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That one interresting update, is that me or this look like some character will be unplayable and will appear only as 'bad guy'(as it seem like petey and R.O.B. will act like)

Edit: For those too lazy to check the update, it's about the bad guys army, their member include:

The Primids, those thing were in a old update:

The Ancient Minister, he seem to be the leader of the crew

The R.O.B.s, their jobs set to only set some kind of dimensionnal bomb:

And Petey pirhana, wich job appear to kidnap people by putting them in those cage:

So as the title say, I need some help for my character's graphic(damn, I just suck at making request...)

For those who didn't know, the characters are Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi

The graphic don't need to be good or detailed, as long as the character is reconaisable.(beside, it may be better to have them crappy since I don't plan on changing the other graphics)
All of them, preferably<_<
Originally posted by dotsarecool
I might be able to! Do you want them all to be like GFX*insert number of GFX file with Mario in it here*?

yes (BTW The number is 32)
This is getting a little off-topic<_<

Anyway, If you want some technical information about how I did this hack, just ask.
Originally posted by TLMB
@ Bio: I could try to do it, it would take time though.
yeah. Do you want all of them to be custom made, or ripped
from somewhere. Also Will it be just small, big, or both?
Also, are you going to use a cape?

custom. Both. most likely not

Beside, dotsarecool is curently making them and I don't need two time each GFX<_<
Today's update is Diddy Kong:

He aparentely use his rocket barrel and peanut pop gun from DK64(Because of this I believe is final smash is the electric gitar)
It depend whenever or not you want to keep the 'normal' star...

The instrction used to change pallete most likely write to $7E0D82, try adding a write breakpoint here to find it and then just NOP it
Originally posted by ibz10g
I've pondered this, but the thought doesn't seem entirely too logical. Instead of a switch-off multiplayer, what about a cooperative multilayer?

The main problem I see is that only the one palette can be used at a time for Mario and Luigi, so they would have to be the same color. I'm sure there are many other factors that would impede such a feat.

It does seem like a great idea, though. Except the sprite header settings may or may not go berserk. What with the Mario/Luigi only blocks, someone could take this very far.

Nah, this will most likely cause way too much slowdown, just adding water detection for sprite cause slowdown, just think how much slowdown having the main physic and colision run twice would cause...

Also WTF is the sprite header setting have to do with all this?
Mario/Luigi only block won't work eiter because they only check the current player
Originally posted by Luigi
Originally posted by pikaguy900
Bio, I'd like to know how you did that.

As do I, do tell.

Fine, just expect it to require a high ammount of ASM knowledge<_<.

First of all, my code has totally nothing to do with the Mario/Luigi 'character' in the original game. I then hacked the pallete loading routine to check a previously empty SRAM adress and if the power-up is 3(fire) while loading Mario pallete. I then added some code to make the character graphic get updated each frame(I used SuperFX for it, but DMA could be used...). Nest, I created a code wich check that SRAM adress and jump to a different routine depending on it(for each character abillity). And finally, the pause menu to actualy alter that SRAM adress, I simply added a routine executed only when the game is pause to transfer the menu tilemap to a empty spot of RAM, I then altered the routine wich transfer the tilemap from RAM to VRAM to load from the other spot when the game is paused. The pause menu alone take 246 lines And the whole code take about 1500 lines so far

that pretty much describe it... there still a long way to go before I can finally have everything I planned for my hack
meh, they wouldn't had all those problem if acmlm would had hosted it himself... I stopped caring about it a while ago, I mostly checked it for SMW hacking stuff...
Originally posted by Dagx
Edit: I figured this would be advanced since it uses hex and custom blocks.

You figured wrong, hex editing and custom block creating is what is advanced
I did it the way you wanted to, by activating the star power during the dash. Except I didn't had to remove the palette animation since I use a custom routine to load the palette. The 'star' it self have been remplaced by a power-up item used to reach power-up value $04
Originally posted by internoob
Really? the level in the background looked like it was from halo 1 but i dont remember a flamethrower in halo 1.

It's in the PC version
Originally posted by Muteki
All yoshis are officially baby dragons now. Yoshi's FS is him (or her) just tapping into his (or her) adult abilities. =)

Nah, it seem more likely that Yoshis need energy for their dragon-like abillity(wich they get from eating shells/melons)
Originally posted by mikeyk
1. If you are dealing with the first bank of RAM ($7E0000-$7E7FFF)

actually, it's only work with $7E0000-$7E1FFF, since the rest is occuped by hardware register and enhancement chips memmory/register
Use a levelASM code to DMA new graphic<_<
why would you need one? this is basicaly just to allow ASM code to be run on specific level. If you don't want to use it, you can use a custom sprite insted
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