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You did deliberately misspell "Mystery"... right?

Or is that just how it is spelt in Brasil?

Looks like a great hack~ I can't wait to try it out!
I am running Ubuntu 10.04, and looking for a Genesis emulator that allows remapping of the following hotkeys to the joypad:

Exit Command
Save State
Load State

Many thanks in advance!

**EDIT** The latest dev version of mednafen supports Genesis (mednafen 0.9.18) and works beautifully. The best emulator ever, IMHO
Are there any Playstation emulators that support remapping of hotkeys?

Such as Save State, Load State, and Exit... which I would like to remap to my gamepad.

I use mednafen for NES, Genesis, Gameboy and GBA, which works great for me because it allows remap of those hotkeys

Thanks in advance
gradient without the vertical lines?
when I suggested gradient w/o vertical lines I was thinking like this

or this

glad peeps like my suggestion :P

I just thought the original pipes made too much noise, and that removing the black vertical lines would tone 'em down a notch

I've been following the progress of this hack for awhile, and this is a really awesome thing that you guys have going on. I'm definitely looking forward to the release!
I have an idea for a level, which I think would be awesome.

A factory level, with the song "Breakfast Machine" from Pee Wee's Big Adventure playing.

I would suggest that the level be styled a la The Blue Ball Machine, with crazy synchronized factory stuff happening everywhere involving platforms, enemies, and probably lots of custom graphics and events.

I don't hack so I do not know the limits and boundaries for a level hack such as this, but I believe that, if executed correctly, this kind of level would be epic.
Awesome awesome awesome awesome!
How about unlocking some kind of mini-game that would become available on the main menu?

Not that I have anything in particular in mind... but perhaps the design would be a mashup of the various unique custom stuff used throughout SMWCP2
I'm playing this using the Mupen64Plus emulator on Ubuntu.

I ran into a bug when fighting King Thwomp~ right when he begins his attack, the game freezes, at which point I have to close the game. I tried fighting him 3 times and it happened every time.

I did not encounter any other problems~ so far I only defeated the King Bob-omb and then played through up to King Thwomp.

Do you think this is an emulator-specific issue?
Extra Mario Bros was amazing~ anyone know if ATA made any other noteworthy hacks?
My idea: Like Frankenstein's Monster~ this... thing, its comprised of pieces/body parts of all the previously defeated bosses.

I have not been following the storyline of this hack, but I take it that Doc Croc is the big bad guy of SMWCP2.

So mario comes in to discover Doc Croc is back, perhaps all beat up and bruised from his previous encounter with Mario, and he is just implementing the finishing touches to his derranged masterpiece in an attempt to re-animate the assorted remnants that he managed to salvage from the previously defeated bosses (his previously failed expiriments? Like I said I have not been following the story :P)

Anyway this thing comes to life and it either (a) follows Doc Croc's commands or (b) Demonstrates its power, and the folly in Doc Croc's plan to play God by swiftly gobling him up or swiping him to the side or something like that. At this point the player should not really know what to expect from this fight except that it is going to be ridiculous and that this creature was never meant to be alive, it is very powerful, unpredictable and very pissed off.
Congratulations on completing the hack! I have been anxiously anticipating the release and can't wait to play :)
Congrats! Looking forward to the release!
I've been playing your hack, and it is really awesome!

I've been trying to use savestates as little as possible, but some levels are pretty ridiculous (Thorny Frolic). I plan on playing through again without using any savestates whatsoever though :)
I love Metroid so I will definitely enjoy watching this hack develop, and eventually playing this hack :)

I'm a HUGE fan of "Extra Mario Bros" (The SMB1/Metroid hack), so I'm hoping that you have drawn some inspiration from it

**EDIT** Just saw your other thread regarding this hack and you have, indeed, been inspired by Extra Mario Bros :) Those elevators look awesome, can't wait to see more!
Originally posted by iRhyiku
@altoiddealer: Thanks! Never played that hack and the elevators was someone else :P#

Ahhh yeah. I was looking at this thread posted in the SMWC3 forum

You MUST play Extra Mario Bros.


It is one of the greatest rom hacks ever created. It features the same save system that you are working on, and everything is interconnected: there are 5 "areas" that you can go to and from, and which each have custom graphics/enemies/music. It features a number of power-ups that you can find, including screw attack and space jump.

Extra Mario Bros can be downloaded here

Video of some Extra Mario Bros gameplay

Video of final boss of Extra Mario Bros
Perhaps this was mentioned before~

If this hack is actually to be like Adventure Island at all, what made that game unique was that when you collected fruit you gained time. There was not enough time on the clock to finish a level without collecting fruit. This made the game interesting by encouraging the player to move a little faster and to make the player tackle obstacles that may have been avoided if not for the rewarding fruit.

So I'm just putting it out there that a good gimmick for an "Adventure Island" styled hack would be the same kind of time limit behaviour.

Nice hack so far!!
Lol I don't think all that is necessary :P

But Adventure Island was a neat little NES game
Originally posted by moltensnow
So, yeah. I hope to release this hack fairly soon, preferably by October 1st.

Awww yeahhhh!

The colors are perfect IMO.

Can't wait to see what the boss looks like!
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