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How about the correct Map 16 page? If you did, then I don't know what else can mess it up other than that are Patches, Level modes, and incorrect ExGFX files (like, did you change any of the ExGFX numbers of the original file?).

Try porting into another clean rom if all else fails.
Originally posted by PowerStrike

Edit: I would also like some comments on these:

1, 2, & 3: The FG and BG are kinda fighting each other. The polka-dots of the first background don't go well with the purple of the hill too.

4: This is just my pet peeve, but the tannish BG makes me think of...stuff. But that's just my humble opinion.

5: I'm not a fan of the purple background. Try using complementary colors of the FG color.

6: I'm liking it. It feels...I don't know...lively?
(Off-topic: The donut bridge on the right side is killing me. Maybe you should lower it so the curved edge won't make the bridge look like it's not intact.)


EDIT: I'm really curious on what people think of these palettes of mine:

Originally posted by PowerStrike
Ok so here are my adjustments..

Now that's looking great now! I really like the new background from the third image.

Originally posted by PowerSrike
I'm sorry, but I don't see anything in the first palette that is good.
Second one looks generic, but good.
Third one I like.
The forth one.. well, it just looks.. odd, can't place my finger on what.

1: Well, the first palette is a graveyard. I was aiming for an ominous feel, hence the purple. I'll try to fix it to make it look better.
2, 3: Thanks!
4: It's the brown spots right? :V

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Giantshyguy: The first palette is abit wierd due to all the black on the logs and doors however the other 3 are quite nice. They dont stray to far away from SMW's orignal colours but at the same time are different. Nice job!

1: Yeah I get a lot of negative comments about the logs and the gravestones/doors. I know there are graveyard graphics in the GFX section, but they don't...feel SMW-ish. Anywho, should I change the logs and hedge stones' palettes, or should I replace them altogether?
2, 3, 4: Thanks! My hack is actually just Dinosaur Land, only the Yoshis have been banished, and Bowser and his kids have destroyed their parts of the land to their liking! So yeah.
@Insignificant: The first one feels it was made for a beautiful forest fortress. And the second one gives me a mossy feel, like a ruined forest fortress. I like them both very much!


Any major improvements?:

New ones:

The above pictures are from a level called Bowser Monument. Now, the statue in the first picture uses palette...6(?), the flashing gold one. The statue is implied to be me made of gold. So statue okay, or is too bright?

And the second picture. The color font is used by the background. Will the message box be passable?

And yeah the third is the Palette itself. And also, which colors control the status bar palette? I need to change it.
Double post:

Bowser Monument is done!

Level 13B: Bowser Monument
Bowser's conceitedness led him to kick out the Yoshis from their house and turn it into a monument in dedication for him! He even had a golden statue up in front!

Now why is there a lone Yoshi coin over there...?

You use a blue P-switch to "break in the gates" just try to find the P-switch.


BM is actually WAY bigger than it looks like. But the other rooms like the aforementioned rooftop are secret places. And it all has to do with Yoshi...

Other Screenshots
Originally posted by Wormer21
Interesting but the status bar palette is off. I'd suggest to fix it. If your BG uses a lot of palettes, never use the second half of palettes 0-1 because they're for the status bar and replacing them with your BG palette (if it's a gradient), the status bar will look weird.

Yeah. I'm trying to find which palettes control the status bar colors. And also, is the Message box font color okay? Because the font is used as the actual color for the background, and white isn't really a great choice of color.

I'll definitely fix it.
One of the most probably looked over point of any game is the grammar. It seems that there's no thread for people who questions for their messages in Info Boxes and ones said by NPCs. So here it is: a thread dedicated to proofreading your Info Boxes and how they look like!


The main point of this thread is to help anyone with grammatical questions. Yes, Google is our best friend, but its easier to actually have your message looked at by people, so we can pinpoint what the problem(s) is/are.

The other points of this thread is to have other people see if you messages looks right. For example, if you have any questions on spacing and centering, you can post a picture here and see if we could tweak it a bit to make it look right. Another are questions about the right place to put an Info Box or NPC; e.g "Should I put the Info Box above the ledge, or next to the vine?"



For Inquiries/People with Questions:
1. As much as possible, post a picture of the message. It will be easier for questions that involve font, font color, alignment, etc.
2. Receive constructive criticism the right way. No "Well I don't like how you said it and I like how it looks" and the such. Constructive criticism is supposed to help you, not to humiliate you.
3. For people who have English only as a second language, please understand that we are here to help you. Don't go away - we don't bite! (I hope)
4. Please refrain from posting 100 trillion grammar questions. Learn from other grammatical mistakes asked by others and apply it in other messages with the same mistake.

For Proofreaders/Editors:
1. No Grammar Nazis. These are people who blatantly say "You're stupid for getting this or that wrong" or something along the lines.
2. Do no answer to a post with "Use Google" or "Learn English". It is rude.
3. Be nice when answering.
4. Please do not bite the people who has a different language from you.
5. If you do not know the answer, then don't post "I don't know the answer". Common sense will tell you the right time to say this.

For Grammarphobes:
1. Refrain from going grammar crazy. Ignore your pet peeves.
2. Refrain from going grammar Nazi. Ignore your pet peeves.

Misc. Rules:
1. This thread will NOT BE A DEBATE THREAD FOR GRAMMAR RULES. I know that there are different types of rules for different types of English for American, Australian, British, Universal etc. English. If a conflict occurs, all of the rules implied will be considered as "all/either are correct".
2. If unsure about a rule, please use a RELIABLE source about that rule. No one wants to believe in a rule taken from Answers or Ask that says "Consonants are the letters /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, and /u/ and sometimes /y/."
3. Questions asking about the right place to put an Info Box or NPC are acceptable.
4. Questions asking about the look of the message are acceptable.
5. If a question is being asked over and over by different people, the mass can vote to put the grammar rule for that mistakes here in the first post.



~The Basics of Grammar~

Sentence Rules:
1. All sentences must start with a capital letter. (A, B, C, D, etc)
2. All sentences must have a punctuation at the end. (., !, ?, etc)
3. All sentences must have a verb in them. (See Verb)


Noun: A name, place, animal, thing, event, emotion, group, idea.
Ex: Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Goomba, Bowser's Castle, Soda Lake, happiness, Independence Day, cake, cookies

~Number of Nouns~
- Singular Nouns: Nouns that are single, or just one.
Ex: Princess Peach, apple, kart, Yoshi.

- Plural Nouns: Nouns that end with s or es that indicate "many" of the noun.
Ex: Princesses, apples, karts, Yoshis.
NOTE: Although, some nouns are spelled differently when plural.
Ex: bacterium = bacteria, mother-in-law = mothers-in-law, sergeant-at-arms = sergeants-at-arms.

~Kinds of Nouns~
- Proper Nouns: Nouns that indicate a specific name are proper nouns. Simpy put, they are words that starts with a capital letter (DON"T CONFUSE WITH THE FIRST WORD OF EACH SENTENCE!)
Ex: Princess Peach, Soda Lake, Shy Guy, Red Robin's, McDonald's, Nintendo, Rose.
NOTE: Some proper nouns can also be a common noun (see below).
Ex: shy guy/shy guys, rose/roses, yoshi/yoshis

- Common Nouns: Nouns that do not indicate a name. Simply put, words that don't specify something. They always start with a small letter!
Ex: princess, enemy, plumber, mushroom, stars, kings.

~More on Kinds of Nouns~

- Concrete Nouns: Nouns that are can be physically touched or seen, or both. Concrete nouns can be either proper or common.
Ex: Super Nintendo, video game, The Sims, apples, peach, Mario.

- Abstract Nouns: Nouns that cannot be seen or touched, or both. Abstract noun can be either proper or common.
Ex: happiness, Christianity, Islam, love, illness, satisfaction.

- Collective Noun: Nouns that names a group of nouns.
Ex: tribe, flock, batch, cluster, pride (of lions), murder (of crows), litter.

~Gender of Nouns~

- Masculine: Male/Man
Ex: brother, son, Mario, Luigi, Toad, boy, groom.

- Feminine: Female/Woman
Ex: sister, daughter, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toadette, girl, bride.

- Neuter: Without sex/gender.
Ex: mushroom, Empire States Building, Space Needle (GO SEATTLE), basketball, ? Blocks, Yellow Switch Palace.

- Indefinite: Undefined/unspecified sex/gender; male or female.
Ex: lawyer, doctor, royalty, ducklings, siblings.


Pronoun: A word used to replace a noun.
Ex: he, she, them, they, it.

~Number of Pronouns~

- Singular Pronouns: Pronouns that are single, or just one.
Ex: I, he, she, it, you.

- Plural Pronouns: Pronouns that are many.
Ex: We, they, them, you.
NOTE: "You" is both singular and plural!


Verb: A verb is a word that shows action. Ex: pressing, go, jumping, pounding, kiss, fluttered.
- Singular Verbs: Verbs that indicate one action done by one noun. Ex: Mario always saves Princess Peach from danger.
- Plural Verbs: Verbs that indicate many actions done by two or more noun. Ex: Mario and Luigi always save Princess Peach from dangers.

~Common Grammar Mistakes~

- "A" is used before a noun that starts with a consonant sound.
Right: A Yoshi (yo-shee) can walk on Munchers.
Wrong: It is a honor (o-nor) to have your hand, Princess Peach.

- "An" is used before a noun that starts with a vowel sound.
Right: You are an honest (o-nest) man, man with the mustache.
Wrong: You are an liar (lai-ar), man with the mustache.

~Common Misspelled/Confused Words~
(n) - poun
(pro) - pronoun
(pos-pro) - possessive pronoun
(v) - verb
(adj) - adjective
(adv) - adverb
(prep) - preposition
(int) - interjection
(con) - conjunction
(cont) - contraction

definitely (adv): In a definite matter.
defiantly (adj): in a defiant/rebellious nature.

here (adv): in this place
hear (v): to perceive by ear

its (pos-pro): possessive form of it.
it's (contraction): it is.

then (adv): at that time.
than (con): in comparison to.

there (adv): in or at that place
their (pos-pro): possessive form of them
they're (cont): they are

to (prep): in direction in/from.
too (adv): excessive
: in addition; also
two (n): a cardinal number (-1, -2, -3, O, 1, 2, 3...)

your (pos-pro): possessive form of you.
you're (cont): you are

specifically (adj): of a special or particular kind
specially (adj): of a special or unique kind

bite (v): normal tense of bite
biting (v): present tense of bite
bit (v): past tense of bite
will/shall bite (v): future tense of bite

put (v): normal tense of put
putting (v): present tense of put
put (v): past tense of put
will/shall (v): future tense of put


Now, welcome to the Grammar Thread! Ask grammar questions! We don't bite!
Note block mazes. No...just no. Please if you really want to use a note block maze, DON'T USE IT IN WATER LEVELS. PLEASE.
Originally posted by camoslash
Alright so I am making a Water/ Islands Castle for FP's Collab Hack. I wanted to know, is there a sprite in which it will skid across the top of the water? Like how water spiders do?

That jumping Cheep-cheep(?) that's in-game. It's the one that jumps towards Mario and takes a big leap a few times. Will that work?
Originally posted by ShadowFire
get this:

an unbeatable level.

worst idea ever

Oh god. Level 0. Please no level 0s! No level zeros with note block mazes and auto-scroll!
Originally posted by EvilGuy0613
Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
Note block mazes. No...just no. Please if you really want to use a note block maze, DON'T USE IT IN WATER LEVELS. PLEASE.

Personally I think any type of maze that spams a single block is a bad idea. (Especially Cement blocks)

I don't really have a problem with mazes; personally, I think they're fun. But if they do the maze to annoy you (and by that, I mean chalkboard screech annoy you), I'm not up for it. So no note block, muncher, or annoyingly confusing note block mazes please.
Originally posted by ShadowFire
Actually a clever idea, imo

I will be sure to check on this thread every once in a while.:D

Oh thank god. Most of my thread like these in other forums have been attacked like it was the most hated man in the world.
Originally posted by Wormer21
Cement block mazes are tedious. Note block mazes are annoying. I think they're more frustrating in normal levels than in water levels (in water you can swim and it's easier to get past some gaps and to swim between the blocks).

From what I saw in some hacks, I hate boring and annoying puzzles. I don't like item-babysitting because you must rund 10 times over the whole level to get the exit (a great example is P-switch Peak in SMWCP where you need to run 10 times through the level to grab another P-switch). Also I hate when they're confusing and complicated (like in the VIP series, there are some long and complicated puzzles).

Sigh. That's the down sides of puzzles - do the puzzle wrong, it might be hated by everybody. Make it too long, it'll get annoying. Make it humanely impossible, then your hack (or even video and flash games in general) will be trashed.


Just thought up of another big level no-no: Unknown enemies. By that I mean fighting different kinds of enemies that are glitched, so you don't have a clue on what they are.
^ Are the squiggly things suppose to be vines? If so, you should fiz it also. It kind looks like it's not attached to the ceiling.
Well, generally, for any game, bigger dots, rectangles, squares etc. mean that the level/city/shop or whatever is bigger than the other ones.
I added a few more rules and other things to the first post!
YAY! We have a Super Waff now! I love! I get what you were trying to do with Super Waff just wearing overalls, but it looks like its uncomfortable because of it. Other than that, ITHE's awesome!
Originally posted by imamelia
Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
2. All sentences must a punctuation at the end.
3. All sentences must have a verb in it.

The irony is amazing.

Also, I think you mean "punctuation" or "a punctuation mark", not "a punctuation", and "All sentences must have verbs in them". And you listed "happy" as a noun; don't you mean "happiness"? "Noun" is also typoed as "poun", and you mixed up the verbs in your example sentences.

..What? You never said anything about not nitpicking the grammar of the original post....

Anyway, you also might want to consider including a section about adjectives, explaining the difference between subject and object pronouns, and having some examples of the different forms of verbs (I noticed that all the ones in your example list were present participles). This is a big one, in fact; a lot of non-native English speakers have trouble with the various verb forms in English, mainly because many of them are periphrastic and/or correspond to forms not common in other languages (e.g. the progressive forms). Also, the "commonly confused words" section should definitely include "your/you're", "its/it's", and "to/too/two".

Anyway, all that aside, I think this is a pretty good idea. My main worry is that newbie foreign hackers might not think to look for this thread, though. Perhaps it could be linked in the FAQ or the international hacking subforum.

Parents don't like waiting for their kids to stop what they're doing so they could eat lunch.

Okay. I'll be fixing whatever. So, you're suggesting to add sections about Action, Linking, Helping, Points of View, and Tenses? ;.;

I was torn if I should add adjectives and adverbs, since for many these two are confusing.

Also, your correction for number two is half incorrect. A sentence can stand on its own with only just one verb. But, other than that, I agree.
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Definitely and improvement on that forest level palette. I find the colours trippy which is a really good thing! Nice work.


Originally posted by Mario's Hat
The golden monument looks strange... I suggest removing pallete animation, and use a custom ExAnimation in most (if not all) colors to make it look nicer. The inside-bowser thing looks like it use the original pallete, so not commenting on it. The Blue Hills BG looks nice. At the graveyard one, I suggest that you change the sprite palletes to something more fitting to the other ones.

1. I don't know how to take out the pallete animation and how to use ExAnimation, albeit, make a custom one. How do you do it?

2. Those aren't blue hills, they're grayish and grandma's appleish. Thanks though!

3. Here are the new Boo and Eerie and palletes:

Some screen shots I forgot to add:

The monument itself.

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