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k thanks sind!
Change mario to yoshi eh? what would yoshi ride? mario? lols. =P
Originally posted by Bowser's Level Designer
You need to do some ASM code hacking and patch-downloading before you can insert sprites into the game not originally in SMW. If I'm just stating the obvious and you've already done this, I don't know much about custom sprites, so I'm not of much help.

BTW: Remake levels are generally discouraged, but if you want to make it badly, go ahead.

actually he just needs to learn how to use sprite tool.
hi. i am trying to add the wall jump block in blocktool.

after i inserted the block to blocktool, i press save to save it in the rom. But blocktool just freezes, and eventually i have to end task.

this happens every time.

oh ok thanks. =)
I would like to know how i can create my own graphics for my custom blocks i added in my game. i know i can alter existing map 16 tiles and whatnot, but how can i make my own, or further change pre-existing blocks besides editing the palette to 1-7?

I am up for any challenge or anything you guys have. I am also an Lp'er of rom hacks. let me know!
I would like to know if its possible to make my custom block appear after the red or purple switch palace appears. (if the switch is not pressed, then the player would walk through the block)

Any way to do this?
you can go to smw hack discussion for questions like these.
alright thanks!
Say i inserted exgfx in my hack and i used it as gfx for my block. now how can i make that block look like the way i have it the first level?

So basically all i want to do is use that block gfx in all the levels, but i still wanna use other exgfx at the same time.
hmm... good idea. although how can i edit it? i am pretty sure its yy-chr but how do i find the tile i am looking for?

(i open the allgfx in yy-chr right?)
Looks really nice! Keep it up. =)
Your overworld looks amazing! =)
How about i edit the invisible mushroom things. (1-4)

their purpose is when you touch them all you get a life from the star box.
couldn't you change the offsets using lemetal?
did you check the ExGFX page on the right?
i always encounter that problem in vertical levels after going past a certain screen number.
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