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Go play mario intrigue. that will win for sure. =P
use YY-CHR in the tools section.
this guy deserves a medal. =P

nice find man!
i am trying to link my 2 pipes together... both of them are on the overworld. i tried to find the destination in the drop down menu, but it wasnt there?
I'm not sure if this has been discovered before or not, so sorry if it has.

but if you use the last event (event 77) and put a key in the level that activates event 77, then use the key the game will freeze and look crazily glitches.

i hope i didnt damage my rom or anything. lol
lol yeah i figured that.

just thought i would tell others if they didn't already know that.
There is a document in the documents all about editing the overworld map. look there. =)
i put it in my hack, but in game its an open door? how can i make it look locked, until an event unlocks it?

i cant find a locked door in the overworld 16x16 tile selector.

(i read the document about overworld editing but i didnt understand this part)

Just rename the rom then. call it something like SMW. then just put in smw.smc in addmusic.
i used to think there was a secret level in the bottom left part of vanilla dome. lol dont know why.

i can see where you all think there can/should be a secret level in the original game.

perhaps the creators wanted to taunt us. =P
looks nice dude. good idea! =)
You can lock your hack which prevents everyone (even you) from opening it in lunar magic.

of course there are ways to unlock it as well.
i was wondering if i could have more than 1 custom sprite in a level. but the ExGFX will make a custom sprite look correct, but what about the other custom sprites? how can i get both of them to look correct?
how do i make them the same SP gfx number?
yeah man its a pain to find out the correct path and what not.

like water paths... so limited +_+
Hopefully someone can help me...

I have downloaded 2 ExGFX files. One for the background and one for the foreground. Both use custom palettes.

i know you can only use 1 custom palette per level, but after inserting the background's custom palette, the foreground looks terrible.

i tried to edit the foreground palette, but when i do the background palette changes with it.

how can i make both the foreground and the background look correct?

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