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"Remember that you can't upload patches made for smas without some people getting angry at you."

hmm what do you mean?
yeah i am using a smw rom. i was just wondering about a smas rom.

Mario's on shrooms. =P
Looks amazing boing. Really does.
i can add in custom sprites? i downloaded sprite tool and i want to insert some custom sprites in my hack. so my question is do i need to learn asm before i can do so?

thanks in advance. =)
oh i see. but ASM is used for other things other than creating custom sprites, right?
very well done. looks great so far. =)
ok i have inserted the hammer bros and boomerang bro's. at first they looked glitchy in-game but then i used the sprite ExGFX to make them look normal, and they do. however, i knew what exgfx to use for them because in the tilemaps folder that came with sprite tool. but for the other sprites, how do i know which ones use which exgfx?
i think you have too many bytes in that "section"
Uh... where can i learn about it/is there a tutorial for it?

sorry for the lame question... just wanna know. =P
lols thanks.
this is kinda pointless, but i'm just curious...

in the original game the green baby yoshi was never in any level, there were only colored baby yoshi's.

so i guess my question is was the green baby yoshi never in the original game or was it just never used?

lol +_+
hi... i want to put in ExGFX both foreground and background.

i inserted the foreground and it looks correct. then i insert the background and it looks off. i am pretty sure its the palette. so i guess my question is cause i change the background palette without changing the foreground's? kinda sad i dont know this, but i dont.

sorry if this belongs in noob hacking. =P
oh really? eh damn it.
1. i have inserted the hammer bro sprite into my hack. but in game as he throws the hammers, some hammers show up, and other disappear. (most disappear) how can this be fixed?

2. How can i edit boss battles? (it says boss battle cannot render in lunar magic.)

thanks a bunch
change the level header? how and to what?
i have downloaded the ExGFX Yoshi's Island Passage.


i try to insert it in the game, but it says no map16page or something. (i pressed F3 to load)

but the download gave me Map16FG and Map16FGG. i pressed F6 to load it, but everything becomes all glitched out...

what am i doing wrong?
thanks =)
yeah i am bypassing the gfx. but i dont even see the graphics in the map 16 page. all i see is a turn block at the top left corner. eh what the hell?
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