graphics elsewhere.
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Link to Demo 1 download!

Hi, and well to my WIP hack Super Mario Adventure! This will be my first completed and uploaded hack, so I hope to learn from this experience. Anyho, here's some screenshots:

Please leave feedback, and I'll update this as much as I can!

- BlackMageMario
Thanks for the feedback! Just to let you guys know, the palettes for the first two screenshots came with the ExGFX file, although the the cave palette is my one.

Also, please note that I'll be gone for two weeks tomorrow, so I won't be able to work on the hack. But as soon as I get back, I make sure to complete the first level and start on the next

- BlackMageMario
Change of plans: I will be able to work on the hack and update you guys as well. Yeahs! #w{=3}

Anyho, to answer some questions: I DO have a story in mind, however it will involve cutscenes and I don't know which way to use. I could just use ExGFX files to do it, but that would take a really long time. I could use the VWF Cutscene tool/patch, however I haven't seen a tutorial on how to write the actual cutscenes. So I'm stuck on that for the moment.

The water isn't off, it just looks like it. If you look close, you'll see it's not off. It's animated wiredly. #w{:>}

Anyhoe, that's all for this update. See you next time!

- BlackMageMario

EDIT: I am now using the VWF patch made by RPG Hacker, so now I will have better text boxes and cutscenes. YEAHS! #w{=D}
This looks really good right now. Keep up the good work!

- BlackMageMario
I really can't believe they did this. I was looking forward to the since I heard about it, and they go and cancel it, and blame the fans for it?!?!

Epic fail, Capcom, epic fail.

- BlackMageMario
Originally posted by FamilyTeamProductions
How do I add music with N-SPC patch required? I already used the -se option on Hunfludu (whateaver, I don't know how to write his name) and they don't work or sound like crap:

There are two N-SPC patches: Carol's MORE.bin that's found in the patches section and Romi's MORE.bin (which comes with HunFlungDu's AddMusic).

Carol's MORE.bin isn't used as much as Romi's, but it's required for some songs (they'll usually tell this in the description). That may be the problem. Check the description of the song you downloaded to make sure you didn't miss anything. Hope this helps!

- BlackMageMario
The graphics look great WYE, I think this will be a unique hack graphically. Keep up the good job!

- BlackMageMario
Originally posted by JowTH
BlackMageMario, the HFD's More.bin is like the Carol's, but with some diferences. And patching the Carol's More.bin with the HFD will result in crashes. (Or patching only the Carol's More.bin will result in crashes too, if you don't remove the header).

tl;dr: Just do a "-se" in AM4 and be happy!

Sorry, I though he was using Romi's one, because I patched the Carol's one time on a hack I failed to continue, and my music didn't sound right, so I also patched Romi's one, and the hack didn't crash. I was just going off my past experience.

- BlackMageMario
Update time! I've started on World 1's overworld. Here what I've got so far:

I've also finished Level 1, so I will start on Level 2 now. And I've figured out what I want to do with the story of the hack. See you guys next time I got new stuff ready! #w{=3}

- BlackMageMario
I been trying to make a custom overworld palette, but I don't know what every color changes, so I'll have to experiment for a while. I'll probably edit this post when I have a good looking pallete done.

Oh yeah, and Mario's Hat, where is the perspective error? Could you edit my image and highlight where the error is? Oh yeah, and your GFX is really good. #w{=P}

EDIT: Here's the overworld with a new palette:

Mario's Hat, did I fix the perspective error? I'd like to know. #w{=3}
As far as I know, it will only affect Mario, due to the fact that Mario's Normal and Fire Flower and Luigi's Normal and Fire Flower suits have to be changed in the palette editer in Lunar Magic.
Originally posted by SpizzTrizz
how do i reset the Map16 then? so i can get this fixed? if it has nothing to do with the ExGFX inserting, then i just need to get my sprites fixed up, because some of them don't act like solid blocks...

Wait, what? Are you talking about Blocks? If you talking about Map 16, you may have changed your blocks to act differently then you wanted them to, or you replaced you Map 16 page with another page, and screwed the blocks up. Other then that, I can't think of any other thing...

- BlackMageMario
Update time! I have just inserted FuSoYa's SMB3 Pipes (which wasn't as hard as I though it would be, thanks to people saying that it was hard #w{=P}), which are going to be rather useful.

I've also discovered that by putting two sprite 19s (Display Message 1 Generator) on top of one another I can get the second Message to display (and the Yoshi message of that level to display if place a third, the Yoshi message if I place a fourth, and so on and so fourth.)! I'll use that at some moment, I'm sure. #w{=)}

And to end the update, here's a screen shot of the start of level 2:

Note: I'm using a tileset by Steve R. that has not been excepted yet. There is no problems with it except that it *slightly* screws up the palette of the status screen, but I don't think this means it can not be excepted.

- BlackMageMario

EDIT: Does anyone know where I can find a heat wave HDMA that works with LevelASM? I heard there was a sprite generator for it, but I couldn't find it. Please help. #w{=P}

EDIT 2: EDIT HARDER: Also, what graphics tileset does the para beetle that comes with Romi's Sprite Tool use? I've gone through them all and I can't find it. Please help! #w{:<}

EDIT WITH A VENGEANCE: I have got a heat wave HDMA now, so ignore edit 1. I still need help with edit 2, however.
Looks great so far. Palettes are really nice (awesome, in fact) and the level design is great as well! Keep this up, and you'll have a master piece in your hands. #w{:>}

- BlackMageMario
This looks great so far, however are you going to use custom palettes? It would make your hack look really nice. Other then that, keep it up!

- BlackMageMario
Option three looks awesome. I think you should use that. It looks unique and different. #w{=D}

- BlackMageMario
There is no Red Note Block on the site. You can google for it or you can make a request for someone to make the block. Hope this helps!

- BlackMageMario
Originally posted by JDC
Actually,yes there is, so please do not post without CTRL+F to see if such a block exists >_>

If you want a block that warps to 1C8, a special level, then try searching for 'Special Note Block' in the blocks section. It is by Ghettoyouth.

If you want a block that bounces you high, then search for 'Bounce blocks'. They are similar to note blocks, but bounce you higher.

Hope this helps :)

Actually, I did search for it, I just didn't get that blocks. Sorry

- BlackMageMario
Here's a question: Can you have to HDMA in one level?

- BlackMageMario
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BlackMageMario's Profile - Posts by BlackMageMario

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