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Originally posted by CheatCat
There is something wrong whith my game. If I choose two player, Luigi only is a recolored Mario... :s I have not do something with the rom.

But Luigi and all the jump and run settings is stored in the rom. Can I only change some value to change Mario to Luigi and lock it?

make your own thread instead of stealing mine please. =P
i have inserted a few songs through addmusic. (20-26)

after inserting 27, it says data too large insert failed.

or something like that. i only inserted 8 songs...?
whats the max amount (kb?) that can be inserted into a rom? i have inserted 7 songs and it says something like data too large insert failed. +_+
oh really? dude thanks a lot!

i thought there was a limit to how many bytes i can put in the rom and that i reached it in 7 songs. +_+

is there a limit to bytes i can put in a rom?
1./2. read the readme file. should be in the same folder as wherever you saved the ips patch to.

3. Not sure what your asking? like you mean go from small mario to fireball mario with something besides a fireflower? or disable super mario?

couldn't he use sprite tool for that?
^yes i know. =P
is it possible to make a larger overworld map? or possible to make another sub map?
the graphics file is larger than it should be. this may cause glitches during gameplay.

how can i prevent it?

Edit: (Sprite GFX)
thanks to D4rk_M4rio i got it to work, but there is a problem.

the overworld is really messed up. (the right side only, not the playable side)

so the thing is, as soon i change one little thing on the overworld map, i dont hear the songs in game. lol?

(i patched the rom, then init, then addmusic. i can change the levels and everything, and that works fine. just the overworld map i cant change. =(

Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
This might also help. To expand space for music, delete the music files you don't need, BUT BE SURE YOU PUT THEM BACK!

yeah i got it. thanks tho.
like is it possible to use song 40+ (level music)
no just the patch plus addmusic. but why is the overworld messed?
if you wanna be unique, try to make an automatic level without the level being slippery. that will be a first. +_+
In 10 years i will be dead. not sure about smw hacking, because i will be in the ground. =P
Yeah man i was lookin for one. Golden Sun ftw. =)
Originally posted by SMGamer
It's more of a generation thing. Think of it this way, most of us hackers here would move on with life. This can be in variety of ways, getting bored of SMW Hacking or whatever it may be. There will always be another generation after. So it really dependes if SMW Hacking is appealing to younger generations.

Good point. i think its safe to safe it will die, because SMW was on SNES. and the younger generation all have xbox's/PS3's/Wii's.

I was wondering if it was possible to access anything from the other games in the rom, besides stuff from smw.

wrong thread? sorry if it is
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