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thats what i did. but i get that error. o_O
you may want to post this in the advanced hacking section cause it requires asm i think.
Yeah it is locked and yes everything is in the same folder. o_O

it still says error- snes rom is not protected. o_O

btw, i forgot to mention after i do this, it creates a smc file but it is 0 kb and when i try to open it in lunar magic it tells me that the rom does not have a 0x200 byte header.

lol why is this so difficult? =(
So what am i doing wrong? lol
Yes my lunar magic is up to date. Even if it wasn't i don't think it would make a difference.
Doom, do you think you will upload the desert tileset/exgfx? Sorry if this has been asked before. =P
I had a similar problem a while ago. I patched my hack with the SMB3 + side-scrolling pipes patch and i tried to use addmusic but i think they are just incompatible. not sure why.
i tried to download these files but they are corrupt and wouldnt even let me download them.




How can i get them to work? o_O
I'm curious... what would happen if you edit level 104 and then beat the game. (as most of you know level 104 is used when beating the game)

for example edit out the floor in level 104 then beat the game. would it crash or would mario, peach, and the yoshi's just walk on nothing? my guess is they would walk on nothing cause it deals with asm.

Am i correct? lol

(i am too lazy to try it out myself) =P
Thats pretty neat. i thought something like that would happen.

Thanks for the feedback guys. =)
But people still download them so how come it works for them and not me? =P
It wont let me download it in the first place.
Kaizo is easy. There are much more harder rom hacks out there. =)
One of the worst dreams i had occured a few years ago. It went something like this...

I woke up (in the dream) it was dark outside and it was raining. I tried to feel my face, but i couldnt feel anything. i could speak, see, and hear things, but i could not feel my face. So i walked to the bathroom, and turned on the light and looked in the mirror. I had no face. Just eyes, a mouth, and ears. I woke up after that and i was like wtf? -_-

lol so messed up.
My Thanksgiving should be fun. Hope everyone else also has a good time! =)
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