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I think it is a special set-up that has invisible coins on top set to be collected only when you jump on the note blocks, so this triggers the glitch that makes an invisible cement block when a block stikes a coin placed above it. I have several glitches to be added to the list that I've collected over the years. Some may remember me from David Wonn's site (which is now either dead or backlogged beyond belief). Here's a brief list of additions to be placed on the list as appropriate.
1. If you can see a Dragon Coin onscreen when you clear a level with the Goal Tape the Yoshi face will fade out, but the rest of the Dragon Coin will remain visible.
2. If an unpaused Berry can be see when you clear a level with the Goal Tape it will be seen protected by a weird shield about a block in size.
3. Stomp on a Wiggler and then kill it while its colors are still changing. It won't actually be defeated until it goes through the color change. More amusing if you bounce off the segment right behind its head carrying and item to hit it with and ducking.
4. While a Wiggler is color changing Yoshi can lick it, but the head will not graphically follow his tongue.
5. If you ram a Grab Block or holdable enemy into a Flying Prize Block it will be destroyed as if you had rammed it into an enemy, but the Flying Prize Block will always survive.
6. After ramming a growing Baby Yoshi into an enemy you can defeat with a Fast Dive you can still defeat it with one, but when defeated it will go behing FG objects as if it had layer switched.
7. Barely overload the first layer in an area with a locationally bound Lakitu. If he throws a few times without releasing a Spiny and you chase him off and come back he may be found hovering in mid-air without his cloud. He won't try to throw Spinies or anything, so he'll float there like a dope. This is very common at Gnarly.
8. In Lemmy's battle room you can throw fireballs through the pipes if you angle your shot to corner-clip between the pipes of different heights.
9. If you power-up into Fire at the right frame of an Egg coming from a block with Yoshi in it the Egg will have its sprite glitch.
10. In Ludwig's battle you can scroll the screen in his direction so that that you can just see him and keep throwing fireballs until he's gone while he stands there like a dope. This is because there is an invisible line you normally pass that engages his battle sequence.
11. If you hit Bowzer with several fireballs in a row the gray tiles make temporarily disappear. This is easier when he flips upside down upon defeat.

I have also heard of some glitch rumors that would be good to investigate and I can see why they might work.
1. Someone once saw Hammerhead (Chargin' Chuck) Yoshi hatch out of a specially colored Yoshi Egg. This may have to do with #9 on my additions list, exept that a Baby Yoshi is involved instead.
2. Someone once died in Outrageous and came back as Mario with Yoshi's head (no statement of if it was functional). Seeing how odd things happen when a sprite is spawned/changed on the frame that Yoshi despawns it may actually be what happens when Mario dies at the same time Yoshi does. This may also be why the game is programmed to kill Yoshi slightly sooner than Mario while falling down a hole.

Anybody want to go glitch hunting?

Glitch yeah!
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