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Did you add #am4 at the very bottom/top of the TXT? For AMK, you're supposed to put an #am4 or #amm depending on which of the two they are (if it was made for AMK.

If it was an AMK port you shouldn't need to edit it, but all songs in the music section are AM405 unless they're tagged as "[M]".

I was just messing with the #instruments tuning table. I tuned the instrument properly with "o3b-", but as soon as I changed it to "o4 h-1 c", it provided completely different tuning values.

EDIT: "o3 a+" also provided different results.

My version was outdated. A system for finding the latest version of AMK would be really nice.
Originally posted by imamelia
Does anyone know where I could find a good conga sample?
1) Showdown on the Tower

I'm not really sure why it would be doing that, but it's definitely unfortunate.

As for dumping BRRs and converting them to .wav, there's a tool called Split700 which dumps all the .brrs from an existing .spc. In the /bin/ folder of split700 is the .bat you'd use to dump all the .brrs. After you find the BRR you need (by referring to SPC700 Player and the instrument number, explained in the first post) then you drag/drop the BRR file over brr2wav and it's instantly converted. (Credits to gocha for making the tools)
Typically I put my name in the "Dumper" field or "Comments" field, and use "Artist" for the actual composer of the song.

In regards to fair use, copyright laws are already iffy, like Torchkas said, because the songs are used in a modification of an already-licensed game, revived with Virtual Console re-releases. It's usually a good idea to ask for permission to use the song whenever possible (like if the person was easy to contact), but if anyone comes up to you personally for removal, then I suppose there's nothing you can really do if the original owner of the song requested it. As an alternative to asking for permission, you could also check the composer's Creative Commons License to see if they allow non-commercial use of their songs (that is, the covers you write don't help you obtain any profit)

This kind of copyright stuff is already iffy outside of SMW hacking, as there's a lot of copyright infringements all over YouTube, so I think an obscure community like us wouldn't be worth the trouble for a lawsuit, but that's just my own opinion.

As for original composition-ports, it's more of a gray border, because AMK is a heavy modification of the N-SPC engine, which, if I had to guess, is licensed by Nintendo. I'm not sure how much of the copyrighted part of the engine is included in the dumped SPCs, though. I'd imagine AMK was re-written enough to be considered its own engine.
Absolutely love you for this. I also have to agree with Lui's suggestion with the ADSR. I'm also thinking the notes could be laid out like a piano and "K" could be moved to spacebar or something.

Anyway, I can see myself using this a lot! For a last minute tool, this is really awesome stuff!
You've kept me updated on this project for a while now, and I just have to say your and Wakana's work on it are seriously impressive! As I've said earlier, good luck to you two on the rest of the project, and I look forward to the finished version!
Originally posted by Nameless
disclaimer: the soundtrack is in fact not 3d land in yi, nor does it contain a famitracker version.

I can confirm that this is a 100% accurate statement.

Loving the changes since last revision, by the way. Great level and, if I haven't said it enough yet, great job with the music!
Originally posted by Nameless
btw jimmy52905 productions do 3d land in yi and famitracker for real
Originally posted by alexjavier93
Really loved the VST, but i have a problem, using C700 now I can't use the MIDI OUT channel's pan and volume controllers, do you now how can I use those? I need to use the volume controller in order to make fade in and fade out effects.

I'm really sorry about the late reply, but C700 was recently updated on the download page with monophonic support, and using MIDI Out channels works well with channel pan and note velocity. There's also a Sustain Mode which emulates the standard SNES Release, and I've updated the tutorial to account for it.

Also, if you use FL, this is a great alternative to MIDI Out:

It's basically MIDI Out, except you can use piano roll note colors to do things like instrument patching (By changing the Prog) on a single channel.
Originally posted by Felix Flywheel
EDIT: Also... do you know if it's possible to convert a .xi / .brr / .smpl into a .wav? I wanna make a soundfont with the samples but it only takes .wav

Whoops, I missed this. split700 includes a program called "brr2wav.exe", which is a simple drag/drop tool and also includes the loop start/end points in the .wav.
Originally posted by ggamer77
Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

Well this took forever.
And its another port that's too big to use in game.. D:
But, came out ok.

wow nice
Originally posted by MrRomanze
(sorry for my bad english)

Can somebody please help me? :C

I REALLY want to emulate this instrument:

But result sucks, can somebody help?

What you need is likely a slow vibrato, which I explain later in this post.

Originally posted by OrangeFox
Thanks for making this tutorial! I have a question and sorry if you already explained it. I have the instruments from Megaman X loaded up and they sound good except there's no "wobble" effect, they sound flat. I want to replicate the effect used in the main synth of the intro stage for example.

What data do I need from the SPC for this or do I need to do something in my DAW?

You're probably referring to vibrato, which can be controlled using MIDI CC #1

If you're using BRSO in FL, this is how I would recommend controlling MIDI CC #1. Right-click and un-assign all of the knobs, or at least the conflicting ones (vibrato/dynamics):

Then, assign MIDI CC #1 (vibrato) to a vacant knob, and rename it if you prefer:

Now you can right-click the knob and control vibrato with a MIDI controller by selecting "Link to Controller" and physically moving the mod wheel on your keyboard.

However, if you don't use a MIDI controller, maybe consider using automation clips.

Also an unrelated note, the new C700 can import looped .wav samples by dragging/dropping it over the waveform in the C700 Interface. I recommend importing a .wav which is 32kHz 16-bits Mono (C700 can do stereo though!), and has a start and end loop point, both loop points being a multiple of 16 in decimal. OpenMPT is a great tool designed around doing that kind of stuff, though you could also use something like Audacity. I've updated the first post with this info, too.
Originally posted by lu9
This is extremely great and useful, except the fact...

...there is a chance in 1 to 10 that loading that plug-in in my FL Studio will cause my whole computer to crash.
This happened twice today, the only escape was to force-shut down my computer.

I wonder why...

Hm, perhaps you might've ran out of memory on your computer? I'd suggest cleaning up computer space, closing out programs taking up memory (like Skype or a web browser) or trying the 64-bit version of the program (I haven't used the 64-bit version recently though)

I'd also advise only using one C700 and controlling it with several MIDI Outs.

Originally posted by MrRomanze
Originally posted by CrispyYoshi
What you need is likely a slow vibrato, which I explain later in this post.

Well, thanks! But I don't know how to make it sound the same. I can't find any information about Vibrato in SPC700. #w{:<}

You can see it in SPC700 Player, though I don't think you can get the exact values, but only estimate it.

(Look at Pitch)
(Look at the yellow bars)

You could also try changing the values in the top-right corner of C700:

If you really wanted to, you could open the SPC in a hex editor and read the values, but not only do I have no knowledge in accomplishing that but I also don't think you can easily convert that to MIDI data. For a slow vibrato like the video you shared, try using a low vibrato speed/rate and medium-level depth.
Originally posted by MrRomanze
Originally posted by CrispyYoshi

You could also try changing the values in the top-right corner of C700...

Weird, instrument always sounds flat, with any vibrato values. #w{x(}

Also, ADSR and Echo just doesn't sound right too! #w{:s}

Here, I recorded the instrument (all values from SPC, except Echo settings and Vibrato (which doesn't work) ) :

- Sound is... Eh... Too "long" ?
- Sound is flat :C

Did you try changing the C700 VST port to the same port your MIDI controller (MIDI Out or BRSO) is using? That might be why C700 isn't listening to your vibrato knob. In FL, you'd do that by clicking on the "2" gear icon shown in this pic, in the C700 window: Then you'd go to the Settings tab and change the MIDI Input Port to 0.

Regarding ADSR, make sure that you have "Sustain Mode" unchecked if you're using the values directly given in SPC700 Player. For echo, turn the main volume level (very bottom-left of C700) to 127 for both left/right speakers. This will make the entire VST much louder, but it will also affect the echo to use the volume levels which most SNES games use (which is also displayed as "MasterLv" in hex within SPC700 Player, on the same page where all the echo information is)
Originally posted by Ultima
But isnt it possible to find some way to get songs made in C700 into SMW? I mean, if we are focusing in just one game, then I am pretty sure its possible. Plus, SMW hacking as a whole has advanced a lot, so...

You could record your SPC directly with C700 and then find some way to inject that SPC's code into the game's music code.... but more realistically (both in terms of programming and musically), you'd be better off exporting your MIDI data and .brrs, then manually re-creating everything in MML syntax. (However, PetiteMM lets you convert all the notes/panning/volume changes from a .mid into a .mml/.txt, doing about 70% or so of the work for you depending how many effects you have in your song)

Once you make that .mml/.txt, you can build an actual .spc or inject the song into SMW using AddMusicK, and there's a whole section on this forum dedicated to helping with the porting process in case you run into any issues trying to do this.

Originally posted by G-Boy
How do you add a vibrato effect to the instrument in C700? I'm trying to emulate the oboe in the third part of Omen (the opening theme) from Final Fantasy VI.

I added an FLP in my first post to demonstrate this! Using BRSO Articulate, I set one of my command parameters to control MIDI CC #1 (Mod Wheel) and kept it consistent by enabling/disabling it using automation clips (Check out a YouTube tutorial on automation clips if you haven't used them before).

Make sure that every time you make a new BRSO Articulate, that you turn the Dynamics slider all the way down. I'm not sure why, but by default, Dynamics are mapped to MIDI CC #1 too, and causes wonky vibrato on your instruments until you turn it down/replace it.

Originally posted by Dragodog25
I need help ......... how do I use the c700 VST plugin with openMPT? I tried to add c700.dll as a plugin and I get two error messages:

"Failed to launch plugin bridge"

"At least one selected file was not a valid VST plugin"

I think that may be because you're trying to run the 64-bit version of C700 in the 32-bit version of OpenMPT, or vice versa. Are you using matching versions? That might be the problem!

I hope that helps everyone!
Stellar work. I hope you'll create more original SNES music, because your compositional work is very good. Have you tried writing for specific game scenarios? I'd love to see what you can do with that!

That said, I enjoyed your attention to sound design too, particularly noticing your separation of the string notes on the first 2 channels of orchestral.spc and your use of FamiTracker synths for your 8-bit sound design on SNES.
There's many ways this can be accomplished, but here's a method that relies entirely on free software. By the way, Steps 5-9 work for basically any .wav sample you want to make an instrument out of.

1) Find a song in .vgm/.vgz format on and dump it using vgm2opm or vgm2pre (the original sites are down: you have to hunt down mirrors of these software)

2) Download and install OpenMPT

3) If you dumped a .opm from your .vgm/.vgz, get the VOPM VST and hook it up to OpenMPT.
3b) If you have .eif/.y12/.tfi/.tyi/.vgi, additionally download Deflemask Tracker (You still need OpenMPT for later)

4) Whether you used OpenMPT or Deflemask, open your preset you dumped from the .vgm/.vgz with VOPM (if OpenMPT) or the Genesis instrument editor (if Deflemask) and play a fairly long note with the instrument, then export it as a .wav

5) Go to OpenMPT's Samples Tab and create a new Sample, then Drag/Drop (or open) the .wav into the Samples tab interface.

6) Loop the sample, and try to make it as short as reasonably possible, keeping in mind that SPCs have a joint max of 64kb to store all music data including samples.

7) Save the sample from OpenMPT as a .wav

8) Hook up C700 to OpenMPT, then drag/drop your new looped .wav sample over C700.

9) Finally, in C700, export your sample as a .brr, and you should be good to go
Originally posted by Jimmy
I have to agree with Sinc-X here. The problem with picture themes is that they are way too subjective. Kinda disappointed that most of the people who voted didn't really take that into consideration, especially considering Nameless said that that the participants could interpret the images however they want. I think they should've given him the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, quality should be the most important factor in these types of competitions anyway.

I agree with what Sinc-X has said, in that the the creator should have had some say on how they interpreted the picture, or at least that it should be clear what the people should be listening for. However, I do not believe the contest(s) should be judged based entirely on technical skill, although demonstrating technical skill can certainly help in many cases.

Music is subjective: There are some aspects that are clearly outlined and can be analytically debated, but there are also certain aspects that are entirely subjective, such as a song having spirit, or if it "sounds good/interesting."

I think it's a very gray area that can be helped with more clear voting and participation instructions, but to reduce the contest entirely to something that becomes a matter of showing off technical skill feels... well, I think it would remove a lot of the creative aspect that goes into song writing. Surely, it will be easier to vote, but I think it will also make the contest seem a lot more dull somehow.
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