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A Dimentio boss? I may not know much asm, but I'm good at cut and paste, so I could make one for you.
Hello, all you people! I am making a new hack, which stars a robot version of Mario, and he is on his way to Toad Town, where
he will attend a party for Toad Town's mayor, Toadlin. This hack will have many cool features, like wall jumping and running on water.
Here is some early gameplay.
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
I kinda like number 2 the best, stars make it look cool.
Nice looking GFX! I bet this hack is going to turn out pretty well.
I can also edit some other sprites I can tweak to make some more bosses
for you, such as a goomba boss. Also, if you need some Paper Mario styled GFX, if you want.
I was going to make him shoot reflecting fireballs and magikoopa magic.
He takes 5 hits to defeat, and yes, he teleports when hit. This might take a little while, seeing as how I haven't made a custom sprite in a while, so I'm going to need some time. I am also making Goomboss, who
takes 3 jumps to defeat, but for every time you hit him, he becomes invincible for 10 seconds. Expect the bosses an a few weeks or a month.
Hope this hack goes far, I bet it will.
I'm working on the sprites, blocks, and levels currently. Mario & enemy GFX is going to be much better.
I'm working on a Magikoopa boss right now, who is similar to Carol's
Iggy boss, who shoots Magikoopa magic and reflecting fireballs,
but will take 5 jumps to kill, and also might create Sumo Bros. firebolts. I'm not a master of asm, so it might take a while.
I'm changing the name of the game to "RoboMario: DK's Revenge".
It will be Mario vs. DK styled, and I already have a Donkey Kong boss.
I am going to add in the Hammer Sprite, to make it be more M v. DK styled. Because I am working on the sprites, it will be a while until I post another video, or some screenshots.
Yeah I agree, Koshi ownz! Also, I can beta test. I have a LOT of free time.
Again, working on other stuff. Mario will be Mario vs. DK styled. Just wait. As for wall jumping on the pipe, you can't. You can't wall jump
on everything, so if you can't, you must find a spring board or other object to get up there, i.e, Pushable Crate or Rolling Boulder.
I have some new stuff, like a Hammer, Shy Guys, and a Donkey Kong Boss.
I will make a gameplay video soon.
The OW is going to be mainly RPG, but not all RPG. Right now, I'm working on a punch attack, which will require a LOT of coding.
Once I make the punch attack, I will work on some GFX for Mario.
I have some cool new frames I will put in, with new walking, running, jumping, and hopefully, a new punching frame. I am also working on editing the chain chomp, trying to make a 32x32 version of it, to make it more Mario 64 styled.
Pumpkinbot is taking a break to learn asm, so in the meantime I will work on it, and I've got some new GFX that I'm dying to try out, so expect a video or some screenshots soon.
Yeah, Super Mario 64 SNES would work, but we've settled on a name, and it shall remain SMW64.
Not bad, this hack looks good to me, but 1 thing, Regular and Redrawn koopas?
Sorry guys, this hack has been canceled. But, I'm starting a new hack, which will be even better! You can close the thread now.
No it's because I messed something up, and I forgot to make a copy :(
definitly not the chain chomp or the magikoopa.
Hello people of Earth, Mars, Pluto and Iowa! I am making a new hack, starring Luigi (which is very creative). This hack will have some cool features, which are listed below. Video, and/or screenshots, will be coming tomorrow. But here is what will be seen in the hack:
6 Worlds and 1 Secret World
89 Levels
10-25 Bosses
Custom Powerups (Hopefully :|)
A Rockin Health Bar
Fast Running and Double Jumping (Thanks to Schwa ^_^)
And much more!!!
Yeah, 10-25. I've modified the: ground pound koopa boss, big boo, and hammer bro, to make them more boss-like.
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General Ike's Profile - Posts by General Ike

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