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Can you make your own music with Mario Paint?

EDIT: When I insert a clean rom into Addmusic and try to open it in Lunar Magic, It says that it doesn't have a 0x200 byte header. What do I have to do to fix it?
Originally posted by Giygas
Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
Can you make your own music with Mario Paint?

Can you make an MIDI with Mario Paint?

You can make a txt. file with it.
First, can someone explain to me how to use "Layer 2?" Next, can you explain what to do to make a custom background like "Happy Hills" from Yoshi's Island?
I might have a better idea. There's this IPS Patch in Hacks. Look for something called,"SMB3 Pipes Patch." It's made by Commander Kahn. Base it off that and you should be able to have "Side Scrolling Pipes." Trust me, it worked for me. BTW, be sure that you put the blank tiles for the enter and exit pipes. They'll either be on top of or below the pipe you want.
Originally posted by SMWnewb
To create a layer 2 level, click at the mario head next to the poison mushroom and lakitu

at the Snes Registers and Level modes
you can select:
01: Horizontal (Custom BG)
02: Horizontal (Moving objects(Mario can walk on it)
07: Vertical (Custom BG)
08: Vertical (Moving objects)
0F: acts like 02
1F: Horizontal Transculent (Moving possible)

When you've selected 01 or 07, you could create an background, which acts like block 25 (Empty)

02, 08, 0F and 1F makes the bg Solid.
It acts like the tiles you usually use as FG.
But these one can move by sprite commands.

If you do use a command, be sure you use the right "Layer 2 BG Scrolling rate" at the aquarium icon. next to lakitu.


If you want the bg of another level, select
Level->Copy BG image, and pick the level number of the level wich bg you wants.

And creating a custom BG is possible by using YY-Char, picking at the GFX Directory a BG, like the hills of level 105 (GFX1B) Open it, save as ExGFXxx (xx is a number, 80-FF) at the ExGFX Directory of your rom, editing it, inserting it at LM (Clicking at the yellow mushroom)
And click the red poison mushroom next to the SMB3 brick, Select the number of your ExGFX file (If you called it ExGFX83, you pick 83)
Edit the bg with the bg editor (the leaf) and the 16x16 editor (the ?-Block) insert the tiles however you want, save your level, test it, and i hope it's ok.

or you could download the ExGFX file at the ExGFX section, and following another tutorial.

any questions?
(okay, i've got at this Sub forum (Not the thread)

Where are the objects for layer 2? ( Sorry if i'm asking too many questions )
First, can you insert sprites in the Super GFX Bypass? If you can, then can someone explain how?
Can someone explain why the Classic Piranha doesn't work even though I patched it? It still has a fish stem. Another thing, is there a way to change animated blocks in the 8x8 Tile Editor?
I insert music from Addmusic Made Easy, but in Lunar Magic, it says that I'm missing a 0x200 byte header. What am I doing wrong?
In Lunar Magic, go to Edit, Copy. Go to the level you want and paste it. Do the same with the sprites and you'll have an exact copy.
There's this one glitch I found. I was testing my hack, but in the Yellow Switch Palace, I put two trampolines. I grabbed one, flicked one off the edge, then all of a sudden, Mario bounced just like he should on a trampoline in midair!
Originally posted by Therockster
your rom is too small i think. use lunar expand.

or you fryed the rom by init'ing it more than once or doing something else wrong.

I tried Lunar Expand, expanded it to 4096 Mb, and it says the same thing.
Originally posted by Yakibomb
Download this tool, NSRT. Just choose your system and you'll figure it out.

Thanks, but which header do I use? If it helps, my rom is 978 kb.
Originally posted by Therockster
lol? what the hell? 4096 MB? you sure? or do you mean KB?

Oops, 4096 KB. Sry.
Originally posted by Your Ad here
Originally posted by Smallhacker
That comment, and that comment alone, made the post go from "Quite interesting" to "Pure retard".

erm thanks for the compliment?
Actually, i made a mistake there. what i meant to say was that the lakitu cloud has an infinate timer when hit by a cape or fire ball not that a rideable cloud appears at all, if you get me.
I guess this also replies to icemask's comment too.

Originally posted by jesus
while flying without an item, get close to the ground and pick up an item. mario will be able to do his cape boost while holding it - This is in mario's game interactions section

after pressing a pswitch, it is still carryable for about half a second before it disappears. carrying the pressed pswitch through a pipe will make it useable again - true, i'll add it at the part with the double-POW glitch

carrying a throwblock through a pipe makes it never disappear - cool beans, it's in

jump on a green koopa and discard the shell. let the shelless green koopa walk into a blue shell. once it is inside, jump on the koopa. now a blue koopa will come out. (this works for any color, but i figured it would be easier to understand using an example) - u-huh i guess that is a glitch

also while flying, grab a vine/fence while divebombing. when you jump off the vine, you will still be flying! - mario interaction area

this one is pretty well known. while big mario, duckslide underneath a block and stand up. you will slowly move to the left - Although technically a mario interaction glitch, i'll still add it as it's not actually in there :D

while doing the previous glitch, spinjump, and you will fall through the floor. - same as above

if mario hits a coinblock that is one space beneath a coin, the area above the coinblock will become solid. - already in the depositry

this last one is not so much a glitch, but more something that can easily be taken advantage of. a dropped object falls slightly slower than mario, so if mario drops an object and falls immediately after, he can bounce off it in midair. this is helpful for those anikiti style midair springboard jumps and whatnot. - hmm, debatable... i'll get back to you on that one

Jesus! (no pun intended ;P) That's a lot!

Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
There's this one glitch I found. I was testing my hack, but in the Yellow Switch Palace, I put two trampolines. I grabbed one, flicked one off the edge, then all of a sudden, Mario bounced just like he should on a trampoline in midair!

Very wierd that one... I kinda get what you're saying but, to clarify, could you maby post a vid to show me it in action?

Originally posted by Daboys121
If you're runningat full speed and areabout to pick up a shell, stop running just before the shelland right after you hit it,continue running and you will run faster than the shell and hit and die. This is most easily done in Yoshi's Island 2, with the first shell you see.
Yeah this is kinda more like stupidity than a glitch lol, and it's something that is not really a glitch as joe13 said...

As always (maby with the acception of smallhacker ;P) thanks for the input!

Actually, I was thinking of making a video showing THAT and my hack, but I'll do it after i finish level 2.
Originally posted by Isaac
You have to start with a clean rom -_-

First, expand.
Second, INIT.
Third, insert.

I did start with a clean rom, but which size do I expand it to? :|
Originally posted by Carsr4carpeople1
One megabyte.

Although it's got a bad checksum, thanks anyway! YES, IT FINALLY WORKS!
I'm having the same problem too! I added music to a Rom, but now I want the same levels into it too. I'm pissed because:
1:I can't insert s.s.pipes anymore! Or can I?
3:My Map16 pages are GLITCHED!
4:I need a life.
5:I still need a life.
Does the screen freeze while saying Mario Start!? If it does, you may have to remove some sprites.
Originally posted by Boomshakalaka
I actually counted the sprites and theres 59. And i never see the Mario Start! screen either

Did you do something with custom music?
While I was making a level, I put a Yoshi somewhere between a level. I get the Yoshi, and try to enter a "Side Scrolling Pipe." The only problem is that YOSHI CAN'T ENTER! Mario can go in by himself, but can anyone tell me out to fix this?
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