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i was wondering how i can use this sprite in a regular level. (i believe its a sprite)

if you dont know what i am refering to, its the thunder/lighting effect when you fight bowser in the original game.


Well first off, if you look in the original, mostly the only spots that magic koopa is placed is on flat terrain. (i think)

I am not sure why he changes anything to an enemy.

i thought it was only turn blocks. o_O
open the allgfx.bin
Wasn't there a patch to make it so more sprites can be on screen at once without lag/disappearing? (or have 2 big boos or any other large sprite on one screen)

i couldnt find it in the patches section. o_O
Not sure if this has been asked before, but i have a few questions about the Kuribo shoe.

When on the shoe, does mario's movement behave differently? (can he run or just hop around?)

Also is there a way to dismount the shoe? (like dismounting yoshi = A button)

It would be quite useful if Mario could jump out of the shoe. i'm not sure how hard that would be to make.

you can only import one custom palette per level.
wow this is going to be awesome when it gets finished!

Great job smkdan!
its in the patch section now? i dont see it? lol what is it called?

thanks a lot =)
i would like to know how i can make my own 16x16 tile by using 8x8 tiles.

i know how to put the 8x8 tile in the 16x16 window, but the palette is messed up.

when i cycle through the palettes in the 8x8 window, and i see one i like, how can i use that palette to be put in my 16x16 window?

^ahh ok thanks!
Maybe you can change the palette in Lunar Magic to change the color of the reznor. However, then other things may be affected if you change the palette.
Very interesting volcano indeed. i can't say i have seen that before. really nice job. =)
dude nice job! looks really awesome.

i would like for you to upload the exgfx. it will be very popular. =)
Looks really good dude! keep it up
I seen this sprite in a few hacks i was wondering if this sprite was ever released? i couldnt find it in the custom sprite section.

Oh really? I will ask him.


I am trying to learn about yy-chr and custom gfx and stuff like that.

I want to replace mario with these luigi graphics


However, before i tried doing that, i tried to make a simple change to the allgfx.bin in yy-chr and when i clicked save, it didnt save. (i clicked the floppy disk)

i re-inserted the gfx by clicking the mushroom in lunar magic to see if it saved, but it didn't.

How can i get it to save?

Also, how do i know what color will be what in yy-chr. all the colors are messed up, even when i load a save state into yy-chr. so basically, if i draw my own gfx or modify others, how do know what color it will turn out in game?

thanks a lot! =)
ok that helped. thanks dude! =)
i havent touched this hack in months because i quit it and started a new hack. i deleted my unlocked version by accident.

i tried to use RLM but i get an error and it says-

Error: This SNES rom is not protected.

or something like that... any idea what i did wrong?

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