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Ah, spring cleaning, gotta love it.......wait a minute, it isn't spring. o_O
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All "waiting to be moderated" pages show errors at the top.
All hacks, patchs, tools, etc, show the wrong creator. It seems to read from who the new profile number owner is.
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Meh, why not...

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This post has been re-purposed for something else)

TMKTF HQ Magic Shop *Items in grey a currently unavailable.

|Tier 1         |Price|BP|FP|Area|Damage|Effect     
 Ember            70   3  3  All  1SPE   Weak Fire magic.
 Flake            60   2  2  All  .5SPE  Weak Frost magic.
 Jolt             90   4  4  All  2SPE   Weak Elec magic.
 Flash            70   2  3  All  1SPE   Weak Light magic.
 Shade            70   3  2  All  1SPE   Weak Shadow Magic.
|Tier 2         |Price|BP|FP|Area|Damage|Effect     
 Candlelight      90   3  4  All  2SPE   Mediocre Fire magic.
 Chill            70   2  3  All  1SPE   Mediocre Frost magic.
 Logic            120  4  5  All  3SPE   Mediocre Elec magic.
 Glimmer          100  2  4  All  1.5SPE Mediocre Light magic. 
					  Hits two enemies.
 Dusk             100  3  3  All  1.5SPE Mediocre Shadow Magic. 
					  Hits two enemies.
|Tier 3      |Price|BP|FP|Area|Damage|Effect     
 Puff             120  3  5  All  3SPE   Fire magic. 
					  15% burn chance.
 Freeze           90   2  4  All  2SPE   Frost magic. 
					  15% pierce chance.
 Squall           150  4  6  All  4SPE   Elec magic. 
					  15% stun chance.
 Sparkle          130  2  5  All  2SPE   Light magic. 
					  Hits three enemies.
 Gloom            130  3  4  All  2SPE   Shadow Magic. 
					  Hits three enemies.
|Tier 4         |Price|BP|FP|Area|Damage|Effect     
 Flame            150  3  6  All  4SPE   Decent Fire magic. 
					  40% burn chance.
 Glacial          120  2  5  All  3SPE   Decent Frost magic. 
					  40% pierce chance.
 Bolt             200  4  7  All  5SPE   Decent Elec magic. 
					  40% stun chance.
 Shine            190  2  6  All  2.5SPE Decent Light magic. 
					  Hits four enemies.
 Twilight         190  3  5  All  2.5SPE Decent Shadow Magic. 
					  Hits four enemies.

TMKTF HQ Item Shop

Name             |Price|Effect 
Mushroom         | 10 |Heals 5 HP.
Super Mushroom   | 20 |Heals 10 HP.
Ultra Mushroom   | 50 |Heals 20 HP.
Nut              | 40 |Heals 5 HP to all allies.
Super Nut        | 50 |Heals 10 HP to all allies
Honey Syrup      | 10 |Recovers 5 FP
Maple Syrup      | 20 |Recovers 10 FP
Jammin' Jelly    | 40 |Recovers 20 FP
Honey Shroom     | 15 |Recovers 5 HP and 5 FP. 
Maple Super      | 30 |Recovers 10 HP and 10 FP. 
Life Shroom      | 50 |Recovers 10 HP. Activates instantly on death.
Courage Shell    | 35 |Increase defense by 3 for 3 turns.
Hot Sauce        | 10 |Raises attack by 1 point for three turns.
POW Block*       | 15 |Deals 2 damage to all ground enemies. 
			Flips enemies if possible.
Thunder Rage     | 20 |Deals 5 damage to all enemies.
Fire Flower      | 40 |Deals 3 fire damage to all enemies.
Ice Flower       | 50 |Deals 3 ice damage to all enemies. 
			55% chance to freeze
Mr. Softner      |  8 |Reduces an enemy's DEF by 3 points for three turns.

TMKTF HQ Badge Shop

Name             |Price|BP|FP|EQMax|Damage|Effect
Charge             70  | 3| 2|     |      |Raises Attack by 1.
Partner Charge     70  | 3| 2|     |      |Raises an Ally's attack by 1.
Charge SP          70  | 3| 2|     |      |Raises Special by 1.
Partner Charge SP  70  | 3| 2|     |      |Raises an Ally's Special by 1.
Super Charge       120 | 5| 3|     |      |Raises Attack by 2.
Super P-Charge     120 | 5| 3|     |      |Raises an Ally's Attack by 2.
Super Charge SP    120 | 5| 3|     |      |Raises Special by 2.
Super P-Charge SP  120 | 5| 3|     |      |Raises an Ally's Special by 2.
Uppercut           50  | 1| 1|  1  | 1ATK |Flips enemies if possible.
Shrink Attack      100 | 2| 2|  1  | 1ATK |75% chance to inflict Mini.
Sleepy Attack      100 | 2| 2|  1  | 1ATK |75% chance to inflict Sleep.
Zap Tap            80  | 4|Pa|  1  |      |Inflicts Electrified. 
Spike Shield       80  | 2|Pa|  1  |      |Protects from Spike and Bristle. 
Double Dip         100 | 3| 2|  1  |      |Use two items at once.
Eldstar's Coiffure 70  | 4|Pa|  3  |      |Increase STA by 5%.
Eldstar's Cloak    70  | 4|Pa|  3  |      |Increase EVA by 5%.
Peekaboo           90  | 3| 5|  1  |      |Take a peek at enemies health.
Power Rush         80  | 1|Pa|     |      |ATK+1 when in danger.
Last Stand         80  | 1|Pa|     |      |DMG/2 when in danger.
Mega Rush          80  | 1|Pa|     |      |ATK+4 when in critical.
Close Call         60  | 1|Pa|     |      |+15% STA when in critical.
Defend Plus        75  | 3|Pa|     |      |DEF+1.
Power Plus         75  | 3|Pa|     |      |ATK+1.
Intelligence Plus  75  | 3|Pa|     |      |SPE+1.

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We've been having horrible weather the past few days here. Though it is nice to get some rain...
Layout by LDA during C3.

I remember seeing a hack that actually had implemented wall jumping in it. Anyone recall which game it was?
Layout by LDA during C3.

I was a bit tired last night, I swear I thought I posted it in here. o_O
Anyways, thanks. ;)
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I use Adobe ImageReady. A nice a simple program to use, but can be very expensive.
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This is a joke right?

First off, living your life is a little bit more important than hacking. The fact that you wife is leaving and you come here for help is, (and I'm trying to put this lightly} pathetic. Get off you ass and spend time with her!

I am currently married myself, and I would never put anything in front of my family. Go ahead and spend time with your kids but include her in the fun too. And do like the others said an take time off of work for a while.

Now, I am closing this, not because its a bad thread or anything, but I don't want you to worry about posting in it. Instead go spend time with you family, not us.;)

*waves magic fairy wand and deletes the reply button*

Layout by LDA during C3.

All custom gfx. I'm still working on adding more detail.
While unfortunatly, SMB:TC2 has been cancelled due to a computer crash, Super Mario "World" Is well on its way. ;)
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1. Because it finishes off my header.
2. Plain text sigs and headers aren't allowed. >_>
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I must say I love the patch but there are a few bugs that need to be worked out.
1. If your Big Mario and you have a mushroom in reserve, you can keep hitting select to have it drop down and refill you your bar. A temporary work around this is to disable the item reserve for now...
2. As mentioned before if you gonna start off as small Mario you really should only have 1 heart, otherwise it makes it seem like its a glitch.

As for the idea of gaining max hearts, I like mimics idea of replacing the 3-up moon. I'd go that path...

Reini: No it can't, It glitches up the gfx.
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While I do have the power to sticky-fy this thread, I won't. Main reason is that Boom, and the others just really aren't that interesting in updating this site anymore. Believe me, I would love to implement the ideas in this thread onto the site, but alas, I am only a simple mod. ;_;
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Originally posted by internoob

Those are actually some of the old ones. There are a lot more of them now. A few of my favorite ones are "At night the sporks pick on me" and "Help, its dark, I don't know where I am and I can hear laughing..."

I currently work at Taco Bell. You kind of get tired of the food after 2 years. :P My favorite place is Jimmy Johns. ^_^
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