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Well, THIS is news to me! I look forward to your third installment! :D
Originally posted by SMW's Dreaded @8
Also, this one isn't technically a port, but it is something I did with samples that I thought turned out really cool:


Super Smash Brothers Melee reference? :D
Yay, LunarDrake! :)
Congrats to you, and everyone that joined this contest! :D
Originally posted by Sister of Night
@Maxx: I do like that Mad Monster Mansion song and personally see nothing wrong with the way it's put together, and it's quite reminiscent to the original. It has a somewhat cartoony flair and fast pace, so it's not an exclusively serious "spooky" song - that adds to its flexibility for most hacks.

@Atma: I just downloaded the Lufia RSNs to compare. First of all, the tempo is quite a bit lower than the original; I noticed the pickup in drums at :27 in the original whereas its corresponding component kicks in at :29 in the port.. :< but this is an easy fix.

I do believe that @29 is an awkward substitute for a cymbal since it's more dominant than the beat itself; @23 should be used in its place IMO, and @10 should be replaced with @29 at a lower volume than the rest of the drum notes since it's extremely powerful in any case.

If you have the ADSR patch installed, my recommendation for the melody is to use @4 at a moderate volume, sustained as probably... #ED $EE $C0. The MIDI you used is a pretty darn good one! You can get this sounding very close to the original.

Now... for something perhaps different: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
This was NOT an easy port at all, uses all eight channels, and no "lyric notes". It's abridged (since 3077 bytes totally isn't massive enough) with what I think is a good looping point.. :x
((Those volume slides just creep up on you, eh?))
Only thing I'm really not sure of in this one is the end - the @3 synchronizing with the @5 for the melody (~1:58-2:14), this SPC seems a little messy to me in sound quality (not synchronization) and I want to know if anyone else is "hearing it". Any recommendations to improve it or make this more accurate are welcome.

Whoa! That's some amazing music you've got there! It kinda reminds me of Chiptune.. Hmm.. :P

And it kinda does at 1:58. Try lowering some of that @3. :3
Originally posted by Shog
Metroid Fusion -Frozen in Time My only "good" port...well okay, my only port is better to say.

The @2 has 'staccato' to it. Can you add a ^ after each note in the channel that uses @2? That's what I suggest.

CTRL+H will help a lot with that, to make the job quicker. :3

Another thing, the ending was cut off. The loop restarts the song as soon as the shortest channel playing ends. What I'd do is add [r1]99 to the end of every channel, except the one that plays the entire song. I hope that didn't sound too confusing. D:(

On another note, here's 3 things I've been working on:

Super Mario Kart - Vanilla Lake (I submitted this one to the Custom Music Section, too! :D)

Dead or Alive - Right Round

Touhou 7 - Withered Leaf [Revision 2.8] UPDATE: [Revision 2.9]

(The Old version)
..! Yay! Now I can learn some things I never knew before! Thanks, SNN and Supertails! :D
I really like the third picture! Nice job! :D
Originally posted by Jimmy52905
I showed this in IRC already, but I'll post this here for those who haven't heard it already. It's an original song, and it also uses samples.

Bowser Strikes Back - "Athletic"

Well...enjoy. :)

needs moar failpiano D:
Amazing job yet again, Jimmy! Sounds just like the MIDI you sent me! Then again.. I bet you made the MIDI try to sound like the result. ;) I keep listening to this over and over, and I never get tired of it. :(
I can't wait to hear this in your hack, and I'd love to see what kind of levels I'd see when I hear this. This seems to be a very energetic song, so seeing how you named it "Athletic", I can see very cool levels coming to SMWC!

Err.. anyways, nice job with the percussion. I really like it for some reason.... ._.; But is it me, or is that harmony/chord a little too loud? (The one in that pitch slide. That YI sound effect that seems to be a trumpet, I think..?)
Other than say, "Change the auto scroll speed to Medium"? I dunno.

Can you be a little more specific?
It all comes with practice. ;)

But, err.. There are some things that I must tell you:

- @9 and @0 can only go up to o5. Everything else goes up to o6. Need a high octave note to reach? Use @2.

- The song's much slower than the original.

- If something doesn't sound right, try editing it with a MIDI editor. I'd suggest either using the Demo of Noteworthy Composer 1.75c. That, or Anvil Studio.

- When you insert a MIDI into TinyMM, there are a few things from the original that don't convert with your song. Those things are chords/harmony notes on the same channel, pitch bending, tempo, instruments, and sometimes it doesn't convert all your channels. Make sure you count how many channels there were originally, and how many channels are there after you've converted it.

- Can you change, #1 #2 and #3's instruments @0, and #4 to @8/@14? It sounds to me like #3 and #4 are part of the main tune, and not the percussion section.. If it still sounds wrong after you've done that, try adding an o4 immediately after the beginning of each channel. That should fix it up. ;)

- It sounds like you might need to change a few instruments in the middle of some channels. You can easily do that by changing them the same way you would at the beginning of the channel, with the @ command.

- A good program to edit your .txt/.mml file (to keep your .txt organized) is with Notepad++.

Well, that's all I got so far. Hope it helped. :)

EDIT: Actually, get rid of #2 alltogether. It's really off. If you want echo, use this hex command before the channnels you want to echo:
$EF $FF $xx $yy
.. Where xx = Left speaker echo strength, and yy = Right speaker strength. Note that if you do this, you will have to patch your rom with N-SPC, which is easily done (assuming you have Romi's AddMusic) by typing in:

addmusic.exe rom.smc -se

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Originally posted by Doomdragon
Before I begin my lecture on why music porting sucks balls, i'd just like to say that Anvil Studio has suddenly stopped working. i take the midi that was created by SPC2midi.exe and load it into anvil studio, and it just breaks it and I have to restart the computer. Fucking thanks.

Had this, too, and I think it happens when the MIDI file created with SPC2MIDI contains a percussion. If it does, try replacing it with an instrument in SPC2MIDI. That worked for me. But I agree to you. Music porting sucks :( . It just can't be done without some good music knownledge. I've tried it so many times, but I always failed at porting even the simplest songs. And to make one thing clear: I'm not a beginner. I even consider myself really good at ASM, still I can't port a single song. I'm pretty sure that this is not a question of effort, but really only a question of talent and/or music knownledge.

Well, you know, practice makes perfect. ;)

I used to be TERRIBLE at music hacking, but now I'm a lot better than I was before. I just kept trying. You might say you're just a beginner, but that's never an excuse...
Well, first of all, those are invalid "l" values. Add a note value after each "l".

And to answer your question, add an "o4" to the beginning of #0 and #1 (The ones playing the music).
Originally posted by Maxx
Thanks, that helps.

Another song (Deception from SD3) I tried to do. Any complaints?

ERROR : 121: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 121: octave is too high
ERROR : 121: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 138: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 138: octave is too high
ERROR : 138: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 154: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 154: octave is too high
ERROR : 154: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 171: Musical interval is too high
ERROR : 171: octave is too high
ERROR : 171: Musical interval is too high

Are the errors I get for this file. What am I doing wrong? (It's not instrument-specific, all instruments give this error.)

Yes I have a complaint! That song's from FF5, not SD3/SoM2! >:c
There is this one chord that I can hear very off, but other than tha-WHOA

The percussion is blah. I don't even think I remember hearing it in the original. Can you just take it out?

Anyways, your octave problem.. Have you tried putting an o4 at the beginning of each channel yet? That should neutralize some of it.

EDIT: Try using SuperYoshi's Octave Changing Utility. That should solve the problem. Also, @0 and @9 can't go past o5. ;)
Originally posted by Doomdragon
I just tried porting a midi that i downloaded (rather than creating one from an SPC), and it worked first time. i guess SMW just doesn't like music files created from SPCs... (Slightly ironic, sicne they actually come from other SNES games, but whatever. When has SMW hacking ever made sense)?

SPC2MIDI is a good MIDI converter, sure.

It's just that TinyMM removes the majority of the effects a MIDI has, things such as pitch sliding and all.
$EF $3F $30 $30

Place it before the actual song like that. Need a stronger echo? Replace the 30 values (first one is left speaker, second is right speaker) with something stronger (In hex. FF being the highest echo).
Originally posted by Clubs Deuce
The pan flute is slightly detuned, and the main bell soungs quite iffy. It would probably sound nicer with a lower volume. At 1:08, the background .. harpsichord, or whatever it is supposed to be is far too quiet, and the percussion is eh.

This needs some work if you're going for pure accuracy.

Decision Bell v1.1
Well, I managed to fix the bell and mandarin problems. That pan flute is still sharp a bit, but I tried to change the quality of it to help a bit. The percussion, I don't really see anything wrong with it, though. Can you give me a few pointers on that?

Also, I have 2 other ports:
Paper Mario - 'Yoshi Village'
Bucky O' Hare - 'Green Planet'

For the Bucky O' Hare one, I had to make the MIDI completely from scratch. I also submitted the MIDI, I made just to port this song, to VGMusic out of the convenience.
This happens to me sometimes. There are 3 things I can think of:

- Move something in a level and hit save, then try again.
- Extract and reinsert the original game's graphics.
- Move all your stuff to a new rom.

Hope this helped.
Outstanding work yet again, MidiGuy! I really like your work! These .spcs and .txts are going to be very useful to me. :D
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Crispy's Profile - Posts by Crispy

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