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Go to Hungary spend it with family, get drunk and try to forget these past two incredibly shitty months.
Originally posted by Hadron

Happy new year everyone, and happy 10th year smwc. Now, go to school and don't forget to eat your veggies, will ya.

Well, it's been a few months since I visited the site, hey people who maybe remember me. #tb{:p} Since it's C3, I figured it would be good to log in and check out a few things and also say hello.

So, in case you are interested, I'm currently in South Korea (Daegu), as an exchange student for 2 semesters, on Computer Science major. It's pretty easy compared to my home university, but still kind of exhausting. But right now, during winter season (until March), I don't have anything to do, yay. First semester (fall) was totally okay, and I will go home in June. The country is kind of crazy huge and cool, very different to what I'm used to, definitely a cool experience overall.

If you wanna check out what I've been doing, here's a link to my Flickr album, where I put some of my better pictures/videos:[email protected]/albums

(captions are in Hungarian, sorry #tb{:p})

I already visited like a fuckton of places, but still have lots of things in mind. Most importantly, check out Japan in february (o yeah, I've got a japanese girlfriend about 2 months ago, yup ).

Sorry for the long post, see ya!

Oh hey dude, boldog új évet kivánok! Long time no see.

Congratulations with all the good things going on in your life. Been only to Pusan in South Korea, but it was a cool place indeed. Enjoy your time in South Korea! And of course Japan too, once you go. Be sure to visit Osaka if you can, fucking kick-ass place. ;)
Subterranean Animism. Has the most fun bosses and Lunatic mode is just the right difficulty for me. Runner up would be Ten Desires for its creative boss attacks. That tanooki chick has some super fun spells.
I remember we had a thread like this baaack then and I thought it was fun so let's do it again! Show us your handwriting and see how nicely/ugly you write!

Here's moi:
Don't all bosses in the American version of Partners in Time have their health doubled (or rather halved in the EU/JP version)? I can see why you'd think it was tedious.
Is is entirely beatable. I beat the game twice. :V
Cereal + milk is pretty awesome!
Originally posted by MecchaSugoiTntn

Just finished collecting all A-Ranks in Sanic Adventure 2: Battle. All that is left are the nine Chao Garden emblems, which will be more of a pain to get than any of the missions I believe, haha.

Contrary to what I initially believed, getting all A-Ranks was surprisingly easy, bar a couple of missions like Mad Space (used a guide for that one) and Final Chase on Hard Mode. Feels good to have achieved this feat though, used to play this game loads as a kid and never thought I'd ever see this day. :D
If they have to censor the game, they shouldn't release it at all imo. This game's charm is all about the whackiness, if those poor easily-offended souls can't take this it, then they shouldn't play it. Simple as that!
dude you look just like tom hardy in the revenant, the resemblance is uncanny
Originally posted by 6646

Music portしたい気力は完全に失われましたわ……。


Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
I just put my two cents that if princessdaisy aka 31337xultimatemariogamerx31337 amlka NeonBlue then even I wasn't save:
Originally posted by princessdaisy
i just want u to know i am more mario fan than u are ty

The PM is called "my account, 31337xultimatemariogamerx31337 is more of a mario fan", btw.
In fact I'm curious, what he Neon written to someone, but then again, this one would flood the thread (and we all know, how often the B&G was close to being closed [pun unintended] and once even really).

Also, does anyone know a good anagram for "SPAM", preferably something with food?

Edit: And for a different topic: I think, I should do some stuff like to improvise my Polish (I have set my computer language to Polish and try to use Polish words for files and folders), do more sport and learn European countries and their capitals and just because the French regions and the Polish voivodes including capitals. I also think, I should interact more with the community and give critism to levels, especially because I posted them earlier more often. #ab{>_>}

Maybe you could try PolishPod101? It's basically a Podcast, with lots of Audio and Video files teaching the language in an effective way. You get native speakers doing natural conversations, explaining the grammar and vocab behind them and get some cultural insights as well. It's actually a huge company spanning a shitload of languages (I've been doing this with Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese lately) and it's about the best learning tool I could find to date. Upon signing up, you'll get a 7-day free trial, after that you'll have to pay (a one-month membership costs $8 - though you can download their entire archive in that time), which is totally worth it IMO. I'd check it out, even if it was only for the trial.
I'd say Mother 3 is way less annoying than Mother 2, considering that it improves upon basically every aspect from its predecessor. There were some places I had to grind a little, but other than that there isn't anything I'd call 'annoying', really; overall an incredible experience. Though personally I like Mother 2 more as it's more whacky and varied location-wise, which is one thing I didn't like about Mother 3. In any case, I highly recommend it.

Finished off Yamata no Orochi in Okami and am now heading to the second bigger chapter of the game. This is my fourth time playing the game and it still doesn't fail to send me chills down my spine. Fucking work of art right there.
Originally posted by Error 52
Originally posted by Undertaker
Originally posted by Buu
There were some places I had to grind a little

That reminds me, has anyone noticed that you almost never have to grind in Chrono Trigger? I seriously didn't notice until someone pointed it out in a review of the game (I think it was in ProJared's review).

It might just be me being bad, but I'm doing a playthrough right now and I did some aimless wandering due to not knowing where to go, and I'm starting to feel like I need to buff my levels a bit.

I don't feel completely underpowered though. I could probably beat the game with the current level rate I have, but I feel like I need a little extra boost.

Really? I thought it was pretty straightforward. It's way more structured than Mother 2 at least. Also yeah, the story is really good, though not tear-jerking as some people say. :P
Yeah you may wanna play it on a real GBA. When I first tried Mother 3 on an emulator, the system didn't work jack. Once I started playing it on a real GBA, it became way easier.
I guess 1CCing Touhou 7-11 and 13 on Lunatic and No Death, No Bombing every extra stage bar 14 and 15 would be my best gaming accomplishments. Maybe clearing Super Mario Galaxy 2's Perfect Run on my third try? Can't really think of anything else noteworthy.
Tried Touhou 15 and that shit is absolutely not for me. I can't even get through stage 5 on Normal before I have used up all my extra continues. Pointdevice Mode is complete garbage since you only have a very finite amount of bombs and have to perfect pretty much every part where you can't bomb anymore. Jesus christ, I thought I was pretty good at Touhou but this shit takes the cake. TH12 on Lunatic is way way easier than this game on Normal.
After two hours managed a Hard run-through in Pointdevice Mode in TH15. My point stands, easily the hardest Touhou I have played so far and gives every main games' Lunatic Mode before 14 a run for their money. Though I gotta admit, I got to like stage 5, something about its incredible hecticness makes it fun to play. Clownpiece you dumb bitch. <3
Lately all I've been playing are Touhou and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

I'm still kind of trying to get better at TH15 but that shit is impossibly hard to be consistently good at. Not to mention the extra stage which I still haven't managed to beat. I cleared Point Device Mode on Lunatic with Marisa (which actually wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, Junko is totally doable too) and on Hard with Sanae, but none of those two have any abilities I'd favor over good old Reimu. Legacy Mode I still don't stand a chance against though. Except maybe on Easy mode.

Isaac I've just been working on some challenges; too bad most of them suck ass though.
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