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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.Not logged in.
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I'm going to be the awesomest awesome character in the Mario series: Shy Guy. I'm not going trick-or-treating though. Heck, I never done it. The costume's for a party.
Originally posted by Uhrix
@ Giant_Shyguy: The FG, BG and SP palette really click there, but the objects and the brown blocks kinda clash with black outlines. try to make give them the same eerie palettes as rest of the level.

Well, I'll try to make them a little purple, since the normal colored coins have a big role in the level (they make life SO much easier for people who will play the level), and the Yoshi Coins also play a big role throughout the whole hack, and I want them to have a distinctive color so people could "easily" find or get them.

But I will change the spring board palette. Thanks for the compliments!
Every time I patch my rom or a clean rom, the rom gets messed up. Several things have already happened to me:

1. Sprites pass through Mario, but Mario could still hit blocks and get coins.
2. Layer Priority happens with all of the things that Mario passes by.
3. Rom crashes.
4. Bad Rom.
5. Something about cheksum(?)

How do I fix this? I really want to use the Piranha plant (as I would have a Piranha plant themed level) and I don't want a red stem or a fish stem.
So I've found out that a lot of things in SMW weren't used, and the ones in the title are some of them

My questions are:

1. How do you change the number of lives the Golden 1-Up Mushroom gives? I also want both the flying version, and a stationary one. How do that?

2. I've seen a lot people using stationary Red Coins. How do you make them?

3. There's also that ? Block that just turns into a Used Block. I'm trying to make an Invisible Used ? Block, and a Blue-POW one. How do you do these?

I don't know any ASM, by the way, if any of these involve ASM knowledge.
Most of our SMW hacks have Over Worlds in it. This thread is dedicated to the most prominent evil of OWs...the dreaded perspective errors! (dnn dnn dnn!!!!)

I'm quite surprised that after years of hackers posting OWs in their threads with perspective errors, no one has ever thought to create a thread to stop this beforehand, so work in progress threads wouldn't be filled with post about perspective errors.

~Main Point of Thread~

For people confused on perspectives. There's a really awesome tutorial by Teo>insert numbers here< found in the third post.

Post a picture of the problem area or map here and anyone here will pitch in to help you.


So come on out and post your Over Worlds! Don't be afraid if you have perspective errors - it's part of the process!
Oooh. Ohkay.

@Maxodex: I probably can't do that. Doesn't doing that kinda breaks the advertising rule?

But, if this thread is pretty uneeded, then it can be closed.
Who would want a game that doesn't have a plot or goal in it?
Every video and flash game out there either has a plot or a goal or both.

Yes. The whole Mario platform series consist of saving someone or something, wether it be Peach, Daisy, or a whole kingdom or universe.

Also, why the heck would Mario (or anyone) do something that's pointless and aimless? SMW has the plot of saving Peach and the Yoshis. Isn't that a story?

And your example of what people can create a story out of Mario is biased and unsupported. That's what imagination is for - to be creative of Mario and his friends.

The point of Mario isn't "Oh another Mario game let's play it for the heck of it." If that is the case, then Mario will be a SAW franchise by now.
I don't have a suggestion, but I have an idea.

Maybe you could use a mythical creature of some sort?
Originally posted by Wormer21
1. Probably be messing with the dissasembly of the golden 1-up (if you mean the winged one).

2. Do you mean coins that give you 3 coins when collected? There are coins like these in the blocks section. Use BTSD to insert them.

3. Probably the easiest way would be to make a tile 25 act like that block but Mario could stand on it even if it's invisible. By ASM you'd probably need to have a second invisible coin block and get rid of the coins in the block.

Sorry that I didn't show you how to do that but I'm not the best with ASM and... I'm a lazy ass if it's going with ASM... :/

1. I don't get dissasemblies. What are they for? Also, is it possible to use the Golden 1-Up sprite for the beta 5-Up sprite?

2. Oh! Thanks!

3. Aww foo. That'll be tedious. But I'll try.

Originally posted by ninja boy
Well as wormer said about the invisible block that would work but you'd still be able to stand on it but why not just use the invisible ?-block that has a single coin in it?

1. I don't want to use the single coined ? block because the level my level already has TOO much coins in it, and I don't want the player to get easy 1-UPs.
Oh wow. I didn't notice that I didn't make the purpose of this thread clear inb the first post.

(I'm taking out the numbers in your UNs so...)

@Wormer: This thread is for anybody - not just for people asking for OWs and Submaps.

@Teo: (OH MY GOSH A, TUTORIAL!) Well, sometimes people get torn if it looks right or not. I mean, I read your tutorial (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT), but somewhere in the future I'll probably guessing if its right or not. This is when this thread comes in. Anyone who has a perspective issue and does not know what to do can post a picture here, and everybody could pitch in to see what the problem is.

@The latest Maxodex post: I don't really know if its advertising when linking to a tutorial, but now that I think of it, it may be not. But, I'll see what other people think.


Super Meme World. Nuff' said.
So, I want to make New Hacker's 5-Up block disappear after it has been taken from a level - just like how the Yoshi Coins disappear after you've got them all from the level.

I mean, I can't have people get easy lives by going back and forth in the level just to grab the 5-Up again and again.
Originally posted by Lui37
Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
- Singular Verbs: Verbs that indicate one action done by one noun. Ex: Mario always save Princess Peach from danger.
- Plural Verbs: Verbs that indicate many actions done by two or more noun. Ex: Mario and Luigi always saves Princess Peach from dangers.

Excuse me, but according to all English books (mine too) it should be like this:

Originally posted by Activating Grammar Digital Edition, page 62
I/You/We/They Play
He/She/It Plays

Mario always saves Princess Peach from danger.
Mario and Luigi always save Princess Peach from dangers.

Anyway, this thread is a really good idea.

Oh shoot. Sigh. How the heck could I miss that?
I don't remember exactly how, but I was watching random NES video games on YouTube. Someway or another, I stumbled over chainfire9001's channel.

The rest is history.
You know what, I can't take this anymore:


I don't know what else to say...I'm speechless - on both your creativity and your ridiculously fast updates.

Definitely keep up the FANTASTIC - not good - FANTASTIC work!
I don't know if this will be the right forum...

I've downloaded the Slogger tool, and I've been trying to use it. But every time I click it, it appears for a millisecond, and disappears.

I've tried dragging the rom file as fast as I could, but even though I "successfully" dragged it, no text files come up.

I also tried using the cmd, but it doesn't work.

I feel stupid.

I thought your were supposed to click the program. Oh wow. Thanks!
^ As much as I would like that...

^ Uhhm...were did Mario come from?
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