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Originally posted by ninja boy
Well you'll need to use object tool to do that and just because the title bugged me a little thats not making a sprite disappear but make a block disappear.

Oh sorry about that!

And...I don't get Object Tool. I don't have any ASM knowledge, is there any other way to make this?
I fixed it. The freespace was incorrect. Thank you!

...and thanks for the link to the custom sprites! They're gonna be really useful to me!

I'm scrapping the POW Used ? Block idea. This will be enough...

although, I know this would be the wrong forum to ask this but...

How do you add the SFX to the block?
The "hit the ceiling/solid object" sound effect?
Oh thank you very much!

Yay! I've can go on with the level now! :D
Torpedo Ted rape. End of story.
Well since people are adding how they got here and other things...

Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
I don't remember exactly how, but I was watching random NES video games on YouTube. Someway or another, I stumbled over chainfire9001's channel.

The rest is history.

Beforehand, because of my fairly young age (I'm currently 14), I did not know that the Super Mario World I was playing (the GBA SMA version), was only a rerelease of the original SNES SMW (heck I didn't even know what an SNES is; I grew up with the Famcom - no - Famcom not the Playstation).

So I was I had 56 levels done when the whole stumbled over chainfire9001's account happened. That was summer of 2010.

Started right away. Back then I already had something in mind: a Dinosaur Land after the years.

The first level I made spawned the first level of my current and first hack, SMW Again: Bowser Land. (The original rom files were deleted; the oldest version I currently have is probably 4.7)

I found out about SMWC when I watched tutorial videos made by chainfire9001. So basically YY-CHR is the reason I discovered this site.

And I joined only a couple of weeks/days ago, basically for sprites.

And I'm pretty grateful I signed up; I was so confident with my original levels that I didn't notice how my levels suck.

What's motivating me now is that...I just like creating a game. Although practically I'm the only one who's excited for my hack, I'm still determined to recreate SMW.

I thank you. Bow. =D
Hey I need help on what graphics I should use to replace default he Forest and Castle FG. Something that is SMW-styled.

I've already replaced the Grassland/Normal and Cave FG, and I want to continue that theme.
Snow Palette:

Sorry if the BG isn't really seen - this is on a hill...mountain...that mountainy hill at Yoshi's Island where the Switch Palace is - and the main level is underground.

Although...does the clouds give a snowy effect?...even though most of the time clouds don't exist in snow?
I fixed the Bowser Monument Status Bar palette - thank God finally!


A little sneak peak on the Yellow Switch Ruins:

Level 14: Yellow Switch Ruins
All the Switch Palaces are still at the same place - but are securely guarded. The Yellow Switch Ruins is an icy level - yes, the climate change in Dinosaur/Bowser Land is frightening!

What the heck is this supposed to mean?

Oh that's why! There's a gate! Ha I'm trespassing!

...and I got shot on the spot...

Random parts of the above ground.

A very incomplete and beta pic of the main idea of the underground. It will consist of ice-themed enemies, slippery platforms, mazes, water pressure, and Air Mushrooms. And lotsa coins...lots of them.
@Iceguy: I don't know how to do that...

...Sigh...I knew this day would come.

AWWW! And I was so amped for a Yes answer to this thread. :/
I can't seen to find any SML 2 sprites here. Are there any that I am missing?
The name Wario Land Cruise sounds like the beta name of a Wario game (I don't know which, but a Wario game was supposed to be called Wario Cruise, but was changed) and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.

I have never heard of the Virtual Boy prior to this (as I am just 14; Although, I grew up with the Famicom), so I don't know what to think of all the redness.

But other than that, it looks pretty great.
Click the yellow Import ? Block in Map 16. When the window pops-up, navigate to a dropdown box that says "Map16 Files (*.map16)" and click it. Click "Raw Map Files (*.bin)".
@GeminiRage: Ooh! Those are one of the ones I've been trying to look for!

@Alcaro: I already found those, and I was looking for SML 2 sprites. But, I FINALLY FOUND THE MARINE POP! I've been looking for this ever since I stumbled over a video on youtube, and the one in the sprites section is a smaller version of it, and I didn't want that.


Maybe I should be specific about this...hmmm. I can't recall their names, but it was this mine-like enemy that is sleeping, but when Mario comes close, it awakens and starts moving up and down. Another one is this eel-like fish that turns into a puffer-fish that looks like a smaller version of the Puffer fish in SMW. And lastly this unbeatable slow moving shark.


Although, any SML 2 sprites would be wonderful!
Originally posted by Pribor
It´s okay. It´s mostly missing tiles of sprites and so...
Also I repaired some issues in overworld of world 1

Is it better now?

The sharp slant and how connect the land to the cavern remind me of this famous optical illusion:

Don't get me wrong here. I am pointing out how it creates the endless optical illusion when you connected the land with the cave entrance.
^ Or he/she can use the conveniently arranged buttons in the new map 16 editor.
Well, I have a question that involves these three enemies (who funnily all starts with a B).


Whenever Yoshi "eats" them, he swallows them. How do I make that stop? I want these sprites to be spat out by Yoshi. Or Spittable. If that's a word.
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