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My first Super Mario World Hack!


Premise: After Mario and Luigi's adventure and Peach's misadventure in Dinosaur Land, Mario neglected to revisit the island. After years of saving Peach, Peach saving Mario and the others, a Bean based kingdom, and many more, Mario returned to Dinosaur discover that it has been occupied by Bowser for YEARS now!

Now Mario and Luigi, with the help of the poor Yoshis, must defeat Bowser and Koopalings once more, to give the island back to it original owners!

Difficulty: Medium

The Reboot of the Hack Starts the screen shots in this post and so on are old



Trigger-Happy Range

Screen Shots:

Level 105: Trigger-Happy Range
Years after Mario went through Yoshi's Island 1, Iggy converted it into a Shooting Range. Mario is also warned about the "dangerous" Yoshi coins hidden throughout the levels. Mario knows how too ground pound now too!

1. Crud. The risks Mario takes to get Yoshi Coins.
2. If Mario hits the P-Switch, the Chargin' Chuck might fall in...are Yoshi coins even worth it now? (Answer: YES)

IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS? Yes! It is a Rex from that "extinct" Koopa Troop division! Rexes now inhabit underground bonus rooms! So look out for them!

Random places in the level.

WAIT!? How did Bowser get his hands on those Bullet Biff shooters from Sarasaland!?

What do these pipes hide...? Why would Bowser block them anyways? *coughYoshiCoinscough*


Level 106: Cryptic Graveyard
Iggy loves his inventions so much, he decided to rampage in Yoshi's Island 2 and turn it into a graveyard for failed and broken invetions!

Iggy warns Mario about the evil gravestones in the first message box...and ends up saying that some of the gravestones will help Mario in the other.

1. Bad move, Mario!
2. Climbable hedgestones are the hedgestones of inventions turned good.
3. Those impassable gravestones are both friend and enemy.
4-5. The two main types of grave stones; ones that go in front of you, and ones that don't.
6-7. The most evil of them all, these gravestones make the empty the ground of its solidness, making whoever is pass by fall to their doom.





| = 10 Percent
- = 5 Percent
. = 2 Percent
' = 1 Percent
> = .5 Percent

~World 1: Iggy's Island~
Level 13A - Tourist Info Center: |||| \40%\
Level 13B - Bowser Monument: |||||||||| \100%\
Level 105 - Trigger-Happy Range: |||||||||| \100%\
Level 106 - Cryptic Graveyard: |||||||||| \100%\
Level 104 - Yoshi's New House: |||||||||| \100%\
Level 103 - Yoshi Quarantine: |||||-> \55.5%\
Level F - Iggy Lake: \0%\
Level 101 - Iggy Manor: ||. \22%\
Level 102 - Iggy's Island: \0%\
Level 14 - Yellow Switch Ruins: ||||| \50%\
Originally posted by Wormer21
What's that yellow thing in the 2nd screenshots? Are those supossed to be pipes or arches? Just asking. Also the forest level has horrible palettes. Changing the BG and the doors/spikes is highly recommended.

1. They're elongated golden arches. The gold was discovered somewhere Vanilla Dome (at least that's what it used to be called) and was made into golden arches to be used at the entrance of the Bowser Monument.

2. The "forest" level is supposed to be a graveyard now. Since the base of the level wash YI 2, I had to use the forest background. The "doors" are gravestones. I don't know how to get custom images into MAP 16, so I used the door graphics and colored it black.

Also, the FG creates an optical illusion.

Although, I'm iffy with the color of the logs.
Originally posted by hotsos120
First...I love the title, it actually made me laugh (sorry if it wasn't supposed to) and the story you have is actually really good. However, your level design could use a little bit of work. "Bowser's Monument", the idea is cool. But those arche's palette scheme is a bit weird. I think, and this is just an idea/opinion/ they'd look more Bower-ish if they were grey or just darker colored. In the actual level I'm not so sure about making the player jump over all those letters...instead you could put the "BOWSER" text in the background and have some actual level design. The graveyard-forest level's palette is NOT horrible like someone said. It just doesn't transition too well. Try the gradient tip...

Easy Gradient; Hold Alt key, then right click the leftmost colour, then click the right most color.
Creates a gradient with the colors inbetween.
You want to make sure the left color is darkest, and right color is lightest(or the other way around, if the graphics are set up that way)
If you don't it will most often look ugly."

Good luck with your hack and welcome to SMW Central :D

1. I'm not easily made mad. Personally, I'm surprised how no one (at least what I've seen) hasn't added the word "Again" and instead use 2, 3, 4 and so on. :O

2. I do agree on the palette of the arches. I kinda makes me dizzy every time I see it blinking like a coin. But, as I've mentioned earlier, the arches are made of gold taken from a Vanilla Dome level, so, hence, a level that has a gold theme. Although, I could use gray instead, and pass them off as silver...or titanium.

3. The bottom two cement blocks have been modified to act as 6B, which is the Yellow Block Outline. I used them here to give off an innuendo about passable cement blocks...

4. More on the Monument, do you know how to flip the Bowser Statue so it would face right also? I have a slight symmetry pet peeve.

5. Doesn't transition well? Could you explain please.


I did the gradient thing, and this what I've currently got:

I'm also trying if a full ghastly purple theme like the BG would work...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm planning to have great fun here!
Originally posted by hotsos120
When I say transition I mean how smoothly each color changes to the next. I guess here could be an exmaple of a good gradient or "Transition"....

Not exactly the best example but hopefully it'll give you an idea

You should make sure that the 2 colors you're trying to make a transition between are not too different. Just keep messing around with it and you'll get it.

Originally posted by Wormer21
Not the best example of a transition but yeah. The purple works horrible with it. It's good to use some kind of dark green or some creepy colours if it's going to be a graveyard.

Will this work?

Oh if you're wondering what happened to the Sprite near the Infoboxes, it was an Anti-Boo, and I didn't want it to bother me will I took a picture.


I have a question, is it possible to have a goal of some sort or a block that does't allow you to finish the level without collecting all Yoshi Coins? Because one of the main themes of the hack is to find all the guarded or secluded Yoshi coins, and it kinda takes out that aspect when the player can finish the game without collecting them.

I don't know if I could use a Yoshi Coin that, if collected all, ends the level. But, if I could think of something, is there anything like that?
You could take a block and make it act as a Muncher using Map 16, although you'll be needing a sliver P-Switch to turn that one into a coin.
Originally posted by hotsos120
That is much better IMO, nice work.

Thanks :D


After almost a week of finding the best Screen recorder out there (my original sucked), and finally found the perfect one: Camtasia Studio. Don't ask how.


Anywho, this is a video of the Yoshi's...Iggy's Island Overworld and Trigger-Happy Range. It has no sound because recording audio made the video choppy. So just play the sounds and music in your head.

I'm also sucking at putting annotations on the video, so here what I was supposed to put:

Yoshi's House = Bowser Monument
Lake on the Hill = Lake Iggy
Yellow Switch Palace = Yellow Switch Ruins
Yoshi's Island 3 = Yoshi Quarantine
Yoshi's Island 4 = Iggy's Island
Iggy's Castle = Iggy Manor


There's a few changes from the screenshots in the first post, like the new Solid Clouds that replaced the ugly cement blocks at the Yoshi Coin "quarantine". The FG palette has also been changed.



Every time I used a P-Switch to get the Yoshi Coin on top of the Cement "house", the coins towards the right inside the "house" disappears after I go inside a pipe. How do you fix that? I have the No Tile Sprite Limit(?) patch used on the level, if that's important.
New screen shots at the first post! I'm revamping all my current levels (practically World 1) because of how suckish it looks compared to others. How's the new Trigger-Happy Range and Cryptic Graveyard looking? I'll posting a new updated video later on.
Has anyone every use that generator?

I have a problem with the Auto-Scroll Stop/Start Generator by lolcats439. I inserted it using Sprite Tool using the hexadecimal no. D0 and half successfully used it.

It's supposed to stop you from scrolling on to the next screen if you haven't defeated the enemies in the current screen. It did half of that.

It did stop me from getting to the next screen, infinitely. Even though I've defeated the birdoes dozens of times, it still doesn't allow me to go on the next screen.

And it also messes the graphics up:

Although, if I enter from the bottom of the screen, it isn't messed up. But if I climb up and even a little bit of the screen is hidden, that gets messed up.

I tried using the level ender instead, but it makes the other two birdoes and the eggs disappear, and even if I could use it, I prefer this generator instead. (Although I'm planning to use the Level Ender somewhere in the future.

Help me please!
Originally posted by Wormer21
What? Falling through blocks? Please, don't do it. It's unfair and annoying. If you really want to do it, give them a slightly different colour and put a message blocks saying about fake blocks.

The walk/fall through block would NOT be used as an annoyance. They are made to allow a shortcut in the level(s). They are hidden in other blocks of cement blocks so the player could just skip a part, much like the hidden elevator blocks hidden throughout in Super Mario Land.

And I will be making a "Tourist Informations" level, to indirectly explain to the "tourist" that they could Ground Pound, that there are certain ledges that you can fall through by pressing down, and now, because I was torn at first, the walk-through cement blocks.
I tried many ways, and here are all the end results:

Made a new screen before the QuaBirdo Battle; Mario on Yoshi comes up in Pipe: The graphics thing in the first post happens; I'm stuck in the first screen completely.

Mario without Yoshi comes up through a Pipe in the new screen: It works (I found out I have to push to the next screen); graphics thing occurs.

Mario with Yoshi arrive doing nothing in the new screen: The graphics get mess up every time I jump or get higher; stuck forever in the screen.

Mario without Yoshi arrives doing nothing in the new screen: The graphics got messed up when I jumped; When I went to the QuaBirdo Battle screen, the graphics don't get messed up anymore every time I get to a higher platform.


So the generator may possibly be incompatible with Yoshi. The GFX get garbled when: Arriving using a Pipe; when jumping or getting to a higher platform in with Yoshi; when jumping or getting on higher platform without any sprites to defeat.

It also isn't automatic when you defeat all enemies on the screen.


Am I supposed to use a certain level mode for this?

And if this generator is broken, is there some kind of replacement that I can use that has a similar function?
I want to use doors on walk-through dirt and the like, but the transparency on the upper left and right of the door GFX makes it ugly. I like the SMW door GFX, so I don't wan't to make the doors square.

My question is:

Is there a way to make the transparency of the doors disappear when put on dirt, water, etc. tiles?

If there is, how could I make it? I also want to use it on dozens of other things that have curve sides.
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
I think it's considering Yoshi an enemy, which is why you can't scroll to the next screen with it in memory...

That makes sense.

Sigh...oh well. I'll have to use something different then. The battle occurs in a level called Yoshi Quarantine, and I can't have the player lose Yoshi after saving him...

Is there a similar sprite/generator that ends the level when all enemies are gone?

Also, is there any "boss" sprites that requires (or at least uses) Yoshi? Because if I'm going to use end the level after defeating Birdos, then I have to be off Yoshi...

Or is it possible for Yoshi to eat the egg without swallowing it and can spit it out to hurt the Birdoes?
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Tiles on the same layer don't overlap, so what you would have to do would be to use YY-CHR to create tiles for a door in front of dirt. Either that, or give up your normal background and place the dirt on layer 2.

Oh thank makes sense now! Thank you very much!
I don't know if this is the right forum or if it's right to create my own thread, but is there an SMB2 Vase BG I could use here? Preferably the SMAS/SMA one. I tried all possible combinations of words in the Graphics section: SMB2, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros 2, MB2, etc.

(You know people should stick with one kind of word usage)

And speaking on the topic, is it possible to edit the Ferris-wheel like platform that Reznor uses to make it look like the SMB2 Ferris wheel Vase platforms?
I've patched my ROM with the Ground Pound patch (the newest), and have discovered something: a lot of in-game sprites die when ground-pounded.

I'm okay with the Chucks being less Gary-Stu, but I have a HUGE problem with these:

Reflecting Fireball
Bowser Statue Fireball
Jumping Bowser Statue
(and probably a lot others to come)

So how do you fix them to not die when ground pounded? I know I could use Tweaker, but I don't know which controls how it dies during a GP.

Also, I do not know how to edit the in-game sprites, as I don't know how to extract them. Do I download the disassamblies or is their a way to change how they act without them?

And on a different note, I want to tweak so sprites to die from a ground pound, without their graphics getting garbled. How is that possible?
Originally posted by Botcrazy
How do I make it so Mario/Luigi ONLY uses the small GFX, and never use the big?

You'll have to replace all the big Mario poses with small ones, although, will be problematic with Cape Mario and Fire Mario.
Are you using the correct ExGFX number?
Originally posted by TheSuperRotom
5. First the clouds. Yes I know they look misplaced, but I needed a way to show it's not all the way underground. Second, you come here to get the Yellow Switch after the Green.

Uhm, if it's underground, it's underground. The only way to show clouds is to go up. There are no clouds underground, AT ALL. Even in a normal level in reality, the only clouds that can be with in reach are fog.

So take out the clouds. Even if the "underground" is above, it's impossible to have clouds inside a cave (and again, unless it's fog, which that isn't)

Originally posted by TheSuperRotom
Here's a alt for those who want a IPS.

We don't choose to have an IPS, we HAVE to have an IPS. Just a little note for future demos and releases.
About Level 1:

It looks great! I like how the Beached Koopas look like! I'm curios about how Super Waff looks like.

The only problems I see are the cement blocks placed so the Koopas and the shells won't fall off; they don't look right on the edges of the FG.
The other one is the Yoshi/Dragon coins. Are they made to look blank in the center or are they unfinished?

Other than that, this looks quite interesting! I really like the vanilla feel of it! And Waff. Although his head reminds me of a porkbun rather than a waffle, I find him an enjoyable looking character.
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