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ok, the color looks fine on the overworld in LM, but in game it looks different. how come?
how do i know what it will look like in game on LM? it always looks different +_+
how do i do it?
your rom is too small i think. use lunar expand.

or you fryed the rom by init'ing it more than once or doing something else wrong.
What the hell happened? in lunar magic everything looks fine, but in-game i see these glitched spots in a couple of areas. how can i fix this?

lol? what the hell? 4096 MB? you sure? or do you mean KB?
i don't think its an event problem... i deleted all the events and its still there.
so if someone plays my hack with the same version of zsnes as i am playing then it will still look like that?
hmm... how come it doesn't happen on other rom hacks though?
yeah it will say bad rom the first time you open it after the insert. (i think so at least)
umm... i just copied the hack that had the messed up overworld and i deleted the files and started a new game. it wasn't there this time. lol?
i want to change mario's overworld starting position. i know its possible, but how? its probally complicated. +_+
just save the overworld from another rom to your rom.
lol... the result of a failed addmusic attempt.
Originally posted by Yowzer
Originally posted by name128512
Do it on a blank page so you don't screw up any other tilesets. ._.

Duh, I'm not stupid >>

i did that once. does that mean i'm stupid? +_+ live and learn.
LOL! wow that was easy. +_+

thanks guys
These pictures will explain what i mean...

how can i prevent this? there is not that many sprites on screen at all...
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Click on "Change properties in Sprite header" (Lakitu button) and change the option in the first menu to 0E. That should work.

ok... should i do that for all the levels?
see my thread.
its probally best to transfer all your levels and everything else to a clean rom.
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