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Tip: Remaking levels from other Mario games is strongly discouraged, especially popular ones (World 1-1 from SMB or SMB3, for example), as their over-presence in Mario games, official or not, often makes them uninteresting to play.
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Originally posted by Flame8765
Thanks, Skilllux! This is exactly what I wanted! I could never find these addresses myself, so I always need notes to look at #w{=)}

Mixing these values up can make the file menu look very personalized.

No Problem :D

Maybe you could make the red erase yellow now to have every color only 1 time

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Originally posted by Tarek701

(Okay, in this case a SM64 Multiplayer isn't impossible, however takes a longer period of time. But I expect Skelux made that in a couple of hours)

Skelux said he rewrites more than 4000 lines of code..(in months of work)
So i guess noone else of you including me will ever be able to do something like that.
So be happy with SM64 multiplayer or go away and die.

And Butterfly 64 is a nice hack. I allready played 42 hours and i only got 1% progress :o

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Originally posted by Kurt91
Did you watch the whole video, or just the beginning part? The beginning part was me showing that it's impossible to reach the coin using long jumps. After that, I run over to the checkered platform, it spends about thirty seconds to a minute twitching in place, and then it falls down and takes me with it to my death. The platform isn't even at the place where it's supposed to spawn, and I only know that because I had to check a video walkthrough to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Get Skill and come back later. :P

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Super Mario Rainbow Road 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Rainbow Road.
It will include:

- Over 120 Stars

- New Music

- High Quality Designed Levels

- New Objects

- Much ASM Hacks

- Over 30 Areas

Here is a little preview for the design:

I can improve the design much more. This is only to show the way it will go.

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Originally posted by Vinnyboiler


I just thought I'll screencap a frame of your Youtube video just to show people who might be to lazy to click a link just how gorgeous your hack looks.

One of the things I love about it the most (other than the normals being imported with the model) is just how the textures actually seems appropriate and properly textured.

I'm 50/50 on the tree though, it looks nice and has an awesome shadow but it covers Mario up as he climbs it. I can imagine that can get pretty frustrating since the player might not know which side of the branch he is. I think you just made the tree part of the geometry and gave it a non-solid collision and put a tree behavior over it in TT64, if that's the case why don't you make the branch longer so the top of the tree is where the leaves are. It doesn't solve the problem fully but it does make it a little easier for the players to see themselves.

God job so far, I'm looking forward to seeing a full level from you.

Thanks :D
I will make marios feet look out of the trees : >

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As little easter special here a demo of SMFS

The demo contains 4 levels and 24 stars


Special thanks to MarioCrash64 for the text.


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Originally posted by Penguin4478
I seem to be having the same problem that multiple other people are having... I downloaded and patched the hack "Super Mario: Star Revenge," but for some reason, it just doesn't work and always shows the permanent loop error. Here's what I did:

-Got a .n64 version of the SM64 ROM
-Got the .ppf patch
-Used the ROM extender on the SM64 ROM
-Used PPF-o-matic to patch the extended ROM with the .ppf patch
-Changed memory in ROM settings to 8 MB

to fix the loop error get chksum64.exe and push the rom over it-

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Originally posted by pieordie1
The first preview of shining stars! Ignore the boxes in random places on the walls, those are course numbers i will fix later.!
Shine City (HUB)

it looks good, but you should try to add some detail.

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Hint 2: it starts with "05 08"

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Get PPF Studio and make a patch xP

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"Flaged for p*rn" under a yt video

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Originally posted by ninja boy
The only big one I can think of is the Pokémon GTS censoring Pokémon for keywords in their own names so you have to give them nicknames.

1)Cofagrigus (error code for 'fag')
2)Conkeldurr (error code for 'con')
3)Bulbasaur (error code for 'sau')
6)Sharpedo (error code for 'pedo')
7)Croconaw (error code for 'con')
8)Nosepass (error code for 'ass')
11)Marshtomp (error code for 'ars')
12)Skuntank (error code for 'kunt')

there are probably more but I can't think of any.

i had this problem on pokemon mystery universe but it seems fixed

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Originally posted by Flame8765
Originally posted by Donaldthescotishtwin
So you think people are ment to figure this out by themselves with a mess of addresses? sounds a bit wacko, people learn from other people.
You're absolutely right. They usually experiment by swapping hex data or debugging the ROM, which is tedious if you don't know what the commands do. You guys should teach us basic commands and such so we won't have to ask anymore questions.

You are so lazy oh my god.

go to 0x269F68 and type a 0x05 command -> 05 08 00 00 XX 00 XX XX

05 08 - jump command
00 00 - always 00
XX 00 - ram bank to jump in
XX XX - offset in ram bank

good luck.
(if you realy can´t figure it out ask again)

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Originally posted by pieordie1
So, i've been using level importer 1.7 and a couple of problems have came up. I made a new rom and replaced the castle grounds, but when i go to warp, it sends me back to the hub. Also, i tried to edit the starting place in TT64, but it did not go where I wanted it. I tried using level select to get to a course, but , like i said, it sent me back to the hub. So i reverted my level to normal, then i imported a level over bob omb battlefield. I went into SM64 and went into bob omb battlefield and got to the act selector. I chose a random act and the screen turned white and froze. Can anyone help with this? I'm not sure whether its my rom or the level importer.

for the white screen you maybe turnt the mario start warp obect into something else. check that in toads tool

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Still the best hack ever made xD

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There is a new Rom Expander in objimporter1.7 folder. use this one.
this should fix the white screen.

if anyone want me to give tips you can add me on skype. "skilllux"

and Kaze you suck :D

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Originally posted by Skelux
I like how no one ever reads the readme.

oh yeah....

Hey you have to explain me debugging one day. D:

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