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Actually, I don't always focusing on one hobby in a long period; I may be active when I want to.

So that's why you would see sometimes I submit a lot of stuff to the site, and sometimes I just keeping silence for months.
Using too many sampled global songs is a BAD idea, since global songs are always stay in the ARAM and they will eat that tiny space a lot.

I would recommend you check out some other replacements don't using a lot of custom samples.

OK. Is it possible to remove the echo?

Yes, you can just delete the $EF $xx $yy $zz and $F1 $xx $yy $zz commands.

But, what happens if I remove #default/#optimized(2,3)?

No. Delete them will mess up your in-game sound effects.
Everything has shitty aspects. Understanding what should be accepted by yourself is important.

Two issues:

1. The second #amm is not uppercase. The first #amm is telling AddmusicK to use Addmusic compatiblity mode, and the second #AMM is used to padding sample ID, so these custom samples can start at $20.
2. The echo delay is too long, which make the song uninsertable after solved issue #1. Just comment these 2 lines:
$EF $FF $30 $30;Echo vbits/volume
$F1 $0A $20 $01;Echo delay, feedback, filter
And the song now works properly.
Because the precision of tuning values is not enough in the past. Thus, you can only make your sample sounds mostly non-detuned.
Originally posted by LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan
Because of him now I make 8K 60fps videos

Originally posted by LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan
Including 4K 60fps, which was rare on YouTube

The image quality of a video is a thing, but what really matters is the content. If your video don't contains interesting contents, even 16K 120FPS won't help you.

Some of YouTubers I am following is still making videos at only 1080p30, but they have some good contents make me want to watch.
Shining Beat
New Donk City
Bowser's Last Stand!
smw autumn (here we gouhou)
Wario strikes again! - S Version
Super Mario Land - Chai Kingdom Battle Remix
Power Flower Workout (I think the mixing ruined everything)

(It's really difficult to vote, since none of them are catchy for me.)
For ports have source avaliable, my workaround is adding this between the header and #0:
#0 @0 c1 r1
#1 @0 c1 r1
#2 @0 c1 r1
#3 @0 c1 r1
#4 @0 c1 r1
#5 @0 c1 r1
#6 @0 c1 r1
#7 @0 c1 r1

(You may want to delete some of lines if the port don't use such channels.)

This would add a padding at the very beginning of each channel. Then, you can cut the padding part in your DAW.

Pesronally, I think it would be much better if somebody could start from the "standard" version of N-SPC engine, but change the VCMD start position and a couple of other things to make it compatible with all existing ports.

I really want to try that, but since I am not an ASM expert...
1. Find a star
2. Attach myself to that muncher
3. Try to push it around
4. Wow! I CAN FLY!
Hi everyone!

After a year of inactivity, I decided to port something. Here is what I am done for this C3 so far:

Love Escalator - Shitamachi Mmusume
Nekopong - Tea Time 88 (Light-sampled ver.)
YU-NO - Ayumi
YU-NO - Mitsuki

All of ports have multiple versions, and you can switch between them by editing 1 line of the source file. Checkout that for more details.
Edit: All of them are accepted in the music section now!

Hope you enjoy!
Great job! I really love your ports, especially these Kururin Paradise ones.

That game really needs more attention.
Nice job! I especially love Trauma Center: Under the Knife - Gentle Breeze, which sounds really upbeating and catchy.
Finally, somebody took care of BRR samples from these well-known games.

Thanks for ripping, sorting and uploading these samples!
I am really glad to see somebody finally care about what porter's really need. Can't wait to see it being officially released!
These ports sounds really fantastic! My favourite one is Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Shooting Enemy.
Wow, your modification is really neat and helpful! Finally I can save all of my status property.
Thanks for your replies! I am really glad to see you are interested with my ports.

I think there are a lot of musical treasure from PC-98 platform, but only a handful of them became well-known in the western community. I would like to bring them with my best effort!

Originally posted by idol
i love that you tend to port these chill, cute songs. it's such a vibe.

Yeah, these song fit with my taste. I'd like to port more of them in the future.

Originally posted by bebn legg
My favourite has got to be Tea Time 88, it's so happy and lovely, and it has that tcdw charm to it in its mixing and instrumentation!

Wow, there are people who actually love my porting and mixing style... Thanks for your kind words!

Originally posted by Ultima
pretty nice shit lol; already commented on some of these ports, but the Nekopong port is absolutely baller, and more YU-NO ports are always nice to see haha (really need to port Movement 1/2 and Sudden Change at some point myself... maybe the Another World theme as well)

I am really a big fan of your porting style, which give me a powerful feeling. Can't wait to see your new ports!

Originally posted by Sinc-X
this doesnt deserve to be buried at the bottom of the forum. nice stuff, glad to see more yu-no ports especially

YU-NO is a game with fantastic soundtrack, I think it's worth to put effort on that.
Here is a JavaScript function for ripping BRR sample from a SPC file chunk (can be Buffer from Node.js, Uint8Array or just a regular Array filled with uint8-range numbers).

Works on both Node.js and reasonably-modern broswers.

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