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I don't know. when I made my account I uploaded one video and it randomly said that I can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes. So I just really think that it's at pure random.

100 posts...and then four years went by.
I read a book. I might also be able to get online wireless-ly. If so, i read that awesome book. It's called 'One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell'. It's pretty ok.
(death-on-swift-wings-comes-for-you Shell!)

100 posts...and then four years went by.
My worst dream was when I was about to become a victim of the infamous 'tentacle assaults'. I woke up just in time wrapped up strangely in my bed sheets. #w{=|}

100 posts...and then four years went by.
So for the pass 2 months or so, i have been learning html(5) xhtml and css. I don't quite get a few things though. I cant figure out how to make things transparent. Like how you can see a small tint of the background but not all. Sorta like with the layouts here. Second, i can't figure out fully with screen positioning. 1 more thing though, I don't understand the concept of layouts here as well, without the layout generator. I can do html/css for websites, but not layouts? That makes no sense! It's not this site though. It's me. I can't understand where to start, is all. If no one, feels like teaching, can someone link to some good tutorials? Thank you.

Edit: Not the stickied one though.

100 posts...and then four years went by.
Sorry what I meant with the layout being different from websites is, with layout it's more:
<tag>color:#FF00CC; border:1px black dotted;</tag> etc.

but with websites it's more
<!doctype html>
      < type="text/css">
       *Stuff Here*


*Stuff Here*

So the layout of the coding itself is a little different from websites coding. though they use the same tags and stuff.

I'll try both suggestions about transparency. (rgba & the opacity CSS Attribute)

With, the centering thing i meant like centereing text within a .html document. I have found out though since this thread. (Using the <><.../center> tags...)

Besides that, that is all. I'll just need to learn Javascript or .php... I don't know which is best so, i'll just choose java i guess.
Unexpected end tag (</tag>) at 236, expected </pre>
Unexpected end tag (</title>) at 438, expected </pre>
Unexpected end tag (</head>) at 523, expected </pre>
Unexpected end tag (</body>) at 554, expected </pre>
Unexpected end tag (</html>) at 563, expected </pre>

100 posts...and then four years went by.
Yeah. i was just doing an example with the tag coding thing.

Originally posted by leod
Again, if this is for SMWC, then no, you are NOT going to try opacity, because that's still against the rules.

I meant for general website coding.

Originally posted by blumiere
I don't get what's hard about making a layout here if you know how to make a website ... that is, if you actually don't know how to make a website after two months and are just lying to yourself. It's basically a container div and you work from that. If you still can't even code a simple thing like that then ... eh. Keep learning.

I am always good at learning complex things but some simple things are challenging at some points. It's strange.

I know html5, isn't that the newest one? I also know some outdated coding admittedly though. I'll come back after learning some more, I suppose.

100 posts...and then four years went by.
Originally posted by Error 52
Also, if your power was out, how did you type that post?

I either use my Droid or my iPhone, and that is usually how people do it to answer your question.

Edit: If it's a laptop they go wireless, like I tend to do as well.
Wow, I am actual morbidly surprised that I didn't find one thread on the matter...

Anyway, I'm not sure people know or not but:
It all started with a group called "Anonymous", they were constantly bombarded with negative propaganda, and the like. They were made famous for hacking Sony, because all of the illegal things they've been doing.
Meaning that their motives were for "us", the people. People of course, didn't believe them, and said that they're nothing but terrorist, etc.
Well, they then planned to get their message to change the world for the better in another way. They then coined the phrase, "1 Year, 3 Phases: A world of changed". Which soon caught on. They created something called "#Operation: Paperstorm". It is "#Op-ps" for short...
To everyone's surprise, and even Anonymous', lots of people participated. Anonymous' video. News spread about it and they thought they got their message out enough. But then... the "Bart Police" started arresting people for simply wearing a "Guy Fawkes" mask. A couple people were even, tazed, maced, or beat. Anonymous' response to this was hacking the official BART police server, and trashing the whole site, leaving a message that said, "You were taking away rights, that you have no right to take away! Harming people for simply wearing a mask must not go unpunished! Expect Us...".
Which the government didn't respond to happy about. Anonymous members were arrested. But that just stirred up more trouble. Anonymous then hacked into a Goverment server, and found out they were planning to post files that would lead to the arrest of about 200 or so people, they then deleted all the files and that was that.

They then, created another operation called; "Operation: WallStreet".
People were to Occupy Wallstreet for an amount of time, until they got what they wanted. (Which I will tell in a moment...) Well, normal civilians actually agreed with what they were doing so they started to join in. They wanted to end the feds. Claiming that, the power should be for the people and that's what our forefathers wanted. They want to get rid of WallStreet, since they basically turned our economy to shit. Saying, "The Federal government should be nothing but, protection and securing our borders..."

While people were protesting, Wallstreet's residents went on their balconies, and began mocking the protesters. They toasted champagne and some even pulled out chairs and ate popcorn. The most famous one pulled out a megaphone saying, "Ha, Look at all the poor people!".
That made everyone mad. (Which is rightfully so...) Protesters turned to Anonymous, they promised that they'd get the word out. However, they didn't have to. In support more and more people began to "Occupy Wallstreet".

People flew, and bused all the way to wallstreet just to help protest.
Then someone thought of an idea, to use social networking to get the message out further. They then created: "Occupy: Chicago" to help out with wallstreet. More and more people began to fallow suite.

#Occupy: Indianapolis....#Occupy: San Jose...#Occupy: Washington D.C.
and thousands of people began to appear to all these meeting grounds.
Protesters, Middle/Lower Class, Union Workers, Students, Teachers, Veterans, and many other people were joining these movements.

Meanwhile, people at Wallstreet are being arrested for literally, no reason. Not just arrested... Beaten, bludgeoned, maced, and kicked.
By this point Anonymous made a video. They said to the United States civilians,"Fear not for all eyes are upon us! Other nations are seeing how we are being treated, etc." To everyone's surprise it was true!

It was being broadcasted to other countries! People then flew from
Spain, Italy, The U.K. Mexico and Canada, to help the protesters out.
By now, there were Occupy Movements, in over 1000 cities across the United States. It got "Too big to ignore...". President Obama, had to address the matter, with not much to say.

Other countries have since, been inspired to create their own Occupy movement;
#Occupy: Britain...#Occupy: Austrailia... #Occupy: Japan....

All of these countries wanted different things but they recognized that their governments were screwed up just as bad as the U.S'.
Still, a lot of people have came from other countries to aid in...
#Operation: Wallstreet, now called "the Occupy Movement". This has been going for about 3 and a half weeks...

Occupy Movements have been even on College Campuses as well...
Does anybody have any thoughts on this?


"Too big to Ignore..."

Fox NEWS Lies!

Being Beat for no reason...(One of many videos)

Tribute Video

Chris Rant

24-hour LiveStream

(This website has some stats wrong, but it is accurate in showing all the cities that have one/or are gonna have one... (Occupy Movement))
Zoom in to see more and more cities!
Originally posted by Pikerchu
I'm not sure if this really qualifies as news.

Well, if necessary, move this to the talk forum...
Where and when can users use html/css?
Also, does this site enable HTML5? I tried to use it on my bio, and it wouldn't let me.
Also, it seems sometimes html does and does NOT work. (in different sections of the site)
Can people also, use it on there avatars? I have an avatar I want to use but it goes beyond 100X100 pixels.... so I want to shrink it using html.
1 more thing: Can people use css to change their name colors? or rather are they ALLOWED to?

Wait, does that mean you can't embed audio files as well?

Also, I'll use photoshop for my avatar, thanks.
This looks cool, though I have six questions...

1) Can you only edit 1 game per ROM?
2) Is Lunar Ips compatible with MushROMs, as well.
3) When you said earlier, about the limitations on objects/sprites,
does that mean you can't have more than five standard blocks in a row?
How does THAT work?
4) You know how in SMB1, before you enter the level, it shows you a "preview" of the level? Can you edit those as well? (E.g. It showing a water stage, when you made a land stage, or a day stage intro, when you have a night time, level)
5)When you edit one of the games, will the other unaltered games still be playable? (If question 1 was yes"...)
6)What would exactly happen, if you tried to change more than one game?
(If question 1 was "yes"...)
I was using the Wayback machine, and in one of the forums I seen the banner at the top of the screen had a play button so I clicked it and it was a cartoon. Is that where the last boss of "A SMWCentral Production" came from? Also, who made it?

Click the Banner's Play button.

Why don't you guys do this wacky stuff anymore?
Who's Kphoenix and Remoga?
May I have level 10E, if it hasn't been claimed?
Originally posted by Urtegurke
Unfortunately it has been claimed by Falconpunch

Falconpunch left like a month and a half ago, and said he isn't coming back, though. Unless, he is on JDC's website or something...

If so, can I have an unclaimed level?
--Top 10--

1. Youtube
2. Google
3. SMWCentral
4. JDCgames
8. (free/stolen music ftw)
10. *Porn & more of #6*
-The bullet bills couldn't be jumped on and they'd move so fast that you couldn't see them go across the screen.

-There would be a pianist following him around everywhere playing the music in the game.

-The tornadoes wouldn't swiftly fling him in the air, in a spiral.

-No floating coins/bricks/blocks.
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