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Originally posted by Bad luck man
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
• You cannot battle anyone in Black City, IIRC you cannot battle Pokémon in White Forest

• There are 200+ medals to collect. Now how am I supposed to do this?

You CAN battle people in both Black City and White Forest.

Oops. I meant outside the Black Tower.
Originally posted by 2 People

Originally posted by Mini_Coin
Actually, I needed my Lv. 100 Kyurem for Victory Road.

You should have gotten White 2, it has easy mode.
That's cheating bro come on.

1) I would've gotten White 2, but I realized that I couldn't get a Zekrom. Why Game Freak?
Another note: I have 2 friends with White 2. Let's see, if I had gotten White 2, I would have to get the keys, ect. from another friend. So I'm lucky.
2) sorry bro i am too lazy to train even with 5 lucky eggs and 1 amulet Coin equipped to my team at all times.

Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
I've also recently discovered that there's a post-game item you get by completing the National Dex that permanently increases the rate of finding a shiny pokemon by 300%. It's rather bittersweet since it also decreases the wow factor of finding shinies, but the requirement goal is fairly difficult especially for this gen so I guess in a way it's worth it.

Ah yes, the Shining Charm. I'm sure Shiny Hunters will be in awe.
There is another charm too, called the Round Charm. It raises the likelihood of a Pokemon producing eggs.
Originally posted by Mr. Knoxville
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
I actually like to make important posts.
Ya know, the ones with many <br>s.






You're doing it wrong.
You need to to it like this.

And this.

Then put some info here.

Then put a ~ here.

Then end your post.

[Then right here put really small sarcastic text.]
Does this post count as relevant?
Are these questions relevant?
Why did profile id 20309 get another name change?
Why is this my 243rd post?
Why did I come back?
Why am I secretly spying on a (NUKED) (NUUUUKED)?
Why did I disable my Layout?
Why did I disable Ninja Protection?
Why did SMWC not release their "big" update yet?
What will happen with the return of carol, 666 hacks, SM64C, and the [resignation?] of FPI?
Why do I use Twitter?
How did I get bored of this site?
Why can't I install Windows 8?
Why can't I install Office 2013?
Why can't I blow your mind?
Why aren't there visual representations for the 5 Pillars?

Who knows, I'm getting bored.

You know what's weird? It appears nobody new is coming here. (Unless they are lurking, but lurking is pointless for this forum!)
So that's what it's for!
I have lots of work to do so if you don't mind, I'll get back to reading The Two
Blue and green;
On/Off Hacker
What is the point of having a pointless thread in a very secret location only to be very pointless to people who don't have non-pointless extensions, like Adblock?
I've updated this.
I think this hack might make it featured, but I wanted to see your opinions.

I don't have that much history so I guess I can just say I was odd. Odder than I am now.
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
Welcome to SMW Central Camerin!.............................oh wait, your a STAFF member already??? O.O Well welcome back for the 4118th time I guess. Seems like nobody really is new here anymore.

Don't you guys remember that thread? Ahh, good times.
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
Ok, so I downloaded SWR's SMB1 Graphics Set and noticed it came with .bin files. How do you insert them with lunar magic?

I actually remember how excited I was to talk with a staff member. 8>

Like NovaSquirrel said, everyone starts at Level 1.
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
Awesome progress on your hack Giant_Shyguy! Instead of mossy foreground, what about changing the sprites, blocks, pipes, and status bar so they look mossy?

I wonder what happened to that hack...
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
This is the best hack ever if you need me to do any ASM just tell me.

Challenge accepted. Could you code a patch that makes a Yoshi Coin disappear in a puff of smoke when collected?
Hey new thread.
I've been considering something for a while....

Why doesn't Google or Bing translate words from or to obscure languages?
Almost everybody in the world speaks obscure languages, so why not?

Aren't those obscure languages fake?


So, what is an obscure language?
Dialects from main languages.

What does it sound like?
They may vary, but they all sound similar to their base language.

How can I speak these wonderful languages?

Support this good cause! All you have to do is copy and paste this into your signature:

To get this:
American Translate
or this:

Canadian Translate
or this:

Engrish Translate
or this:

Spanglish Translate
or this:

Mexican Translate
or this:

Wapanese Translate

edit4: yaaay it's easier to read now.
fixed. People can choose Bing or Google.
However, I'm not going to be biased on which one is best.
Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

A bit late, but thanks.
Originally posted by kianworld
That new ad is teaching me things! *image*

2012: Battle of the Admins

...don't forget Smallhacker either.
Making this thread to see how people would react and who would click this link. And because I'm bored. And I'm conducting an experiment no not really

All I can give you is this image:

may the hunger begin
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
Ok but don't expect me to do anything complicated. ;)

Just go to $00FD6C (aka 0x07F6C) and change that value to one of these:$7E:17C0

Hm, wait what? I didn't know you were serious. #smw{^_^;}
Originally posted by Austin
The max I reached was 58. What are you guys doing? :o

Me? I was using my left hand to force my right index finger down while it was moving up and down like i was having a finger seizure.
(this was on a laptop, it has a stupid mousepad)
Originally posted by Image

One thing I noticed about the #lm{owmsg} is that it had the word real in it. I see where you were going there, but real isn't quite the word to use in a #lm{owmsg} (which in my opinion should sound professional).
Now if you were using dialogue, that would be okay for me, right now it just seems weird. Maybe you could also explain why there are just #lm{owmsg} floating around, like someone sent them to you to guide you through peril?

Originally posted by Tips
Tip: Try not to use the exact same background more than once or twice in a row.

Like the forest BG you used in levels 1 + 3. Now, I guess you didn't put these levels side by side, but at first glance I couldn't tell which level was which. So really if you're going to put these levels into your hack, you should space them out a bit, like a couple more levels or so.
That's all for now since I didn't look at the videos yet.
Don't you only perform a tribute on an anniversary or when someone dies?

Did Mario die? #ab{o_o}

Did he? [/overreaction]
I will be fiddled if I don't get mentioned.
I wonder if there is a most random category? Probably not.
Originally posted by Rextep
Those rolls sure look good.

what the hell is the point of this

yes, the hell of the point of this is to discuss hunger games and tahixgiving and (possibly?) crash your computer.

e: new ip address wooo
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