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body & soul japan 2016... first time going to a festival but fuck was it worth it. my head hurts jeez, been drinking a fuckton lately x.x
Partied a bit too hard yesterday, I don't remember at all what happened after we left the bar. First time I lost my memories hahaha. But damn if it wasn't fun!

It's only the part after the bar I don't really remember (which apparently wasn't much anyway), everything before I do.
'Forgetting' isn't really something you voluntarily wanna do - it just happens if you go a little overboard. :p Drinking is a great way to meet new people though. Just hop into a bar and join in the fun with others with a drink. I've only been a month here in Japan and already met a lot of awesome folks, constantly having drinks bought, being invited to festivals and all other kinds of fun activities. It's just kinda part of the culture you know. Drinking connects people~

Know your limits and it's all good. ;)
German and Hungarian are my native languages; though in the case of Hungarian, I can only speak conversationally - reading let alone writing is out of the question.
English I feel I am fluent enough in to be able to claim so. Japanese is far from perfect but I feel confident enough to say that I can converse with people easily and reading/writing is also no problem.
There are other languages I'm interested in as well like Russian and Chinese, but I don't really have the time to learn anything else at the moment. Maybe some time in the future.
Went to the SMF 2016 music festival yesterday and my god it was by far the most fun I ever had. Getting drunk af, dancing and meeting loads of awesome folks; by the end of the day I was completely fucked up and my ear is still ringing from yesterday. @[email protected] I seem to be getting really good at not waking up with an extreme hangover the next day too; prolly not a good sign though. :D
Enidewi. Lighthearted, incredibly silly and funny manga revolving around an angel and a devil quarreling and then cooperating to solve the problems they cause with their fighting. Incredibly beautifully drawn too.
Originally posted by Masashi27
Originally posted by 33953YoShI

それも確実に#smwjpっていうの?caffie.netで数回そのチャンネルに入ってみたんだけど、誰もいなくて僕も入ったとたんすぐモデレータにされたんだから違うなーって... アクティブなチャンネルあったら教えてもらえないかね?できればちょっとばっか他の日本人と戯れたいってなー ;o
oh yes, i absolutely love giving prensents but receibing presents not so much. just like leomon said haviing people buy you expensive gifts feels kinda wrong but idk why. i'm more the making people happy kind of person opposed to being the being made happy kind of person. like i don't need anything from you at all,if i need sth il'l get it myself kind of deal yknow
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
I honestly don't care what anyone says, I had a terrible performance tonight. I'm really going to have to work on it over the next day or so, I believe. Or maybe this is just a play for sympathy, I don't know.


oh don't worry, ot's gonna be better. we're on the same boat dude, i'm gonna have a pifitul performance today and it's gonna bite me in my ass hardcore, juat try to stay positive, that's the best you can do. no matter how bleak hthe future may ssem.
same boat i'd say. sitting in school trying to learn sibjects i don't give a single shit aout nor that will be in any case relevant in the future. but german school system requires me to to pass this shit so yeah. fml tbh but what can i do about it
Started Romancing SaGa 1, played for four hours and then quit. Ridiculously boring game with way too many enemies and a system that doesn't make sense to me at all.

So I started Terranigma instead and so far it's cooler in every way.
just download them and see for yourself whether they're good or not?
not gonna lie that sounds fucking horrible #tb{^V^}
Originally posted by The Courier
I don't want to sound condescending but most people I know seem to drink to get wasted a lot of the time. They're certainly fairly tipsy if I stay with them for a while.

if i drink it's only to get wasted. being drunk is too much fun for me. #tb{:DD}

also on the topic of beards, goat patch here. clean shaven i look like an infant and full beard doesn't fit me at all either. and a moustache makes me look like a total douche.
i actually liked the first half of bravely default but absolutely hated the second part which is the reason why i still haven't finished the game (and prolly won't either, how anyone can drag themselves through that mess is beyond me).

in other words im still kind of playing illusion of gaia and final fantasy 6, started playing oblivion a few days ago tho so i'm kind of torn between which game i should put my focus on.
after lots of bitching, romancing saga 2 managed to make its way to one of my favorite games. just slayed dantarg with my completely ridiculous setup. <3 though i kind of have that feeling that he's one of the easier of the seven heroes (along with bokuohn).
had to give up at the final boss of romancing saga 2 'cuz i didn't have the necessary spells and "mikiri" moves that make the whole fight possible. i expected a difficult fight but this one tops everything. maybe next time. for now i mark this game as "beaten".
なるほどね。結局まだ入ったみてないけど気が向いたら顔を出してみます。 ^^;

こっちのスレも死んでるようだからちょっとトピックを変えてもいいかな~?最近はロマサガ2やってる(ってか今頃はやってたとこ)けどラスボスで詰まっちゃって諦めざるを得なかった。何か必須とされてる術と肝心の「テンプテーション」の見切りがなくてすごくがっかりです。あんなに強いチームがあったのになぁー・・・ 特に戦いの半ばで相手が使ってくる「メールシュトローム」が怖い ;_;

五回もやり直したゲームでもう全然やる気ないなww またやるんだったら今度はちゃんとした整えでラスボスに挑むつもりです
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