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Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex-edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.Not logged in.
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Hello I´m new in this in ASM hacking and so I need help with the morton boss...

code here

so all what I have done is : I gave him more Hp and more speed...
but I want that he is invincible for some seconds (but i still want to jump on him)
I hope you understood what i mean :/
...because my english is very bad

and another question is : It is possible to make the screen darker when the boss has only 10hp? (like the dark room sprite)
status: first overworld completed

This hack is a Puzzle hack (like Lechuck's one's)
It requies:
-glitch using (but only easy glitches...)
-some huge puzzles
-custom bosses
-tons of eastereggs to find
-and no timelimits

-but it don't reques wall jumps etc.
Now I will show you some pics from the Levels:
And the first Overworld:
And some of the eastereggs #w{=D} :
I hope the pictures work #w{=D}

Istarted making this hack after I have played Lechuck's puzzle hacks...
but he told me that he will never make a 4th ort 5th part of his Super Puzzle World pack.
So i decided to make my own puzzle hack , and here it is

when you want an doawnload link write me ^^

WYEdit: woah table stretch. Changed the images to links.

Yes you are right its not completely fair but the most "glitches" are nown from al people (I mean thinks like double grab ore pow duplication...)

and the problem is I can't fix these bugs all
and like Eighteencharacter said:
"if you can´t fix it,use it"

so everybody would break it with these glitches ...
(and i want as few breaks as possible #w{=D} )

and I have played SPW3 befor macking these hack ...
and like in SPW I uses glitches in my hack to
but not really hard or unknown glitches

And I want as few cutoffs as possible too ^^
but I can't find all :D

@WYE I thought somebody would do that ^^
I think i can't upload it here to ... :(
but i could post a doawnload link in this thread ^^
OK i have uploaded a "DEMO" of world 1
link is in the first post

and now I'm working on World 2 ;)
I never thought that it will be acceptet on smwc...
when I finished the hack it will be uploaded on

Its a puzzlehack like SPW3 and so it is like SPW3..
I know some people don´t like this but
Some other people really love those puzzles :D

but play it and you will see what i mean with "glitch abuse"
(pow duplication with Yoshi ....)
every body would do it and when I dont requer it the people would only break the puzzles... ;/
Yes its a kind of sad...
but its SMW it is impossible to fix all bugs
(and when i sai it is it really is impossible)
I have patched a lot and it doesn't help
I would say it doesn't matter what you do ...
it will ever activates a bug XD
the game is so old and so bad programmed :(
that is soo sad
but it can't be changed

And play it before you sai the glitches are so hard and there is no way to solve the puzzle without knowing it...
I know it is possible Some Friends tested it (it was the first time they played smw) but they solved all puzzles and what is much warser they breaked a lot of the puzzles...
(lechuck said for 3 years his hack is unbreakable and it was broken and broken and broken ....)
but I say it is impossible to make lvl whick are unbreakable
you can have the best Beta/Alpha testers but after you fixed all there are many breaks which they haven't found :(

but when you test the game you will learn some helpful stuf and you can show me where the lvl is breakable

(sorry for my bad English :( I'm inly speeking school English)
OK if you mean blockduplication is a very hard glitch then you should better not play this hack ...
but it don't reques real keyjumps
but the problem is if you do now some you would break the lvls...
I want a shappard skale as SMW music...
can somebody do these?
I have 2 noob questions...
1. how can I spawn (in a block) a "bounce block sprite" (at the position of the block)?
2. how can I spawn a "score sprite" (like the "1UP")?
I have found soe things in the ROM Map but that doesn't help me
I hope you can help me :)
naja also zu mindest auf werden die fragen immer schnell beantwortet :D
Aber wie gesagt die meisten sind so gut ,dass sie probleme zumindest selber lösen können und dann brauchen sie auch nichts mehr zu fragen...
ich weiß nicht wie viele fehler hirvon schon angesprochen wurden aber naja... Metal meinte ich soll mal kurz drüber gehen und fehler suchen XD
Originally posted by Darius
Die SMW Rom besteht aus 3 Teilen.
Den ersten Teil kennt ihr ja schon:
RAM. RAM Adressen befinden sich in der SMW Rom von $7E0000 bis $7F0000.
Also besteht die RAM aus 2 Bänken, nämlich $7E und $7F.
Die ersten zwei Zahlen stehen für die Bänke. Die ROM Map ist (viel) größer, und ist somit auch die größte Region der SMW Rom.
Und dann gibt es noch die Hardware Register. Was aber enthalten nun diese 3 Teile?

Bullshit bingo:
die Rom hat einen teil und das ist die rom... (also der code)
der ram ist eben ram (also der speicher)
und die hadware ist eben der emulator/original snes

Originally posted by Darius
Wer das Prinzip nicht kapiert, hier mal ein Beispiel: Mit LDA legst du eine CD in den CD-Player und mit STA spielst du sie ab

mal die sau dämlichste aussage die ich je gehört habe und vermittelt total falsche eindrücke...

Originally posted by Darius
RTL wird bei Blöcken für BTSD benuztzt, RTS hingegen bei Sprites oder Blocks für BlockTool

Ach wieder totaler müll...
ich habe nicht die wahl RTS/RTL zu benutzen...
ich nehme das passende gegestück zu JSR/JSL
es kommt also darauf an wie die routine aufgerufen wird...

Originally posted by Darius
STZ. Was der macht? Er speichert IMMER den Wert #00 zu einer Addresse.

naja eigentlich richtig aber wenn man im 16bit modus ist setzt er den wert #$0000
aber naja sag einfach SetToZero und fertig...

Originally posted by Darius
Daraus leiten wir jetzt den ASM Befehl ab:
JMP, wie ihr es von den Mario Labels kennt, ist auch ein solcher Jumping Befehl.
Wir benutzen aber das nicht, sondern JSR (BlockTool) oder JSL (BTSD).

s.o. wegen dem thema zur wahl von JSR das hat nix mit blocktool oder so zu tun...
und es besteht ein himmelweiter unterschied zwischen
JMP Spring zu einem code ohne den restorepoint zu verändern
JSR Springt zu einer routine (auch nur code aber naja) und kehrt zu dieser stelle zurück wenn die routine beendet wurde

JMP -> Springt zu einer Subroutine und der Restcode wird ignoriert, die angesprungene Routine muss zudem mit RTS geschlossen werden.
JML -> Springt zu einer Subroutine und der Restcode wird ignoriert, die angesprungene Routine muss zudem mit RTL geschlossen werden.
müll JMP/JML unterscheiden sich nur durch die "reichweite" die sie springen können...
es geht bei dem RTS/RTL wieder darum wie der code aufgerufen wurde ...

Originally posted by Darius
Außerdem sind die beiden Befehle JSR und JMP nicht kompatibel mit langen Adressen ($xx:xxxx geht nicht!), JSL und JML hingegen nicht.

ich nehme an du hast dich vertippt oder coppy and paste benutzt...
aber so würde es heißen das das mit keinem befehl geht...

EDIT: Hoffentlich alles Richtig zitirt RPGHacker :)
das ist ein OW-Sprite (WingYoshi) und ist beim OW-Spritetool mit dabei...
Hey guys,
Can you help me to disable the scrolling on the main map Completetely so it can be used like one of the small maps...
(i need 7 small maps)
No that options only disables the scroll araws but if mario goes to the side of the screen the overworld scrolls...
I already looked in the rom map but i cant find anything...

i just want to disable scrolling when mario goes to the side of the screen ...
That looks really nice but you could add mare features from yy-chr
-fill tool
-color replace
-customice able size of the grid
-customice able colour ot the grid
-a default pallete
Hey guys I have a question..
does anybody knows which values to store in $40-$44 and $212C-$212F
to make the windowing effect halft transparent?
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
Well you'd enable the window settings for color math with $43. That's assuming you know how to use windowing and color math already.

If you already have some working windowing code, converting it to cause translucency isn't simple. You have to flip the window logic and enable color math.

That is the problem I dont realy know much about that.. I only write values in the table at $04A0 and enable the HDMA channel...
But i dont know much about the values to store at $41-$44
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mzuenni's Profile - Posts by mzuenni

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