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hi all,

i have inserted 2 custom backgrounds so far, but when i put the 2nd background in, it overwrites the 1st background. i load them on seprate pages and try to insert it in the background, but it keeps on going back to the page with the other background. i right click and it doesnt paste in background editor. it keeps saying Tile xxxx is not within the current BG map16 page.

what am i doing wrong?
ok i get that part, but i went to the background editor screen after i pasted my custom graphics in the 16x16 tile map editor, but it keeps on forcing me back to a page with other graphics in the rom. (on page 10 or 11) if i paste over these graphics with my custom graphics many of the other levels' graphics look really messed up.

how can i make it so that i can use the other pages in the 16x16 tile map editor window for custom background graphics without erasing the other graphics in the game?

please help.
how can i change the mario/luigi pallette? whether it be custom pallette or the firepower/mario/luigi pallette? i click custom pallette or mario/luigi/firepower pallette in the pallette window in lunar magic, but nothing happens in-game.
1. I have applied the SMB3/Side Scrolling pipes patch to a clean rom... everything works properly. what can i do to addmusic to it? i have put all the songs in addmusic but everything is all glitched out. any ideas?

2. How can i change what it says at the first screen where it usually says "Nintendo Presents"?

3. How do i change the first cut scene's level design? (with the message that says "Welcome to dinosaur island.....")

thanks in advance. =)
"2. The Nintendo Presents graphic is right at the top of the AllGFX file, it's hard to miss. Be sure to import a palette first, and then just draw whatever you want in the space."

top of the AllGFX file... i'm sorry, but how to i access that file/change what it says? (i'm still learning the basics)
i have some custom music songs i would like insert in my ROM... i insert them via addmusic in a clean rom. the songs work fine. when i apply the SMB3/SSP patch, the rom is playable, however if i bypassed the music in any level to a song i have inserted through addmusic, the game freezes upon opening the level. i have tried it the other way around... for example i patch a clean rom with the said patch, and then i use addmusic to insert the songs. now the rom wont even open and says bad rom.

i have tried to use the SMB3 music patch with the SMB3/SSP patch, and it works fine. so i was wondering if someone could create a patch for me that has the custom music i would like.

thanks =)
i used the smb3/ssp patch, and when i go in the pipes, i come out behind the graphics. (exactly what happens when you hold down on the white platform in SMB3. anyone know how to fix this?)
smile coin? you mean the yoshi coin?

I have inserted the SMB3/Side Scrolling pipes patch to my rom. i was wondering how i could get the custom music i would like in my rom. i have used addmusic after inserting the patch, and the rom gets broken. and if i put the music in first, and the patch second, everything is fine until i go in a level with the custom music. the game just freezes...

Please help me.

thanks in advance =)
all i want to do is have my custom music with this patch.

i insert the custom music and everything sounds ok. i apply the patch, and now when i go in a level with a custom song selected, the game freezes.

however, i can apply the SMB3/SSP patch with the SMB3 music patch, and everything works.

why cant i get my custom music to play?
I have an idea... how about you stop complaining and make "a good hack" instead of relying on others to make one. there are a lot of fun hacks out there. is yours considered to be one? oh wait, you don't even have one. +_+
disregard my last post =X
hmm i tried something just now.

i init'ed a clean rom, then i applied the SMB3/SSP patch.

everything works fine...

then i added the level music and everything is fine up until the title screen. i hear the title screen music, but the screen stays black... i can hear the music though. i can't press any buttons or anything cause they dont work.

any ideas?
Originally posted by Issac
How about you don't use the patch like I suggested about 5 times. Just transfer all of the ExGFX and Map16 and install the pipes manually to an INITed ROM. I don't know how much clearer I can make it... Big patches like that just won't work with custom music!

i would do that, but how do i get the map16's for every exgfx? i can get the bin files (exgfx) easily by extracting them from the rom after i patch it, but i need the map16's.

btw, didn't mean to piss you off man, i just wanted to make sure it was impossible. this was always an option, but it was the one i would choose last, as it requires the most work/time.

Edit: By the way its spent Isaac. =P

(Isaac > Felix) =)
Originally posted by Issac
Oh wow, I never noticed I spelt it wrong XD

mai spelyng ez nomalle batr dn dat

To get the Map16 from one ROM to another, open the 16x16 editor, and press F2. This saves the current page to a file. Open the new ROM and press F3 (make sure the file is where the ROM is). This will load the Map16 back in. Press F9 to save. This might be a bit tedious, but I think this is the only way that also preserves the gameplay settings.

do i have to do this for every level to get all the graphics/backgrounds?

Edit: ok, i have extracted the exgfx from the patched rom, and i inserted them to a clean rom that is unchanged except for the music. (i added custom music)

everything is glitched, even mario. what did i do wrong? is it because of the map16? if so, which ones do i take to make the gfx look ok?


all right then. i guess i will settle with the SMB3 music.

although why does the SMB3 music patch work when i patch the rom with the SMB3/SSP patch, and other music patches dont?
i know. the thing is i have to insert all the graphics and the other stuff that is in the patch in a clean rom manually, which i am not so good at. i get confused which map16 to use and which exgfx to use.

there isn't a tool or anything to transfer the graphics from one rom to another is there?
how can i change the overworld pallette? i press page up and page down but the colors change on the right side of the map. how can i get them on the left side? (the play able side)
i did that, but how do i get the color i chose to be on the map? it keeps coming up as the original color.
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